Stuffed Pumpkin Camping meal; different, tasty and simple

Want a simple, different and surprisingly tasty camping meal to try? This Stuffed Pumpkin camping meal is a ripper.

We are always on the lookout for new camping meals, and having a Baby Weber Q has opened up our options for camp cooking dramatically.

We really enjoy cooking on an open flame too though, and have tried a heap of different recipes. Not so long ago, Sarah found an awesome recipe that we had to try; stuffed pumpkin!

It’s a simple, easy camping meal and tastes great. 

Stuffed Pumpkin
Stuffed Pumpkin; a unique, tasty and healthy camping meal


Please consider the size of your pumpkin, as a smaller pumpkin will not need this level of quantity!

1 pumpkin that will fit in your weber or camp oven



Cheese (2 cups of grated)

Butter (60 grams)

Plain flour (1/4 cup)

Milk (2 1/3 cups)


Cut the top of the pumpkin off 

Scoop the seeds and soft part of the pumpkin out 

Preparing the pumpkin
Cutting the centre out

Peel several potatoes’ and slice them into thin pieces

Cut bacon up into small chunks

Add cheese, bacon, milk, flour, butter and potato into a mixture and add it into the centre of the pumpkin 

Drop the pumpkin into your camp oven on medium heat for around 60 – 120 minutes, checking on it regularly. We did remove it too early, and found it wasn’t cooked so had to put it back on the fire for a while.

Camp oven cooking
Cook it in the Camp Oven and enjoy the views!

When its cooked, the pumpkin will be soft. Cut up as you please, or eat it straight out of the pumpkin. Beware that the pumpkin will be full of juices, so we found cutting it up in a stainless bowl worked pretty well.

Cooking the pumpkin
After a couple of hours in the camp oven
Stuffed pumpkin
We’ve done stuffed spuds before, but pumpkin was a whole new ball game

This stuffed pumpkin recipe is fantastic for camping; its so quick and easy to get going, and its something a bit different from the norm. It’s also reasonably healthy, which is a great thing.

If you were doing a big group cooking meal, this would be the ultimate side, or you can have it as a main meal for the family. 

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