Hawkesdale Golf Club Camp

After nearly 2 weeks in the Grampians National Park in beautiful places like Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park and Mackenzie Falls, we decided to head south and continue our journey along the coast, and start the Great Ocean Road. We had no idea where to go, and when we stumbled across the Hawkesdale Golf Club Camp we both agreed it looked like a good overnighter.

Camped at the Hawkesdale Golf Club
Hawkesdale Golf Club made for a great overnighter

Where is Hawkesdale Golf Club Camp?

This little spot is not far from the main road of Hawkesdale, and is easy enough to find on Wikicamps

About the camp

This camp ground is actually the local golf course, and race course. You can camp anywhere not on the greens, and there’s enough room to spread out with your own little slice of privacy. The money goes back to the local community, which is awesome to see.

They also run a number of sheep here, so when you enter you have to open and close a gate, and you will see them walking around your camp. They are tame, but not that tame; if you walk up to them they’ll soon disappear.

Sheep at Hawkesdale
There’s quite a few sheep around
Sheep on the golf course
The sheep are all over the property, and like the golf course

What does it cost?

Camping here is a whopping $5 per night. Yes, I’m being sarcastic, and its really good value for what you get.

How do you pay?

Pay your nightly camping fee by transferring money. There’s a BSB and account number on a sign in the toilets, and it takes 2 seconds to login and transfer your money over, to support the local community.

What amenities are there?

There’s two flushing toilets here, along with a small picnic area, and that’s about it. If you want to play golf its another $5, but its still awesome value.

Hawkesdale Golf Club from a distance
With flushing toilets and a quiet and secure location you can’t complain at all!

Hawkesdale Apex camping

As an alternative, you can camp in town at the Apex camping, which we drove past. This looks OK, and is completely free, but its fairly small, right next to a main road and there’s nothing for kids to do, so we kept going to the Golf Course.

Is it worth a stop?

We really enjoyed this spot. The flies were average (blame the sheep!), but for $5 you have absolutely nothing to complain about. It’s quiet, peaceful and feels nice and secure, and you can’t ask for much more than that. 

We’d stop here again for sure, but on the flip side wouldn’t go out of our way to visit it either. Want to know more? Here’s our vlog from the area:

YouTube video
Our camp for the night in Hawkesdale
We quite liked this spot

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