4WD Parks in Australia; where can you go in each state?

Australia has some truly incredible places to take your 4WD. So much so that there are dedicated properties all around the country for people to head off road, and explore. If you are looking for somewhere new, you’ll find plenty to explore at these 4WD parks in Australia.

An important note before we go any further though; take 5 minutes to check your 4WD insurance; not all companies will cover your 4WD if you are driving in a 4WD park and that can be a recipe for disaster.

White Gum Farm 4WD Park
4WD parks are hugely popular, and for good reason


Bylong Creek 4WD Park (768 Woolleys Rd, Upper Bylong)

If 800 acres of 4WD heaven tickles your fancy, Bylong Creek 4WD park might be for you. As the name suggests, its located in a valley with a nice creek running through the property. Bookings are a must, and it costs $20 per adult to camp, $10 per day for children 5-14 and under 5 is free. You can bring your motorbikes and buggies, but extra fees apply.

Levuka 4WD Park (Plantation Rd Urbenville)

Levuka is another very popular 4WD park in NSW, with camping available in a low density setup so you aren’t camping on top of each other. With great bird watching, mountain bike tracks, bush walking, canoing and of course 4WD tracks its a great weekend away. Camping is $30 per family per night and motorbikes are not permitted.

Rover Park (390 Rover Park Road, Sandy Hill)

At a whopping 4000 acres, with 22 dams, 8km of river frontage, sandy beaches and waterfalls Rover Park is a hugely attractive 4WD park in Sandy Hill. You can bush camp, or camp along the river, or stay in a cabin. Motorbikes and 4WD’s are welcome here, with a full day at the 4WD park costing $30 per vehicle. 


Loveday 4WD Park (1115 Caddy Road, Barmera)

In terms of well known 4WD parks, Loveday is up there with the most well known in Australia. Hosting a huge array of competitions and events, Loveday 4WD park has over 8000 acres of private property, 14km of Murray River frontage and is set up for all sorts of fun.

With a Tavern on site, hot showers and flushing toilets, its got all of the amenities you’d need for a comfortable stay. Day visits are $50 per vehicle, and camping is $60 per vehicle for the first night, and $20 for further nights.

Alpana Station (Flinders Ranges Way, Blinman)

Back in 1878 Alpana Station began, with just 133 acres growing fodder crops. Some 140 years later its now over 60,000 acres and is home to more than 3000 merino sheep. If you are after accommodation, powered sites, walking trails, 4WD tracks, guided tours and camping then its the place to go. 

Alpana Station is 5km south of Blinman, and around 500km north of Adelaide. Camping fees range from $15 per vehicle per night to $40 per vehicle per night, depending on where you decide to stay, and the amenities available. There are a couple of self guided 4WD tracks, and a number of guided tours with various prices. 


Lorella Springs (29km off the Savannah Way)

One of our favourite locations in Australia so far has been Lorella Springs; located in the remote parts of the Northern Territory, off the Savannah Way.

Whilst its not typically marketed as a 4WD park, you have almost unlimited access by 4WD to explore the one million acre property, with some of the best water holes, gorges and waterfalls in the country.

4WD tracks in the Northern Territory
Exploring Lorella Station is magic

Let’s wind back for a second, and consider the size. At one million acres, its 5 and a half times the size of Singapore, and you can camp and explore almost all of the property. You sign in, get given a map and tell them where you are going, and then head off in search of adventure.

Access and camping is $20 per person per night, and there are some discounts for longer stay. You need at least 4 nights to see even a small portion of the property.

Helicopter Pool at Lorella
Some of the most amazing water holes in the world!


Landcruiser mountain park (669 Diaper Road, Kingatham)

EDIT – You wouldn’t believe it, but this has just been taken over, and they’ve removed the 4WDing aspect, and are just rolling with the camping side of things. There’s been a lot of backlash, and it will eb interesting to see how it plays out!


With an interesting history, Landcruiser mountain park is hugely popular. With over 200km of 4WD tracks to suit everyone from beginners to hard core off-road enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone. Located around 2 hours from Brisbane. and costing $60 per vehicle per night (or $35 per day visit) its not the cheapest place in the world, but everyone raves about it.

Scenic Rim 4WD Park (636 Tamrookum Creek Road, Tamrookum Creek)

Queensland seems to have the pick of the bunch when it comes to 4WD parks in Australia, and Scenic Rim is another great place to check out. With 680 acres in the scenic rim area, its hugely picturesque and greatly appreciated by guests. There are around 28 kilometres of 4WD tracks, with a huge number of hills to climb up and down.

There are 14 camping areas, and groups are kept separate so you have at least 30 – 50 metres gap between others. 

Swan Gully 4WD Park (388 Swan Gully Road, Bromelton)

With over 900 acres of property, Swan Gully 4WD Park is another hugely popular place to visit in Queensland. Tracks start off at a basic level and work their way to extreme, with lockers and winches a must. Camping is $25 per vehicle for two adults, and $10 per extra person over 15. Children between 5 and 15 are $5 and kids under 5 are free. A day pass to the 4WD tracks is $45, with additional days $10. 

It’s only 10 minutes into town and you have a 1 hour drive into Brisbane.

Janowen Hills 4WD Park (1570 Inverramsay Road, Goomburra)

In 2004, Janowen Hills was opened to the public as a camping and 4WD facility. With around 80 4WD tracks, there’s everything from easy to extreme. There is a buddy system in place meaning you need at least two 4WD’s together, with no motorbikes allowed on the 4WD tracks.

Camping is $17 per adult per night, $7 for kids between 5 and 15 and kids under 4 are free. Powered sites incur another $7 per night. Day visitors are $5 per person over 12, and 4WD access is $30 per vehicle per day (or $30 for the weekend).

The Springs 4×4 Adventure Park (21153 New England Highway, The Glen)

Carolyn and Neil Taylor have created a very popular 4WD park in The Glen, with over 700 acres of 4WD tracks. With amazing views from the hills, its a popular location.

Day visits are $25 per vehicle. Camping and 4WDing is $40 per day (after 2PM) or $60 for two days 4WD. 

Gordon Country (1847-2081 Inverramsay Road, Goomburra)

Last, but not least for the Queensland 4WD tracks is Gordon Country, which is a special, family owned eco-tourism and farming property in Darling Downs. At 4000 acres in size, and over 12km of creek frontage, the camp sites have amazing backdrops and are incredibly picturesque. 

Camping fees are between $15 and $21 for adults per night, and $10 – $12 per child per night, with the 4WD access pass on top of this.


White Gum

Western Australia only has one active 4WD park, and its closed in the summer months due to a fire risk. White Gum Farm is a pretty incredible location with a huge man made dam for swimming, lots of aeronautical activity a great camping setup and a 4WD park that will keep you occupied for hours.

4WD parks in WA
White Gum 4WD Park is a great place to stay at, and test your skills out
White Gum Farm Dam
White Gum Farm Dam

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