New tyres for the Dmax; our 5th set

Getting new 4WD tyres is exciting, and I always do my best to find the most suitable tyre for our application at the best price possible. This time, we’re onto our 5th set of tyres, and I settled on a tyre that I’d previously dismissed.

What 4WD tyres have we run?

When we got the Dmax, it came with the Bridgestone Dueler 693’s. They’re basically a road terrain tyre, and whilst we did use them a bit, they had to go. I replaced them with Toyo Open Country AT2 tyres, which we had a decent run from.

Toyo AT2 Tyres
Our second set of tyres were Toyo Open Country AT2

I then got a set of Bridgestone Dueler 697 tyres, which I liked as well, and ran them until they were basically dead.

Bridgestone 697 review
Our Bridgestone 697’s were a decent tyre

Before our lap of Australia I fitted a set of Toyo Open Country RT tyres to our Hybrid camper and Dmax, and now after about 40,000km, they’re not suitable to take into the High Country again.

Our old Toyo Open Country Rugged Terrains
I really liked our Toyo Open Country RT’s, but they were all but dead

I rang everywhere I could around Traralagon (East of Melbourne), to find any tyre that would suit our needs, and eventually settled on a tyre that I didn’t really look into much initially.

What prices did we get?

For your information, these are some of the prices that we got, from all sorts of different tyre places – Bob Jane, Tyrepower, and lots of independent ones:

Falken Wildpeak – $320 to $398 each

Toyo Open Country RT – $320 to $445 each (not available in time at the cheap price)

Toyo Open Country AT3 – $320 each

Cooper RT – $390 each

Maxxis Razr 811 – $365 to $379 each

Kumho A52 – $ 289 each with a buy 4 for 3 deal

BFG K02 – $370 each

Road Cruza RA1100 – $230 each

Road Cruza RA8000 – $250 each

The thought process

I was looking for a decent, reasonably aggressive all terrain. There are some that are not on the list here, and really you can find a million brands (Yokahama, Mickey Thompson, Nitto etc etc), but I was getting very similar prices (around $360 to $440 for every tyre).

I liked the idea of the 4 for 3 deal on the Kumho A52, but didn’t feel the tread pattern was aggressive enough. I’ve not heard great things about the BFG KO2, but its fascinating that they are now one of the cheaper options, given them previously being known as one of the best tyres out there.

I got some prices for Chinese tyres, and I know you can get some very cheap ones, but I just couldn’t justify buying them with minimal reviews, and having issues in the middle of no where, or putting my family and setup at risk if they weren’t as good as I needed.

However, everything changed when I rang the Tyre factory in Traralgon, and got much cheaper prices. Ultimately, I decided to order the Falken Wildpeaks at $320 a tyre, and tyre something different.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W tyres
I was very close to ordering a set of Falken Wildpeak AT3W’s

That was, until I was told I could get the Toyo AT3’s for the same price, and I began to wonder. These weren’t even on my radar, until they were suggested, and I started doing some more digging.

There’s a lot of happy people with the Wildpeaks, but I have heard of some sidewall and balancing issues, and they have a new model (the AT4W) that should be released in Australia, and the more I compared the tread patterns, the reputations and spoke to different tyre places, the Toyo seemed to be the logical choice.

The tread is more aggressive, its an improvement on the AT2 and most places suggested that Toyo was a better quality product. It’s a funny one though, because I’d have gone the Falkens if they were cheaper, but they weren’t!

What did we get?

After much deliberation, I’ve gone with 6 new Toyo Open Country AT3 tyres. These are the newer version from the AT2’s that we’ve run in the past, and although I initially dismissed them, it was hard to go past at the price. Ultimately it came down to the Falken Wildpeak AT3W and the Toyo AT3, and the tread pattern, plus multiple tyre places stating that the Toyos are a better tyre won me over. They’re made in Japan, balance well, and are just a really good quality tyre in general.

New Toyo Open Country AT3 tyres
We’ve got 6 new Toyo Open Country AT3’s fitted

I was really impressed with the Toyo Open Country RT tyres, and was considering replacing our tyres with them, but they weren’t available at a comparable price, so they got scrubbed off the list.

I really wanted to try the Falkens, but hopefully their new version will be here next time we have to replace the shoes.

New Toyo Open Country AT3's on our Hybrid Camper
We’re running two on our Hybrid Camper too, which is a different ball game all together

What did we pay?

We ended up paying $320 per Toyo Open Country AT3, plus a $16 disposal fee for the old tyres, bringing it to a total of $2016 for 6 tyres, which I was quite happy with.

I took 2 of the Toyo RT tyres and put them as our spares, and ditched the two existing spares that were both about 6 years old (and basically brand new!).

As usual, you’ll know how these go for us, in our initial thoughts post, and our unbiased review, once we’ve had them for a while. As of right now, they’ve only been on for about a week, and have been absolutely hammered through the Victorian High Country, and they’ve been pretty good in terms of traction, with only a few minor negatives to mention later on.

Dmax Toyo AT3's getting a workout on Billy Goats Bluff
At just a few days old, our new Toyo AT3’s have already done Billy Goats Bluff and plenty of 4WDing!

Do you reckon we made a good choice?

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  1. Hey Cleve,

    Thanks for your kind words, and for sharing your experience. I’ve heard good things about Yokahamas, and my Dad has a set that he’s very pleased with. Looks like they’re well priced too!

    Might have to give them a whirl next up!

    All the best

  2. Hi Aaron, lovely to see another one of your reviews and reports. I was also in the same dilemma on our 2018 dmax extra cab. I’ve been using Yokohamas GO 15 and GO 16 over many years on the dmax (gvm upgrade 3600) and our earlier rodeo and loved them, very good price and usually 4 for 3 price for under or close to $1000. We’ve now gone for the newer ATX that have a little more aggression and also being 265 70 16 in a 10 ply rating are working out very well so far. Price for these were $265 each, I buy 5 at a time and rotate all every 10k. So far so good. Yokohama also have puncture warranty so that has given me a bit of assurance. Falken was on my list also but I’ve been very happy with the Yokohamas as they’ve been through the Pilbara, WA’s SW coast, and central WA and central SA and the high country. I have a relatively heavy load usually around 3.3 ton with the Tailgate Camper on it , LR tank etc so HD tyres were required.
    Everyone has an opinion but we tend to stick with what we’ve had experience with I guess.
    Happy travelling.
    Cleve & Jen

  3. Hey Denis,

    You aren’t the first person to say they are happy running the lesser known 4WD tyres, and it seems like they are becoming more popular.

    I did consider running a couple of cheaper options, but for the difference in price, I couldn’t justify it. One major problem out in the bush makes it worth the extra money for us, but, if I was guaranteed a very good run from alternatives I’d happily give them a whirl.

    Perhaps when we are back in Perth and its not as much of an issue I’ll give some other tyres a whirl

    Cheers for your thoughts, and good to know they’ve been working well for you

  4. DENIS DIXON says:

    Hmmmm! That sounds like an unnecessarily expensive solution for too little return, Aaron. I now avoid the expensive brands after experiencing two lots of WINRUN MAXCLAW 245/70 x 16 ATs from dealers like Tyroola (with some trepidation, I admit).
    Cost never exceeded more than $560 fitted (currently $127/tyre only) yet they have performed well (towing a 18′ tandem Windsor) in all conditions and surfaces on my previous TD5 and now Disco 1. I had no better performance from brands costing a minimum of $1,200 fitted. Horses for courses I suppose. Appreciate your commentaries – best wishes.