Blue Rag Range Track; insane High Country scenery by 4WD

There’s more 4WD tracks in the Victorian High Country than you could explore in months full time, but some tracks are certainly better known than others. Perhaps the most iconic, and well known 4WD track in the Victorian High Country is the Blue Rag Range Track, and it does not disappoint in any possible way.

We had this, along with Billy Goats Bluff and the Crooked River Track as must do’s on our list for the Eastern part of the Victorian High Country, and Blue Rag Range comfortably lives up to its reputation.

Blue Rag Range 4WD track in the High Country
The Blue Rag Range 4WD track is a truly epic drive
Blue Rag Range 4WD Track is popular
This is one of the most popular 4WD tracks in the Victorian High Country

Where is Blue Rag Range?

You’ll find this stunning mountain in the North Eastern part of the Victorian High Country. It starts roughly 23km away from Hotham Heights, and 60km from Dargo Hotel. The track starts right off Dargo High Plains Road, and although there’s only a small sign to mark its location, every single good 4WD mapping app will have it marked!

Dargo Hotel is worth a stop
Dargo is a pretty common stop on your way to, or from the Blue Rag Range Track
Blue Rag Range Track sign
The sign pointing up the track, off Dargo High Plains Road

What’s the best way to get there?

You can get to the Blue Rag track from a huge number of different ways. The most simple is off Dargo High Plains Road, but you can take the Spur track from the south that joins onto Blue Rag in the middle if that is what you please.

We were going to do a number of tracks from Talbotville and back for the night, but decided it was going to take to long, and changed our plans. That’s not uncommon on our Lap of Australia with young kids, and we just accept it for what it is.

Talbotville Camping area
You can drive from Talbotville north along a number of tracks to get here instead

How difficult is the Blue Rag Range 4WD Track?

On Newtracs, this track is classified as medium until beyond the marker, where it changes to difficult. I’m told this track has deteriorated considerably recently with huge use, much like Billy Goats, and I’m not surprised.

The track is fairly straight forward, bumpy and easy to navigate, with limited places that would cause issues. Take it slow over the humps or you’ll bottom out or scrape, and use your gears going down the hills.

Blue Rag Range in the Dmax
The track is fairly easy, with a few obstacles to be cautious of

There were a few holes that you could straddle or avoid, and with smart line choice you limit the wheel spin to virtually nothing.

Dmax on Blue Rag Range
Most of the track is just rough gravel, but there’s a few holes to avoid

Towards the end of the track there are some really steep sections, which are a heap of fun, and quite straight forward to get up with good tyres and lower tyre pressures.

Driving up Blue Rag Range
It gets quite steep towards the end!

How long does it take to get to Trig Point?

From the start of the track, you’ll get to the Trig Point marker in about 30 minutes of ticking along. If there’s a lot of traffic, this might take longer as you’ll have to wait for people to pass.

You can continue from here down to the Wannangatta River, but you’ll have to come back the same way regardless, as its a one way track.

Stopped at Trig Point on Blue Rag
Most people stop at Trig Point, but you can keep going to the river
Views off Blue Rag
The views from here (and many other places on the track) are astounding
Enjoying the beautiful Blue Rag
We spent a fair bit of time here just marvelling at it all

What do you need to do the track?

Despite this track being easier, its still not a beginners track, and if you head out here with a new to you 4WD and no experience you could end up in a very bad situation quite easily.

You need an understanding of engine braking, how to pick lines and a respect for the fact that you make a bad move and you’re going to roll your vehicle down a ridiculous descent.

I’m going to say a UHF should be mandatory so you can talk to others on the track, as are good quality light truck all terrain or mud terrain tyres, some recovery gear and the ability to use low range.

Blue Rag Range Track is not a beginners Track
This is not a beginners track

Tyre pressure for Blue Rag Range

Like any decent 4WD track, you need to let some air out of your tyres before you tackle Blue Rag Range. If you’ve been in the High Country there’s a good chance you’ll have already done this, but somewhere between 30 – 50% of your normal on road pressures needs to be removed. 

If you’re running 35 PSI, drop your tyres down to somewhere between 18 and 25 PSI, cold. 

Letting tyres down earlier in the Victorian High Country
We’d already let our tyres down from the drive into Talbotville, but you really need to do this

How does Blue Rag compare to Billy Goats?

In all honesty, I preferred Blue Rag Range. It’s shorter, its easier, its got better views, and there’s more than enough for anyone but the veteran 4WDer to get excited about.

I really liked Billy Goats Bluff, but its long, bumpy as, and our kids were over it by the time we got back to the bottom!

Dmax on Billy Goats Bluff
Billy Goats Bluff is way rougher, longer and has a few more technical sections

Camping near Blue Rag Range

There’s a couple of places people clearly camp along Blue Range itself, but my recommendation is to go to Devils Hollow. This is a magic campground on the edge of the mountain with spectacular views, and its only about 15 minutes way. My only disclaimer is to check the weather before you go, because if its going to blow a gale, its not a pleasant place to be.

Devils Hollow at Sunset
Devils Hollow is a truly epic camp site, not far away

Would we recommend Blue Rag Range?

This was one of my favourite 4WD tracks in the Victorian High Country. The views are insane, the ascents and descents are a heap of fun, its nice and short, and good fun for everyone. If you were only going to do one track in the high country, I’d recommend Blue Rag Range. It’s a ripper!

Blue Rag Range is absolutely worth a drive
Blue Rag Range is an iconic 4WD track in the Victorian High Country, and its not hard to see why
Do Blue Rag Range; its fantastic
You should absolutely do Blue Rag Range

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