Mount Difficult 4WD Track in the Grampians

Looking at the Grampians in the distance, I knew there’d be some great 4WD tracks to explore the area, and wasn’t wrong. The Grampians National Park is home to a huge number of 4WD tracks, some of which are absolutely stunning, and we wanted to do as many as possible.

Unfortunately for us, almost all of them were still closed in mid February, after a huge amount of rain the previous year did extensive damage. Nonetheless, we managed to find a couple that were open, starting with Mount Difficult 4WD track.

We stumbled across this track by chance, on our way out to Beehive Falls, and I said to Sarah lets do it on the way back in.

Mount Difficult 4WD track
Half way through the Mount Difficult 4WD track

Where is Mount Difficult 4WD Track?

You’ll find this 4WD track running along the Eastern side of Mount Difficult, with it starting and ending not too far away from Plantation Campground. There’s a road sign that shows you the beginning of it, and you will see a huge number of tracks that link up to it coming off Mount Zero Road.

Views of Mount Difficult
Mount Difficult in the background, at Plantation Campground

How hard is it?

I had no idea what to expect when we did this track. Looking on the Exploroz Traveller App we could see it didn’t go up the mountain (not sure you could!), but just followed along the bottom, with some nice views along the way.

We did it in February, and a large majority of the track was compact sand, with no real issues. There was one sloppy section where you cross a creek and our rear right tyre sunk a lot more than I realised, but we did it with no real issues and only used the rear locker in the creek bed.

Creek bed on the Mount Difficult track
The only sloppy section was a creek, where our tyre sunk a fair bit

Any 4WD would do it with a bit of clearance and smart line choice in the dry, but I could see winter being a bigger challenge.

We did see a number of the side tracks that were pretty badly chewed out, with the potential for panel damage and difficulty if you chose a bad line, but there’s enough to keep you interested, without risking major damage to anything.

Mount Difficult 4WD track
Most of the track is fairly easy

We’d rate this easy, with exception of maybe 3 or 4 bits that were a little bit more challenging (but still no issue to anyone with decent tyres and some basic 4WD experience).

Ruts in the Mount Difficult 4WD Track
In the wet this track would be lots of fun

How long does it take?

This track is super quick. We did it on the way back to Plantation Campground, and I’d be surprised if it took longer than 25 minutes. Its slower than taking Mount Zero Road, but not by much.

Driving along the pines on the Mount Difficult 4WD Track
The track is pretty quick, and easy

Is it worth doing?

Yep. These are the tracks that we love. Short, great views, enough to make you think about what line to take but no real risk of getting badly stuck, or doing damage to our house on wheels.

The views of Mount Difficult are pretty nice in a few sections, and all in all its just a good Grampians 4WD track to do.

If you want something that’s usually open, easy enough and a bit of fun, Mount Difficult 4WD track is certainly worth doing.

Driving the Mount Difficult 4WD track
These are the tracks that we love finding

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