How to easily cook toast when camping (with minimal gear)

Tired of not being able to cook toast properly when camping? We’ve got the solution, and it will blow your mind.

We’ve used so many different types of off grid toasters, and always struggled to get a good result. It was either burnt, cold or unevenly cooked, and whilst I don’t fret too much about these things, we always felt there had to be a better way.

This is of course, referring to cooking toast without a proper 240V toaster, which some people do take with them, and then you either need to stay at a powered site, or have a significant lithium battery and inverter setup. 

For off grid toast cooking though, we have the most simple hack ever; do you know how to cook the best toast when camping?

Put it in your frying pan

Seriously, put your bread in a frying pan, and crank the heat right up. It will cook, then go brown, and eventually black. Yes, pull it out before this, but it certainly cooks! Flip it when you are happy with the amount its been cooked, and then butter it and do what you want.

Perfect toast each time
Perfectly cooked toast every time

We have literally ditched all of our toaster arrangements, as this is by far and away the best method for cooking toast when camping. Everyone takes a frying pan with them, and its one less thing you have to carry and worry about.

No more changing mesh when it fails, or trying to balance toast so it cooks evenly, or getting some cooked well and others badly. Just bang it in the frying pan and away you go!

Camping toasters suck
These camping toasters are always hit and miss

The only problem that we have had is when you want multiple bits of toast, and you want to use a frying pan. We’d struggle to do more than a couple at a time, and even that’s a push if you are cooking bacon and eggs already!

Smartspace frying pan
You’re pushing luck to get more than one piece on at the same time!

We now use an actual toaster

If you stay where there’s power, you can use an actual toaster. With our new lithium battery setup and inverter we’ve been using a proper, 240V toaster for many months now, and its one of the most used appliances that we take with us.

We paid $7 for a cheap one, and it gets used most mornings. Nothing is more helpful when you have two hungry kids wanting their toast than a proper toaster, but you need the right infrastructure to back it up.

7 dollar toaster
Our 7 dollar toaster gets hammered every week, and is so helpful

Cook it over the fire, or in a Weber

If you have a fire going, you can get a pretty good result quite fast, and the same applies for a Ziggy or Weber. We’re actually pretty wrapped with our Camp Braai too, which works great for toast (amongst other things!) Just keep a keen eye on it, as it will burn quickly too!

Toasting Bread in a Weber
Toasting bread in our Weber
Toast on the fire
Cooking toast for breakfast on a fire pit

How do you cook your toast when camping?

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