Phillip Island 4WD track in the Grampians

We love exploring 4WD tracks, and after finding out that about 90% of the 4WD tracks in the Grampians were closed, we scratched around to see what was open, and what was worth doing.

We managed to find a handful, but this post covers the Phillip Island 4WD track.

Phillip Island Track
The start of the Phillip Island Track, in the Grampians

Where is the Phillip Island 4WD Track?

This track starts off at the Boreang Campground, and works its way across to Syphon Road. It’s got decent signage, and is fairly easy to find.

Phillip Island Track signs
There’s quite a few good signs around, which makes it easy

How long does it take?

I reckon you’d do this in under 20 minutes. It’s super fast and really simple.

How difficult is it?

I would go as far as to say you could do this in an AWD vehicle, and probably almost a Corolla at times. I’m sure it gets chopped out a bit, but asides from some loose sand, pot holes and little humps the track is extremely basic.

Is it worth doing?

If you need to get from one side of the park to the other, and have the opportunity to do this track its worth doing, but its nothing technical, and if you skip it, you probably won’t miss too much.

The scenery is nice and we used it to get to Goat Track and then Harrop Track from Boreang Campground, which was a good route.

Phillip Island Track views
We quite enjoyed the drive, and saw a heap of Wallabies and Kangaroos

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