Mt Buller Camping in the staff car park

After 3 amazing nights at Grannys Flat Campground, we’d planned to pack up and head to Mansfield, and end up somewhere around Mt Buller Camping. Our day didn’t start off that well though, with wet bedding from one of our kids, and relentless rain that made packing everything up rather challenging.

Despite this, we got a break in the rain and managed to pack everything away fairly well, and made it up the hill with no issues, before pumping up and heading to Mansfield to do washing, fill up with fuel, water and food, and even snuck in a nice lunch at the Noodle Bar.

Our first option for camping near Mt Buller was Carter Mill, which is only about 25 minutes from Mansfield itself. Pulling in, the day use area looks fantastic, and the actual camp ground not so much.

It was OK, but it was pretty dirty and muddy, and you aren’t anywhere near to the creek. We’ve become rather spoilt with stunning high country camping over the last few weeks, so decided to push onwards.

We were keen to see if we could get to Pikes Flat, but with the day fast approaching 3PM, no school work done and everyone a bit tired and cranky from the weather, visit to town (it’s our least favourite time travelling!) we pulled into the Klingsporn Bridle Trail Parking area, which is supposed to permit camping during the months outside of winter, where its used for staff to park their vehicles.

This location is pretty stunning, with big, beautiful trees and lots of lawn. We could hear the creek, and easily walk to it, with a stunning water pool at the end. This is part of the drinking water region though, and I got chatting to someone in the know.

Mt Buller Camping
Camped at Klingsporn Staff Car Park

He pointed out there’s actually a sign at the gate stating no camping, although I looked for a while and couldn’t find it, and he said that anyone who wanted to camp in the area came here, as you can’t camp at the Mt Buller Resort. Edit – I did go back and look again, and it is on the main sign, but not overly clear, and apparently its still allowed, so not really sure what to think of it!

Mt Buller car park sign
The sign does state no camping, but who do you believe?

We spent two nights here, and really enjoyed it. The Telstra reception is pretty bad, there’s a bit of road noise, but it’s a stunning location that is close to Mt Buller, and is really easy to get to, and you can’t ask for more than that.

Water at the Mt Buller Car Park
There’s a beautiful lake at the bottom of the camp
Mirimbah Park is stunning
Mirimbah Park is right across the road
Great camp site at Klingsporn
Drying canvas from a few wet days prior

Driving to Mt Buller and Craigs Hut

Our primary reason for visiting here was to head up Mt Buller and have a look around, and then head out to Craigs Hut. The campground is in the perfect location for this, as heading up the hill takes you to the top of Mt Buller, and heading across the road takes you to Craigs Hut.

We had a lot of fun at both locations, and will certainly come back when there is some snow around!

Driving to Mt Buller
Mt Buller is right up the hill
Mt Buller is massive
We didn’t realise that Mt Buller was such a large place
Dmax on top of Mt Buller
At the top the visibility was shocking, but it was amazing
Driving to Craigs Hut
Craigs Hut is a rougher drive, but easily doable in a 4WD
Craigs Hut in the distance
The iconic Craigs Hut

See more on our vlog

Want to see more, and our full adventures in the Victorian High Country? Check us out on YouTube, through the below vlog:

YouTube video

Other Mt Buller Camping options

If you have a 4WD, you can head to a number of other campgrounds around Mt Buller. Craigs Hut is one of them (not that close to Mt Buller by vehicle though!), along with Carters Mill, Razorback Hut, Howqua Gap Hut and of course all of the amazing camp sites around Sheepyard Flat and Frys Flat (although these are also a decent drive.

Overall, we’re really happy we stayed here and had a look around; its a magic part of the world.

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