Daintree Crocodile Tour; a unique experience by boat

The Daintree area is a place that I’d been looking forward to seeing for many years, and when we finally arrived, we booked a Daintree River Cruise, to see what the area had to offer, from a different perspective.

There’s a heap of different cruises on offer, and many of them are centred around finding crocodiles in the wild, which is pretty amazing.

Daintree river cruise and crocodile tour
One one of the Daintree River Crocodile Cruises
On the Solar Whisper boat
On board, ready to see some amazing scenery

What Daintree River Cruise did we do?

We went with Solar Whisper, who run an electric boat, which gets a substantial amount of its charge from solar on the roof. This popped up online, had good reviews, suited us well at the time and we grabbed it, with minimal research or effort.

At the solar whisper tour entry
Checking in for the Solar Whisper boat

How much was it?

It’s $32 an adult, and $15 for kids over 5, so our small family was $77, which isn’t too bad for what you get.

Did we see any crocodiles?

Yep, but only just. We saw a couple of smaller ones, and were heading back when our tour guide found one of the larger males, and we all got a good look. It’s important to know that these crocodiles are not trained, and its not guaranteed to see them. If they’re out, and there’s not too many other boats around to disturb them you have a good chance, but its not always the case.

They do however, guarantee that you can return and do the tour again at no cost if you don’t see any crocodiles, which is pretty good of them.

Daintree Forest crocodile tour
You aren’t guaranteed to see crocodiles, but we did
Big Crocodile on the Daintree
There’s certainly some big crocs around

Was it worth it?

For the price, we thought this was pretty good. It was just long enough for our kids to stay entertained, was good in the silent boat and the scenery is unreal. We’ve done the Yellow Water tour in Kakadu which is better, but you pay a LOT more too.

I’d do this again, and recommend it for sure.

Big Crocodlie head
One of the bigger boys, over 3 metres long

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