The Quarry Reserve in Briagolong

After a big day in Traralgon, we were keen to head towards the Victorian High Country. We’d had new tyres fitted, filled up with water, done the shopping and a few other bits and pieces, and it was getting on in the day. As usual, Sarah pulled up the goods by picking out The Quarry Reserve near Briagolong, which is a ripper low cost camp site and day use area.

Stunning views at the Quarry Campground
The Quarry Reserve Campground is a ripper

Where is The Quarry Reserve?

You’ll find this place literally 5 minutes drive from the small town of Briagolong. It’s only about 50 minutes drive from Traralgon, on the way towards Dargo, and it makes for a pretty great little stop.

New tyres on the Dmax
After a big day in Traralgon, this was the perfect place to pull into

Cost and bookings

It’s $10 to camp here, with no bookings needed or possible, and you need to pay at the Briagolong Grocery Store. You can either do it on the way in, or on the way out (we back tracked a few km), but make sure you pay, as I’m told the costs don’t cover keeping it open, and supporting small towns like this is hugely important.

What’s there?

The Quarry Reserve is a big, flat and fairly open area, with big trees giving patchy shade throughout most of the area. It’s centred around a playground, and there’s a day use shelter with a fireplace in it.

Our camp site at the Quarry Reserve
Most of the sites are quite large, with decent shade options

A short walk from the camp sites down a little goat track takes you to a beautiful, big pool that you can swim at, which flows down into rapids into a different area with a sandy beach, ideal for swimming also.

Perfect swimming at the Quarry
There’s a couple of brilliant places to swim here

The camp sites have fire pits, there’s decent drop toilets and that’s really it; everything you’d ever need.

Is it busy?

This is a surprisingly popular little place, particularly with the locals who come down for a swim. There were quite a few people camped here when we visited too, but it’s a ripper little spot, and I suppose its to be expected. You should find a spot fairly easily, but bear it in mind.

Brilliant swimming at the Quarry
We spent a number of hours swimming here; its unreal

Is it Caravan Friendly?

Yep, we saw a couple of vans here. It’d be worth having a walk around and finding a site before you drive around properly, as some of the turns are tight, or they’re dead ends, but there’s certainly big spots that would suit large vans, and we did see a huge Chev and van come through and find a spot without any real issue.

Watch the wasps

I’m not really sure why, but there’s a lot of wasps around here. They didn’t really bother us at camp, but you could see lots of nests on the toilet roof, and in other places. Again, they weren’t an issue, but you’d want to be careful around them, as I discovered in northern Queensland when I lifted a log and got stung and chased in circles for a while. Good times.

Is it worth a stay?

I was quietly impressed with this place. It’s got absolutely stunning natural swimming, a playground for the kids, is relatively quiet and has a good vibe, and its just a nice place to be.

I reckon this is absolutely worth a visit if you need somewhere to stay, and supporting small towns like this is absolute gold.

Playground at the Quarry
This place is absolutely worth a night or two

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