Beauchamp Falls Campground; amazing, free camping

The Great Otways National Park has blown us away on so many occasions, and after two unbelievable nights at Aire Crossing Campground, we hooked up and headed out, towards another free camp just up the road called Beauchamp Falls.

Pulling onto the gravel road in, and seeing the logs down everywhere, and lack of scenery I couldn’t help but wonder if it’d be just another bland free camp that you experience from time to time.

My mind was put at rest as soon as we pulled into the campground though, and snagged ourselves a campsite with a pretty incredible view!

Amazing views at Beauchamp Falls Campground
The views from Beauchamp Falls Campground are spectacular

Where is Beauchamp Falls Campground?

This campground is roughly 22km East of Lavers Hill (which you drive through on the Great Ocean Road), and its almost directly north of Apollo Bay (but you have to drive around to get to it).

Beauchamp Falls Car Park and day use area
This place isn’t too far off the main road to get to

What’s the road like to access it?

There’s a couple of ways you can get to Beauchamp Falls, and not all are suitable for Caravans or Buses, so listen up. The actual road from Beech Forest is bitumen to start off with, and then you have a short gravel section that is a little corrugated, but not too bad.

If you are planning on coming from the East though, with anything bigger than a normal 4WD, don’t. This road is the windiest, and slowest bitumen road I’ve ever driven in my life, and it actually made me feel a bit queasy.

It’s incredibly scenic, but 12km that takes about 25 minutes is not much fun at all, and we did it twice in one day to visit Lake Elizabeth. Instead, head up the Great Ocean Road through Lavers Hill, and come in this way, as its a decent, and easy enough road.

Heading into Beauchamp Falls
The drive into Beauchamp Falls is reasonable
Turton Track is not suitable for towing
Turton Track is beautiful, but completely unsuitable for big rigs or towing caravans

Is Beauchamp Falls Campground free?

Yep, completely and utterly free, which is awesome. It’s managed by the State Forest guys and girls, and we saw them come in one day and do a thorough clean, plus stock everything up and depart again.

I can’t believe that there’s so many options for free camping in Victoria which cost absolutely nothing, but have decent amenities and great things to see nearby.

Camping at Beauchamp Falls
Beauchamp Falls is 100% free, which is pretty incredible

What is the campground like?

This campground is split into two. One side is for vehicle camping (like caravans, camper trailers and RV’s, and the other side is for tent camping. The tent camping area is right next to the day use area, and is spread out over a nice grassy section. All camps have views down the hill, but if you get a vehicle camp site on the edge like we did they are absolutely magnificent.

Views at Sunset of Beauchamp Falls Campground
The campground is split in two for vehicle and tent camping
Beauchamp Falls Camping area
The tent camping area is magnificent too

If you are game, you can walk down a little and find yourself some Black Berries, but make sure they haven’t recently been sprayed. We had a good feed with some ice cream, and saw a huge number that would have gone to waste.

Blackberries at Beauchamp Falls
We had a good feed of Blackberries from down the slope

Watch our Great Ocean Road vlog

If you’re keen on doing the Great Ocean Road, our vlog covers all of the places we went in heaps of detail:

YouTube video

It gets busy

Being one of the few Great Otways National Park Camping options that are completely free, this campground gets busy. We specifically went during the week to avoid the crowds, but the vehicle camping section was full each day by about 1PM. We did notice quite a few people parked on one side of the camp sites, and there were often 2 (or even 3) vehicles in the one site, which helped quite a few people out.

We let two groups of people camp on the unused part of our camp site, as they came in late and were looking for somewhere to stay, so do what you can to help out.

Busy campground at Beauchamp Falls
Expect the campground to be busy if you arrive later in the day

What amenities are at Beauchamp Falls Campground?

You’ll find two sets of toilets here, as well as a number of fire pits, picnic tables and a lot of lawn for those camping in tents. 

It can get windy

Its worth knowing that this campground is on the top of a hill, and it can get awfully windy. We had a 24 hour period where it blew quite a lot, and when the temperature was sub 20 degrees, it got pretty cold. Make sure things are tied down well, and you are prepared for the wind to pick up if you camp here, or you might find it rather unpleasant!

What’s worth doing nearby?

Beauchamp Falls itself is absolutely worth the walk, with the views at the bottom nothing short of stunning. It’s a bit of a trek back up the hill, but its completely worth doing and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Walking down to Beauchamp Falls
The walk down is well formed, but still a work out coming back up
Beauchamp Falls are stunning
We were really surprised at how big, and beautiful Beauchamp Falls are
Beauchamp Falls Creek is beautiful
The creek is stunning too

The California Redwood Forest was one of my favourite places near the Great Ocean Road, with a pristine creek running through the centre of it, and views that were absolutely astounding.

Redwood forrest
The Otways Redwoods were shockingly beautiful
Unreal views of the Redwoods
Looking up was another world

We loved Aire Crossing as well, and thought that was worth a look, and if you are into 4WDing, then you can do Halls Ridge 4WD track.

Aire Crossing is beautiful
Aire Crossing is beautiful, and deep enough to paddle in
Mud runs on Halls Ridge 4WD track
If you are keen to get muddy, the Halls Ridge 4WD track will be up your alley way

We also headed out to Lake Elizabeth, which is stunning, but you need to walk 30 minutes to get to the lake, and then a lot longer if you want to go around it, and you can’t see a huge amount of the lake from the first point that you see it. (3.5 hour return trip).

Lake Elizabeth is very picturesque
Lake Elizabeth is really pretty, but you do have to walk to get there

Would we recommend Beauchamp Falls Campground?

This place is a ripper, and we’d have happily paid to camp here. The views are great, its close to some awesome spots, and Beauchamp Falls itself is completely worth a visit. I’d get here as early in the day as you can though, as its popular even during the week and we saw a lot of people come in and leave as they couldn’t get a spot.

Enjoying Beauchamp Falls Campground
We really loved this spot, and would go back in a heartbeat

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