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Our new Hybrid Camper; a Lifestyle Reconn R2

We’ve upgraded our Camper, and in a seriously big way. For those who’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know we’ve had a soft floor camper trailer now for a couple of years, and clocked up nearly 150 nights in it. It’s been fantastic, but we’ve been looking for a long time now for an upgrade. We have spent more time researching, doing figures and trying to find the perfect solution for us than I care to think about, but I reckon its paid off.

There’s a lot of people travelling Australia in all sorts of setups, and a lot of them don’t suit the way we like to travel. Finding something that was light and small enough to drag around anywhere we wanted (including the more challenging, tight and less travelled 4WD tracks) whilst having a few more luxuries, easy setup and plenty of storage was a mission and a half. So, what have we ended up with?

Introducing our new Hybrid Camper – a 2018 Lifestyle Reconn R2:

Lifestyle Reconn R2

Our new camper trailer behind the Dmax

What is this thing?

I’m sure a few people are looking at this now, and trying to work out what we’ve bought, especially if you’ve not seen them before. Keep reading and check out the photos; you’ll soon see! This unit is certainly unique in many ways, and we love it. For us, its pretty much perfect in every way (or so we think – I’ll update in a few months!).

It’s light, has a massive payload, fantastic amenities, is built to take serious punishment, carries a lot of water, batteries and solar and has a huge range of modifications that can be done to it. It’s the ultimate compromise of comforts and off road ability. It doesn’t suit everyone, and that’s fine; its as close to perfect as what we could find on the market for us.

Reconn R2 hypercamper

Pop top, heavy duty, compact and with a shower, toilet, bunks for two kids and a queen bed

About Lifestyle Campers

Lifestyle have been making camper trailers since 1999 in Queensland, and that’s pretty impressive in itself. There aren’t too many businesses that have been in the camper trailer industry for that long, so its a testimony to their work and adaptation to a fast changing industry.

Starting off with the basic soft floor camper trailers (which are a dying breed today) they soon progressed into a range of hybrid caravan/camper trailers, and currently sell 5 variations – the Breakaway, Iconn, Reconn R2, Reconn R4 and the Stylecraft. The first two are primarily built in China under strict quality control, and the Reconns and Style crafts are Aussie built in their entirety.

The Reconn R2

The Reconn R2 is called a Hyper camper, because its fast to set up, and not quite a Caravan, or a Camper Trailer. The term Reconn comes from Reconnaissance, which means small, strong force that would be prepared for anything. They way they are built would reflect this. Now, into the nitty gritty of the unit we purchased (bearing in mind that they are somewhat customisable and not all have these specs):.

  • 5800mm long from the hitch through to the spare rear wheel
  • 1600kg tare weight (or empty weight) with a 1000kg payload (2600kg ATM)
  • 270L of fresh water tanks split into 3 x 90L tanks, with two water pumps and two flow metres
  • 240W of solar on the roof feeding a 40 amp Enerdrive battery management system and Victron 12V battery monitoring system
  • Projecta 240V mains charger
  • 240aH of deep cycle batteries
  • 1 spare tyre and a wood/generator storage box on the rear
  • 265/75/16″ mud terrain tyres
  • Cruisemaster 2600kg independent suspension
  • 150mm hot dipped galv chassis
  • D035 hitch
  • Queen size bed and two bunks, with seating and a small table inside
  • 2150mm tall while travelling, and it pops up to 3025mm tall.
  • Rope awning and full canvas sides
  • Quickpitch shower tent and shower on the side
  • 11L Truma Hot water system
  • 85L fibreglass Evakool Fridge/Freezer
  • LED touch lights throughout
  • MSA storage pockets throughout
  • Two 4.5kg gas bottles
  • Amazing external kitchen

The Reconn R2 is 1700mm longer, 500mm taller and 30mm wider than our existing soft floor camper. It’s got more than double the water capacity, nearly double the payload and easily as much storage. On the flip side our soft floor had 30 amp hours more of batteries and 160W of extra solar, but that can always be improved on!

Ark Jockey wheel

A very clever Ark Jockey wheel, breakaway system and the usual towing gear

DO35 hitch

A DO35 hitch which I am extremely happy about

Fantastic kitchen

A great kitchen with lots of storage

Queen bed in the lifestyle camper

A Queen bed up one end on the inside

Bunks in the Reconn R2

With bunks up the other end and a small table + sitting area

Storage in the Lifestyle Reconn R2

Stacks of storage on the other side for all your gear

85L Evakool Fridge Freezer

A custom built 85L Evakool Fridge Freezer

What else did we look at?

I honestly don’t think there was a camper trailer or hybrid caravan we didn’t look into. Seriously. We started off looking at Aussie made hard floors, and then the forward folds, and then the hybrid caravans. Anything over 2.3 metres tall, 2 metres wide, 6 metres long or 1800kg empty was ruled out straight away purely on the basis that it wouldn’t go where we wanted to tow it. From there, it had to have a decent payload (400kg of payload on a camper trailer or Caravan is just ridiculous), sleep 4 and have a reasonable amount of water/electrical capacity.

We looked at all of the Chinese hybrids (Fantasy, MDC, Ezytrail, ModCon, Black Series, Warrior), and some are quite attractive but extremely heavy (and I’m still not 100% convinced of their quality). I checked out second hand Australian Offroad, Complete Campsite, Zone RV, Track Trailer, Rhinomax, Noosa RV, Condamine, Kimberley Karavan) along with some of the imports (Jurgens, Echo Kavango, UEV). Some of these are truly next level, but either hugely expensive (like a 10 year old unit selling for the same as a new Lifestyle Reconn R2!) or time consuming to set up.

