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Drinking water on the Gibb River Road

One of the things you soon learn about the Kimberley is that good, drinking water is plentiful if you know where to look. Majority of travellers head there just after the wet season too, which means everything is clean, topped up and ready for a big season.

So, where can you get drinking water on the Gibb River Road?

If you want to know more about the Kimberley and Gibb River Road in general, we’ve written a giant, free guide that covers everything from where to go, fuel stops, what tyre pressures to run, towing guides and plenty more here – The Ultimate Guide to the Kimberley.

Caravan water tank filling

There’s plenty of places to fill your water tanks up on the Gibb River Road

Silent Grove (Bell gorge)

For a large part of the dry season, Silent Grove has a beautiful little creek that runs down the side of the camp ground. You are able to walk to it, but specifically asked not to swim, walk or bathe in it, as this is where the drinking water comes from. I believe it originates from a natural spring up further, and the water is pumped straight out of the creek and to the water tanks, where you can drink it.

The water was clean, and tasted lovely.

Silent Grove Creek

The pristine Silent Grove Creek, where your drinking water comes from

Mornington Wilderness Camp

Mornington also has drinking water available; every tap you see is clean, fresh drinking water. I believe this comes from Annie creek, which is an amazing little creek that runs down the side of the camp ground.

Mornington Wilderness toilets

The toilet and shower block at Mornington

Mt Barnett

Mt Barnett has drinking water available from the service station.

Mt Barnett

Mt Barnett is a very common spot to stop and get fuel and drinking water


Drysdale also has drinking water available, from the tap behind the white tyre (near the fuel pumps). This water looked a little yellow, but it tasted fine, and we drank plenty of it.

Drysdale Station

Drysdale Station is a great little stop

El Questro

You can get drinking water right next to the main female shower/toilet block, from a tap. We filled up here several times, and had no issues with the water.

Places that don’t have water on tap, but not recommended for drinking without boiling or treating

El Questro Camping

There’s plenty of places to fill water up from at El Questro

Windjana Gorge

The ranger comes by every now and again and pumps water into the tanks, near the showers. I assume this comes directly from Windjana Gorge, but it is not recommended for drinking.

Windjana Gorge

Windjana Gorge has water, and even solar showers!

Manning Gorge

Manning Gorge also pumps water from the river, but it is not recommended to be drunk without treatment (or boiling).

Kimberley camping

Manning Gorge has water on tap too

Mt Elizabeth

Mt Elizabeth has plenty of water on tap too, but it is not recommended to be drunk without treatment.

Gibb River Road Camping

You can get water from Mt Elizabeth too

Mitchell Falls

The Mitchell Falls has water on tap, which looks clean enough, but is recommended for treating prior to drinking. However, I believe there is a point along the creek (upstream of where people bathe and swim) that you can get drinking water from using the existing chain and bucket.

Mitchell Falls Map

The Mitchell Falls camp has water available too

I suppose the summary is this; you can get good quality water from all over the Gibb River Road. Make sure you have enough for drinking (especially when hiking), and take enough for dishes and cleaning up, but keep them separate. Enjoy the fact that the Kimberley is abundant because of the water!

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