Fridays Campground in the Brisbane Ranges

After a truly awesome time exploring the Great Ocean Road and surrounds, we were running low on fuel, food, water and had to get a new gas bottle, so we decided to check Anglesea out, and then head through Geelong where the fuel was cheap, and out to a campground away from the concrete jungle.

Fridays Campground popped up as a good option, and you could book it, so we snagged ourselves a site. The day didn’t go well, with us arriving in Anglesea to find that the screw in hatch on the side of our Reconn R2 had come off, and we’d lost 3 poles needed for the annexe.

After doing everything we needed to in town, we back tracked 40 minutes to our previous camp ground to see if we could find them. We did manage to find the hatch, but no poles, and arrived in Geelong after 3PM, feeling well and truly worn out.

After getting fuel at $1.77 a litre, just a few kilometres from where we needed to drive past, we drove another 40 minutes to camp at Friday Campground.

Fridays Campground in the Brisbane Ranges
Our camp site in the Brisbane Ranges at Fridays Campground

Where is Fridays Campground?

You’ll find this place not far into the Brisbane Ranges National Park. It’s a popular base for people doing hiking, and we saw a number parked up who were enjoying the park.

Do you need a 4WD?

The road in is gravel with a few pot holes, but there were a number of 2WD vehicles cruising around and you’d have no real problems driving one in, with due care. There’s a heap of Brisbane Ranges 4WD tracks around though, if that’s your thing.

Brisbane Ranges are mainly 2WD friendly
You’ll easily get a 2WD to Fridays Campground

What amenities do they have there?

There’s fire pits, drop toilets and picnic tables, and lots of bollards to identify where you can, and cannot camp.

What does it cost?

Camping here is $15 per site per night, like the vast majority of Parks Victoria campgrounds.

See more on our vlog

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What’s the campground like?

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really rate Fridays Campground when we arrived, but we were pretty worn out, stressed and it started to rain almost immediately after arriving.

That said, the following morning it was blue skies, and I woke in a better frame of mind. The campground is fine; there’s nothing really to complain about. It’s in a nice bush setting, the campground is decent, and there were lots of Mistletoe birds, and blue wrens hopping around, enjoying themselves.

Nice morning at Fridays Campground
The following morning was much nicer, and we enjoyed a slow start
Mistletoe bird at Fridays Campground
We loved some of the bird life here

We’d stay here again if we needed to, but wouldn’t go out of our way to rave about it as an amazing campground. We’ll leave that to places like Amblers Crossing Campground!

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