Damper on a stick; the ultimate kids snack

Damper is one of life’s simple joys when you’re camping, but you can take it to a whole new world if you cook it on a stick! I saw this a long time ago, and always wanted to do it with the kids, and on a recent stay at Sheepstation Creek Camping area when we had time to kill one afternoon, I remembered and we got stuck into it.

It’s so simple, quick, tasty and the kids love it.

Looking for more epic camping meals? We’ve got you sorted.

Damper on a stick over the fires
Damper on a stick was a heap of fun, and a real hit


1 cup of self raising flour

Half a cup of milk

A tablespoon of butter

A pinch of salt

A teaspoon of sugar


Mix the butter in with the flour until it becomes lumpy

Add the sugar and salt, and then slowly add the milk while making it into a dough

You want the consistency to be doughy, and a little sticky, but not to the point that it doesn’t come off your hands

Grab a small handful, and roll it out, into a snake around 10mm in diameter. Grab a stick that’s at least 60cm long, and around 10 – 20mm in diameter, and wrap the damper snake around it, from the top down. If you do it diagonally then it grips on well.

Do not try and smash it around the stick, as it doesn’t work and it will just fall off.

Hold the stick over the flames and rotate it until cooked, or just prop it up against something and turn it often.

Serve with butter and jam, or your choice

Damper on a stick is fantastic
It works surprisingly well, and tastes great
Damper on a stick being eaten
Our kids absolutely loved it

Our kids were super excited to do this, and it actually turned out a lot better than I thought it might. Yep, its only damper, but when you do it on a stick with the kids it’s a pretty amazing camping activity!

Delicious damper on a stick
You can hold it, or rest it over a fire. This fire pit worked very well

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