Harrop Track in the Grampians

After finding out a huge number of 4WD tracks were closed in the Grampians, I mapped out what was open, and we planned a day out from Boreang Campground.

The last track that I’d chosen was Harrop, which reads 4WD only, with sand and gravel. As it turns out though, this was not at all like what we were hoping for, and its probably not going to be high on your list of 4WD tracks in the Grampians to do!

Grampians 4WD tracks sign
The Harrops Track is a very light duty 4WD track in the Grampians

Where is the Harrop Track?

This 4WD track starts off near Buandik campground, and works its way to Glenelg River Road.

Grampians National Park Map
A map showing most of the Grampians 4WD tracks

How long does it take?

We did the track from Goat road in about 30 minutes, just ticking along fairly steadily, which is a reasonable pace given the condition of the road.

How difficult is the Harrop Track?

Honestly, I’m not sure why this is classed as a 4WD track. It’s a really, really good condition gravel road (at least it was when we went through in February 2023), with only a few minor pot holes near the bridges, and lots of wildlife to slow down on.

Harrop Track in the Grampians
The track condition was almost perfect when we did it

In the condition it was in, I would happily drive a Toyota Corolla down it, and it was even better than parts of the Glenelg River Road, which is far more well used.

Is it worth doing?

The Harrop Track has some nice scenery, and you drive over a couple of water sources, but its certainly not going to get the heartbeat racing.

We had fun on it, but were disappointed it didn’t involve any actual 4WDing, and much preferred Goat Track that we had just come off!

Goat track in the Dmax
We much preferred the Goat Track, which meets the Harrop Track

Fortunately, there’s plenty of 4WD tracks in the Grampians to keep you busy, and a lot more entertained!

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