Eungella Dam; great value water front camping

Eungella is a magic part of the world, and after two truly epic nights at the Diggings Camp site, we continued heading West towards Eungella Dam, and spent two nights here enjoying yet another water front camp site in Queensland.

Camping at Eungella Dam
Eungella Dam is a brilliant place to spend a few nights
Camped at Eungella Dam
There’s heaps of room, and its all got great views

Where is Eungella Dam?

Eungella Dam is west of Eungella, and takes around 1.5 hours to drive in. Eungella itself is up the top of an insanely steep climb, that is not recommended for caravans and worked our Isuzu Dmax harder than virtually anything else we’ve done on bitumen. It’s slow, has lots of big dips and grids and asides from being hard on your car, is obscenely beautiful.

Eungella Dam location
Eungella Dam is about an hour and 40 minutes from Mackay

What amenities are there?

Eungella Dam has great amenities, for a bush camping area that is realistically in the middle of nowhere. There are flushing toilets, hot showers, big rubbish bins and even a dump point. You can get water, but its not supposed to be drunk without being boiled first.

Eungella Dam amenities
The amenities here are fantastic

What does it cost to camp?

Camping is extremely cheap here, with a site for a couple only $8 per night. We paid $13 per night with one child over 4, but even that is incredibly value. Even the national park sites in Queensland are $22 a night for us, and most don’t have nearly as good amenities as Eungella Dam.

This is jointly managed by a local ranger and Sunwater, and they do a fantastic job of it.

Dinner at Eungella Dam
You won’t find a better value camping area

Watch our vlog

Want to see our travels from a different lens? You can watch our vlogs over at Youtube. Here’s the episode with Eungella Dam in it:

YouTube video

What’s the camping really like?

When we arrived, we quickly said Eungella Dam is like a cross between Lake Proserpine and Lake Tinaroo. It’s not as scenic as the sites at Kauri Creek on Lake Tinaroo, but its quieter than the camping at Lake Proserpine, and still a very stunning place to stay.

You can camp in a huge area near the water, but need to leave 5 metres as a minimum distance from the water edge. It’s certainly one of the cheapest places to camp in Queensland with all of the amenities that you need, and that’s awesome. 

Friendly cows come past
You’ll often get some visitors wandering past
Beautiful parrots at Eungella
We saw some pretty beautiful birds too

Watch the wind

Eungella Dam is well known for being very windy, and if you camp on a side that is exposed to the winds from the North East, you’re going to regret it.

In our experience, the best camping was directly in front of the toilet block (down the bottom), or around the corner to the West as far as you can go. This gives adequate protection from the wind that makes it incredibly cold, and even unpleasant at times.

Eungella Dam gets windy
The wind cranks in the afternoon, and will make it unpleasant if you’re in a bad spot

Is Eungella dam dog friendly?

Yep, as long as they’re on a leash, and this makes it very popular for dog owners as there are very few places you can legally camp with a dog these days.

Boating and fishing in Eungella Dam

Eungella Dam has a boat ramp, and we saw a number of people out in little boats and kayaks. You can fish (with a license), or put nets in for red claw (without a license). We didn’t try either, so can’t comment on how good it might be! You can however, catch sooty grunter along with barramundi, sleepy cod, saratoga, and even spangle perch.

Fishing at Eungella Dam
The fishing is supposed to be pretty good here

What are the access roads like?

All of the roads to Eungella Dam are gravel, and they’re not exactly perfect. We entered from Eungella side, and left heading down Lizzie Creek Road (or the pipeline track). Eungella Dam road is certainly better, but it requires you to be in Eungella to do it, which isn’t always easy if you are towing something big and need to come up the range.

Eungella Road is a reasonable gravel road, with a few washed out sections and corrugations. We did see a few motorbikes and 2WD vehicles come through, and you’d easily get a caravan in here, but you need to take it easy.

Lizzie Creek Road on the other hand is rougher, narrower and has some steeper sections. There were parts that were in great condition, but we took it fairly slowly as there were also humps and holes that would hurt if you hit them hard. You need to be under 4.16 metres tall to take this way too, as you go under the pipeline a number of times. This is a very scenic drive.

Driving out Lizzie Creek Road
Lizzie Creek Road is really scenic

When we got to the intersection, we were planning on going to Lake Elphinstone, but the signage is awfully unclear, and we decided to head towards Nebo instead, and spent the night at Mt Britton in the historic village, which was surprisingly good camping.

Camped at Mt Britton
We spent a night at Mt Britton instead, and really rated it

Would we return?

Yep, absolutely. You won’t find a nicer camp site in Queensland with the amenities that it has, for a better price. We certainly haven’t, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Eungella Dam. If you can couple it in with a few nights at The Diggings Campground, you’re onto a winner for sure.

Eungella Dam sunset
Eungella Dam is fantastic, and we’d happily return

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