The beautiful Redwoods in the Otways National Park

The Great Ocean Road is hugely popular, and absolutely stunning. However, just inland is the Redwoods, which are equally as beautiful, and well and truly worth the detour.

Walking through the Redwoods in the Otways National Park, I was absolutely shell shocked. This place is up there with the best that I’ve ever seen, and we were so grateful to have called in to check it out.

If you’re looking for some other awesome spots along the Great Ocean Road, check out Melba Gully Rainforest Walk, the stunning Aire Crossing camp and also Maits Rest Rainforest Walk.

Redwoods in the Otways
The Otways Redwoods are nothing short of breathtaking
Otways Redwoods
Absolutely stunning views at the Otways Redwoods

What is the Redwoods Forest?

Many moons ago, the Victorian Government were experimenting with different types of timber plantations, and they started the Redwoods Forest, which is a huge tourist attraction today, and one of the most scenic places I’ve been to in my life.

Redwoods information sign
The Californian Redwoods information sign
The Redwoods Forest in the Otways
The entrance to the Redwoods in the Otways
Unreal views of the Redwoods
Looking up was another world

The trees are Californian Redwoods, and are known to be the largest trees in the world, growing to over 115 metres tall. In the Otways Redwoods forest, the trees are not that high, but they are still massive, and incredibly beautiful.

Redwoods forest in the Otways
The sheer beauty of the Otways Redwoods truly blew me away

Where are the Redwoods?

You’ll find this truly beautiful place not far off the Great Ocean Road, from Lavers Hill. It’s also only about 10 minutes drive from Beauchamp Falls Campground, which is absolutely worth a stay if you can get in.

Amazing views at Beauchamp Falls Campground
It’s not too far away from Beauchamp Falls Free Camp

What’s the access track like?

Getting here is really easy from the north, with a well formed gravel road. It has a number of descents and corners that you need to take it slow and carefully on, but its certainly within reach of a 2WD vehicle, which means its pretty popular.

Redwoods Picnic area
Getting here is easy, even for 2WD vehicles

Does it cost any money?

The Redwoods forest is completely free, which makes it a must see along the Great Ocean Road. We’re always keen to find the attractions that don’t break the bank, and this is a no brainer.

Redwoods information sign
The information sign at the Picnic area

Walking around the Redwoods

I’m not really sure how far you can walk, but you’ll go through a huge number of trees before the land starts to climb a bit, and then it flattens out and goes back down again.

You’ll see a huge number of logs over the creek, which you can test your balance on if you are game, or you can follow the pathway that is fairly well used. We just walked around in awe for some time, before retreating to near the entry to get the school work done with the boys.

Huge trees in the Redwoods
Huge logs across the water, with spectacular scenery
Kids at the Redwoods
Our kids loved running around and exploring the area
Scenery at the Redwoods
Spend some time to soak it up; the views are magic

Toilets and amenities

You’ll find toilets here, around the corner from the picnic area, and there are a couple of picnic tables to relax at, and have your lunch. There’s also a big grassy area where you can relax on, or you can chill inside the Redwoods forest itself.

We even did our days school work inside the Redwoods forest, under the shade of these big, beautiful trees.

School under the Redwoods
Doing school work under the Redwoods was epic

Should you visit the Redwoods in the Otways?

If you are going to make one detour off the Great Ocean Road, head to the Redwoods. They are truly amazing, and such a worthwhile place to see in person.

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