Bear Gully Campground; great coastal camping

There’s some pretty magic coastal camping near Melbourne if you’re prepared to look around, and we stumbled across a real ripper campground recently, called Bear Gully. It’s small, boutique, right on the coast and very economical. Exactly the sort of camp site we normally prefer!

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Sunset at Bear Gully
Sunset at Bear Gully Campground

Where is Bear Gully?

You’ll find this national park camp North West of Wilsons Prom, right on the coastline, and basically facing Tidal River Campground way in the distance. It’s only two and a half hours from Melbourne on the southern coast, making it a really good weekend option.

Bear Gully Campground
Bear Gully Campground isn’t that far away from Melbourne

What amenities are at Bear Gully?

There’s shared fire pits here, along with the usual drop toilets, but nothing else.

What’s at Bear Gully?

This campground is a fairly small, quiet and laid back campground. We saw a variety of wildlife, including a big wombat that came out each night, lots of wallabies, a koala in one of the trees and Sarah nearly stood on a Red belly black snake on the way to the toilets.

Our camp site at Bear Gully
There’s plenty of room, and lots of wildlife

The beach is full of rocks and some seaweed, with a huge number of pools for the kids to explore. You can walk to different parts in either direction where the swimming is more suitable, but it’s a really scenic location at sunset or sunrise.

Bear Gully Beach access
Some sites overlook the beach, with most set back a bit

All camp sites are a short walk away from the beach, and there’s an interesting fresh water creek running out into the ocean that was endless entertainment for the kids.

Creek from Bear Gully
The freshwater creek flowing out was good fun for the kids

No digging

Its worth noting that you are not allowed to dig at all in this campground due to Aboriginal cultural significance. I believe the camp was closed for some time whilst agreements were made, so do the right thing and leave the shovels and kids digging toys packed away.

What does it cost to camp, and booking requirements

It’s well priced to camp here, at just $15.60 a night for our family of 4, and you need to book in advance, and allocate a site that you’ll be staying at.

Our camp site at Bear Gully
We really enjoyed a couple of days at Bear Gully

Is it worth a stay?

Our kids had a ball playing in the various rock pools and creek, and despite no fish being caught we had fun flicking some bait around, and having a swim. It’s a nice part of the world, and one that seems quieter and less well known.

The seaweed and rocks make it less nice to be on the beach than normal, but it’s a pretty stunning part of the world that we thought was worth a visit.

Bear Gully on a rough day
When the swell and wind is up its a different place

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