Where are your favourite 4WD destinations?

I was flicking through some old photos the other day, and couldn’t help but feel so thankful for the many 4WD destinations we can pack up and head out to in this incredible country.

We truly do have world class beaches and national parks, and owning a 4WD means you can access the best spots that Australia has to offer.

With great privilege comes great responsibility

Being able to access so many truly amazing places in a 4WD is a privilege. We have seen more than a handful of brilliant places shut down over the years, and it needs to stop. Please do your part in this; take your rubbish with you, don’t burn things that don’t belong in a fire, look after the environment and most of all, leave it in a better condition than when you arrived.

I hate seeing track closures due to a few morons who have no respect for their pristine backyards. Don’t rubbish our bush!

My favourite 4WD destinations

The more I travel this stunning country the longer the list grows, but I have a number of places that I absolutely love, and would highly recommend. I can’t put these in any particular order; they are all truly special.


Whilst you can get into Cleaverville without a 4WD, having one opens your options up greatly when exploring the area. We stayed a few nights at Cleaverville only meters from the water, and couldn’t get enough of it. The water was like glass, and is for months on end.

The fishing was nothing short of spectacular, and the diving even more so. We ate lobsters and fish every day, and couldn’t get over the weather. It couldn’t have been any better. I’d go as far as to say this is the best beach camping I’ve ever done.

Cleaverville on high Lots of boats at Cleaverville Cleaverville in the yak Cleaverville camping Lights in the distance Cleaverville camping at night Fishing the creek at Cleaverville Flat calm at Cleaverville Painted crays at Cleaverville Cleaverville sunrise Cleaverville spearfishing Cleaverville sunset Airing up at Cleaverville

Thomas River

After having a few average experiences at Israelite Bay, there was something about Thomas River that truly blew me away. The beach is 29km long, and has a number of bays that you can explore and enjoy. Even in peak periods, there is more than enough beach for you to get away from everyone.

The spearfishing here was absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t get over the colour of the water.

4WDing at Thomas River A few hours work Caught by hand Cracker sunset at Thomas River Daniels Salmon Enjoying the sunset at Thomas River Feeding the seal Fishing at Thomas River Hungry seal at Esperance My 80 at Thomas River Set to go spearfishing Set up for the day at Thomas River Spectacular beaches at Thomas River Surfing seal at Thomas River Very poorly timed What a spot

Duke of Orleans

We were supposed to go to Lucky Bay instead of Duke of Orleans, but I am so glad we didn’t. The only accommodation here is at the Caravan Park, which is perched in an amazing part of the coast with more bays and 4WD tracks to explore than you can poke a stick at.

After driving through Lucky Bay, I would take Duke of Orleans any day of the week.

4WDing at Duke of Orleans Duke of Orleans beach by 4WD Exploring Orleans Esperance Fishing at Orleans Hill climbs at Esperance Orleans 4WD Tracks Orleans 4WDing Orleans Bay beaches Orleans beach by 4x4 Orleans beaches Orleans perfect beaches Table top at Orleans Table top mountain


The Pemberton coastline is to die for. It’s got the most incredible beach and dunes you’ve ever seen, and an absolutely stunning river that flows out to the ocean. There’s more room down at Yeagarup to camp than you would ever need, and the salmon fishing is spectacular.

If you are game, Callcup Hill is one of the biggest dunes you will ever drive a 4WD up, and it’s a lot of fun. Take care around the Warren River though; lots of cars have been lost

4WD recovery at Yeagarup Bogged Jeep at Yeagarup Calcup Hill Yeagarup Camping at Yeagarup Crossing the Warren Far too quickly Fishing at Yeagarup Speed and river mouth Sunset at Yeagarup The big 105 To Yeagarup Warren River mouth Warren River Yeagarup from on high Yeagarup Lake Yeagarup Sunset Yeagarup tree climb

Lucky Bay, Kalbarri

Nothing is better than pulling into an area where there are zero restrictions. I’ve got no problem with restrictions that make sense, but to say you can’t do this and that gets a bit tiring. Imagine pulling into a bay that will blow your mind, with endless dunes behind that you can camp in.

You can 4WD, ride your motorbikes, kite surf, wind surf, snorkel, spearfish, have a fire, launch your boat, ski etc etc; it’s a level of freedom that is seldom experienced so close to Perth!

Boat retreival at Lucky Bay Bottomed out at Lucky Bay Camping at Lucky Bay Kalbarri Crabs at Lucky Bay Launching a boat at Lucky Bay Lucky Bay itself Lucky Bay near Kalbarri Perfect reef at Lucky Bay Towing a camper to Lucky Bay


If you are looking for adventure close to Perth, Dwellingup is it. Not only does it have epic 4WD tracks, but you can fish, white water raft, swim, hike and heaps more

The Murray River is the centre attraction, and it winds its way through some truly magical places. Once again, with a 4WD, you can access the best spots!

A nice 4WD Track at Dwellingup Camping at Dwellingup Captain fawcett huge splash Captain Fawcett Track in the wet Dwellingup 4WD Tracks Dwellingup fire Dwellingup in its perfection Dwellingup waterfall Flexing at Dwellingup GOPR1735 Misty morning at Dwellingup Splashing around at Dwellingup The big 80 at Dwellingup

Francois Peron National Park

Our last stop on 3 weeks spent travelling up north was at Francios Peron National Park, which is the northern most part of Shark Bay/Denham. This is pretty well the closest place to Perth that you can experience the orange sand butting up to pristine white beaches and magnificent blue ocean.

You can sit right at the top of the National Park and watch whales, turtles, sharks, seals and a heap of other wildlife swim right by.

There are plenty of places to camp, and you feel worlds away from anywhere else.

A fantastic way to end the day Air down at Francios Peron Amazing orange colours Amazing sand An echidna on the way to Francios Peron At Cape Peron lookout Bird at Cape Peron Camped at Denham Cape Peron Hot springs on the way out Lizard at Francios Peron Look at the colours Loving shark bay Sea snake at Shark Bay Stunning colours The view from our campsite Watching the sun go down

Harvey and Brunswick Junction

Whilst mud is most definitely not the best for your 4WD, there is something about it that attracts 4WD’s! The hill climbs and bog holes around Harvey and Brunswick Junction are second to none, and have to be seen to believed.

As long as you are prepared to clean your car afterwards, you can have as much clay goodness as you wish, after a decent amount of rain. These area are spectacular too, and are visited at least a few times a year by 4WDing Australia.

We’ve most certainly got some cracker spots to take the 4WD in WA. You don’t need a huge lift kit and big tyres, with a list of accessories that would break a notepad; you just need a sense of adventure, some careful planning and a desire to get out there and explore.

4WD tracks around Harvey 80 series at Brunswick A cracker fire at Brunswick A pajero lifting a wheel A wheel off for the Prado Awesome 4WD tracks at Brunswick Brunswick Junction Camping Enjoying camp at Brunswick Epic 40 series in the mud Exploring Harvey in the Prado Harvey Dam 4x4 Hilux in mud Lexus having fun in the mud Prado in the mud River crossing at Brunswick Thick goopy mud Triton hitting the mud

No doubt there are plenty more places that will be added onto this list over the coming years!

Where are your favourite 4WD destinations? Leave a comment below; I’d love to hear from you!

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