Do you really need an induction cooktop to go camping?

You don’t really need an induction cooktop to go camping, do you? Well, that depends on who you ask, and what their selling!

A few weeks ago we published a post covering the Lithium Battery upgrade that we did on our Hybrid Camper Trailer, along with a 3000W inverter that is capable of running most household appliances for a short time. 

If you want to read a comprehensive post on gas vs induction, we’ve just published a post about that.

Renogy upgrade
Our new Lithium Battery setup with a 3000W inverter

There were plenty of constructive comments, and then a number that made me chuckle. 

‘Where’s your 65 inch TV and hairdryer?’

‘You can get 12V appliances to run all of that.’

‘You don’t need an induction cook top.’

‘I’ve been on the road full time and never needed any of that.’

Now, we are all entitled to opinions, and I’m all for a good chat. What I find hilarious is that people get so upset over what someone else does, when it has no bearing at all on them.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know we are big advocates of only buying what is going to suit what you need, and not fitting things that really aren’t going to help your cause. I stand by that, and only fit what we need, and the battery system is well justified for what we want to do, and there’s a few posts coming out soon to cover this in more detail soon.

If it doesn’t suit what you do, or what you think is normal, that’s fine; you are entitled to your thoughts, but you should know that they are don’t have to be the same as mine. If we all thought the same way life would be very boring! 

No, you don’t need an induction cook top to go camping. Will it make your life more enjoyable on the road? Maybe.

You don’t need to be able to run your caravan air conditioners, microwaves, coffee machines and air fryers off grid either, but some people have setups that will do this, and good on them.

Induction cooktop for camping
Our new induction cooktop in use in Shark Bay

Everyone’s circumstances are different

The camping niche is huge. You get those who want to stay in a caravan park for a few nights a year, and then you get those who want to get away from every person possible and camp with minimal gear.

Then you get those who are on the road full time with a family, running a business or just enjoying themselves and each setup can be different in reflecting this. 

No two setups are the same, for this very reason, and just because you have no need for something doesn’t mean the same applies to another person.

Technology advances

Each morning, you get in your vehicle to drive to work. Now, you could walk instead. It’d be unpleasant, long, and hugely time consuming, but you could do it. Why don’t you? It just doesn’t make sense.

Technology changes, and people move from carrying ice boxes to 12V fridges, or gas lanterns to 12V LED lights.

If you want to stick with a certain level of technology, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. However, there’s also nothing wrong with people running expensive 12V lithium battery and inverter setups. Each to their own; you do you.

For us, we are setting our Reconn R2 to be able to live out of for long periods. We could go back to using ice boxes, cooking our food on the fire (which we still do often) and sleeping in swags, but why would we?

We love being out in nature, and if you can do it in comfort it only gets better, and we want to do it more often as a family with two young kids.

We’ll be doing some much longer trips in the future, and anything that makes it more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable is getting looked at, very seriously.

So, what do you really need? That’s up to you, and no one else, but expect to be judged by your actions, like usual. Laugh them off like we do; we learnt a long time ago that others opinions are no business of us.

For the record, we’re pretty happy with our induction cooktop so far. We won’t depend on it, but its nice to use!

Camped at Cliff Head
We’ve built a setup that suits us, and we are happy with it

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  1. Hey Richard,

    Thanks for the comment, and your support. Sounds like you’ve seen a fair bit of this great land!

    Induction cooktops are certainly not a silver bullet, and are absolutely not a necessity. I have a post coming out soon comparing it to gas, and there’s a reason most people don’t make the switch (as you’ve alluded to!).

    I certainly wouldn’t encourage people to move to an induction cooktop because they feel they should; you really have to think it through, and if you do and decide that its not something you want to take on, that’s perfectly fine.

    We won’t depend on ours, and can just as easily use the gas stove (and the way I’m going, we will be using that for our next trip up north as the solar panels won’t be on the roof!)

    Take care

  2. Hey Kate,

    You are completely correct, and thinking back we found the same thing; you have a setup always ready to go and you just hook up and take off.

    I guess there’s needs and needs, and until you’ve been on both sides of the coin its hard to make an accurate assessment.

    There’s no right or wrong when it comes to camping, and what ever works for you is fine!

    All the best

  3. Actually, the more comfortable and set up you are has a big impact on shorter trips also. If you have everything ready to go and easy, you’re possibly more likely to take that weekend trip because you don’t have to mess around collecting the swag and the lanterns and the firewood – you can just jump in and go, stopping to grab food on the way. Upgrading to a camper trailer from a tent (or just sleeping on the back of the ute) has actually made it easier for us to get away because we have everything we need at hand without having to get it all together.

  4. Hi Aaron
    I have enjoyed your blogs for quite a while now. I like the fact that they are honest and don’t try to influence people to your or any other style of camping. Just straight forward reviews, pro’s and con’s, warts and all.
    We have been camping for many years in this great state and the others ‘over there’, starting with sleeping in the canopy in our FJ45, then tents and camper trailer for 14 years. Now as we get on a bit and for the last 8 years we have an off road caravan.
    Getting on to your use and enjoyment obviously of your induction cooktop, if it suits you good on ya. I have looked at them and would I use one…probably not. I haven’t installed an inverter in our van although could with 300Ah of lithium but don’t see the need. Everything we have runs off 12v and enough solar to never run out of battery and that suits us. I have a generator as backup but can’t remember the last time I used it. Probably should sell it.
    Induction cooking has its place and I can see that as we get more lithium batteries in vans / campers etc and better, lighter weight solar they will become more popular, so maybe this is the way of the future. Time will tell.
    In the meantime you guys enjoy what you do and keep up the good ( unbiased ) work
    See you on the track sometime maybe.
    Regards Richard

  5. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for your comment, and sentiments; much appreciated.

    We don’t normally take negative comments to heart, but its always food for thought!

    Have a great evening

  6. Thoroughly enjoy your writing about whatever your up to in our great state.
    Regarding induction cook tops, inverters etc. who cares what others say if negative. Not a single, honest to themselves person doesn’t look to improve their experiences from one to the next.
    If we don’t push the boundaries of our technologies we’ll stop evolving and go into retirement homes too early. Cheers