Do you empty grey water into dump points?

The idea of containing your grey water to put it down a dump point seems completely and utterly illogical to me, and I’ve got a burning question for you. How many people have you seen empty their grey water into a dump point?

Dump point at Bendeela
Have you ever seen anyone empty grey water into a dump point?

We’ve been using dump points for our toilet waste (black water) for years now, and I don’t think I can recall seeing a single person dumping grey water into one (and we’ve spent a lot of time at dump points over the years!). All this push and shove for grey water collection, and caravans getting grey water tanks, and where does it get emptied?

The most common place I see grey water tanks being emptied is on the road, whilst the caravan is driving away from camp. So, do you need a grey water tank?

Grey water tank mounting
So many people just let it out as they drive off from camp

Grey water should be emptied with common sense

I seriously don’t understand why there’s this big push to contain your grey water. To me, you should be dealing with it sensibly. We’ve written comprehensively about that here – Where can you empty grey water, and genuinely believe the giant push to contain and take your grey water to a dump point (only in a TINY number of places in Australia) is ludicrous.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, but for your average camp site, its daft.

Use environmentally friendly soaps, and let your grey water out immediately in a sensible location if possible, and if not, tip it on a tree nearby. Containing grey water causes so many other problems.

Anyway, back to the original question; have you ever seen anyone emptying grey water at a dump point? If not (or not many), where’s it going? Isn’t that far worse than letting it out sensibly, before it goes manky and starts turning to black water?

Let us know your thoughts below!

Camping at Lighthouse Reserve
Do you contain your grey water and take it to a dump point?

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