We even looked at a range of different pop ups – Windsor, Jayco, etc) but I wasn’t convinced that after tens of thousands of corrugations they’d still be in one piece. Their construction is OK, but not designed for full on 4WD tracks and endless corrugations.

Absolutely nothing fitted the bill. It was all a compromise in one way or another, and often something Sarah found I’d rule out straight away, or the other way around. The Reconn R2 fits a very interesting niche. It’s priced somewhere between the extremely expensive Aussie made hybrids and the cheap Chinese imports, and yet competes (and is better) on so many levels.

Camping in a hypercamper

Setting up and packing away is a breeze

Why the upgrade?

To be honest, we never intended on getting something like this so soon. We’d eyed the R2 out some time ago and decided it was too much money to spend. However, over the last 6 months we looked at every single camper trailer and caravan hybrid on the market, and couldn’t find the perfect setup. We were just waiting for the perfect solution to roll around, even though it seemed unlikely to happen.

Lifestyle have an amazing reputation, and we looked at the Breakaway Ultra, and then more recently the Iconn, but weren’t quite satisfied with what they were offering for us to travel long term. We wanted something you could comfortably live in for months at a time, and after paying the freight to get one over, plus the normal accessories (extra batteries, solar, awning walls etc) they were coming in at close to 40k.

This Reconn R2 popped up second hand, and despite being extremely reluctant to part with a massive chunk of money we decided to have a look. Not only was it fairly priced, but it was also the exact configuration we wanted, and located in Perth (which pretty much never happens!). It was not a rushed decision, and in many ways it fell into our laps and felt right, so here we are.

Loving the new camper trailer

Relaxing around a camp fire in Perth’s east

Our soft floor camper trailer has been amazing. We’ve had some truly epic trips with it, and I’m sure the new owners will also get lots of enjoyment out of it. It’s seen more of WA and the Northern Territory than most Australian’s would do in a lifetime, and we never had any real issues with it. It will be tidied up and put on the market shortly; do you know anyone chasing a quality, Aussie made soft floor camper trailer in Perth with a number of aftermarket accessories?!

There were a few things that were frustrating with the soft floor, which contributed to the need to upgrade. Please remember that this is our home for months at a time, and while you can live with them short term they do become frustrating after many, many nights. Setting up and packing down was time consuming, required a fair bit of effort and resulted in you getting filthy if the camper was dirty (which it often was!). You literally couldn’t pack the tent away when it was damp (which it often was) without getting the bed wet and then having to set it up at home (which we struggled to do due to a small block).

Then, accessing gear was difficult and living out of tubs and clothes bags got old real fast. It was also a giant setup when folded out due to the rear tailgate kitchen, tent folding the other way and a big boat loader/solar rack. This meant finding a suitable camp site (especially in Caravan Parks) somewhat difficult.

Soft floor camper trailer

We had some amazing times in our soft floor, but its for sale now!

Now, I realise comparing these two units together isn’t very fair given the price difference, but the soft floor was a super solid unit that we will miss in some ways. The light weight, compact and cheap camper has made us some of the most incredible memories we’ve had, and we will forever be grateful for it. For now though, we’ve upgraded in a major, major way and we look forward to sharing the future journey with you all.

Long term review to come

We’ve only spent 2 nights in this so far, and are still working out how to pack it and how best to use it. In due course I’ll do a full review about what is amazing, what’s terrible and everything in between.

See you out there!

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  • Jody Hodgson September 3, 2019, 7:40 PM

    Thanks for the write up I like you are looking for the perfect solution (looking at all the things you mention!!) It is so true about the $$ in finding a solution and where this product fits in! We are also looking at the newer R4 aswell (as there are 3 in the family).

  • Aaron Schubert September 3, 2019, 7:48 PM

    Hey Jody,

    It’s not an easy task to find something perfect. I guess you have to accept some level of compromise no matter which way you go. All the best in your hunt. The R4’s are a nice bit of kit!


  • Brian September 7, 2019, 12:35 PM

    What were your thoughts on the Noosa RV ?

  • Aaron Schubert September 7, 2019, 4:55 PM

    Hey Brian,

    I loved the look of them, and they seem to be a great product. Unfortunately on the other side of the country, with limited production rates it makes seeing one nigh on impossible so I didn’t look too far into what they do. There were some other interesting companies too – Rhinomax seem to make a great product too, but the same thing applies for me; just too far away to see!

    I’m sure there are a few smaller companies producing great setups, but it would be too much for me to leave my little family to arrange transport, and inspection of something so far away at this time

    This R2 purchase wasn’t pre-planned, it just all fell into place and suits what we want


  • Christine September 21, 2019, 12:41 PM

    Hi, we are in a similar situation. Our adventure camper has been fantastic but the kids are gone and want easier set up but with a great kitchen. I liked these but how do you find the tiny doorway? That’s what put me off.

  • Aaron Schubert September 21, 2019, 7:57 PM

    Hey Christine,

    Everything is a compromise. I can’t say I like the small door way but there’s also no way around it. I’m also 6″6 so it makes it even harder. Still not the end of the world. Go and climb in and out of one and see what you think.

    All the best in your search

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