Georgetown Cumberland Historic Chimney Camp

If you’re heading out towards Mt Isa, Karumba or Normanton from the Queensland coast, there’s a good chance that you’ll drive through Georgetown. This is a well presented country town with a grocery store, fuel station and a few other bits and pieces. It’s also got a fantastic donation camp at the Cumberland Chimney, just down the road.

Magic sunset at the Cumberland Chimney Camp
The Cumberland Chimney camp is pretty good, and the sunsets are magic

Where is the Cumberland Historic Chimney camp?

This camp site is only 20km out of Georgetown, on the southern side of the main road. It’s far enough off the road that you hear minimal road noise, but easy and quick to get to.

Cumberland Chimney Camp
This camp sites only a short drive from Georgetown

What does it cost to stay?

This camp site is a donation campground, with a little box to put your money in near the toilet, and it’d be easy to not notice, and to think of it as a free camp.

If you stay here, leave a donation to show your appreciation. These low cost camp sites are harder and harder to find, and it gives some incentive to keep them open (and supports the maintenance of a great camp ground).

Camped near Georgetown
Our views from the Chimney Campground

What amenities are there?

There’s a number of picnic tables here, along with two drop toilets, and some rubbish bins. People have built their own makeshift camp fire pits as well, which you can make use of.

What’s the lagoon like?

The whole camp ground overlooks a pretty beautiful lagoon that is full of bird life. We saw a heap of different species of birds, along with the usual stunning water lillies and plant life. This is much smaller than the one at Leichhardt Lagoon, but its really picturesque too.

Cpws at the Lagoon
The lagoon is quite pretty, and the cattle walk through camp
Lagoon near Georgetown
Looking back towards camp
Red Tailed Cockatoo
We saw a heap of beautiful birds here

Camp in the fenced off area

When you drive in, there’s a couple of signs that you go past which clearly state the camping area is inside the fenced off area.

Nonetheless, there were a heap of people who camped outside of this, and some even had camp fires (like the sign explicitly asks you not to). Do the right thing, or they’ll just shut camps like this.

Camping at Cumberland Chimney
There were lots of people camped outside of the designated area

See our vlog

Want to see us stay at this place? Check out the vlog:

YouTube video

Is it worth a stay?

Yep, if you have time it’s a great place to pull into and spend a night or two. A lot of people come past here to go to Cobalt Gorge, and as far as low cost camps go its fantastic.

Have you stayed at the Georgetown Chimney Campsite? What did you think of it?

Enjoying the bird watching
We loved the bird watching here, and its a great spot
Georgetown Sunset
It’s a really good place to pull off the road and spend a night or two

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