Blissful Peace; a great Hipcamp in Aldinga

We don’t tend to book too far in advance when travelling Australia, and prefer it this way. However, as we got closer to Adelaide for the second time in early January, it became clear very quickly that if we didn’t make some bookings, we’d not have a place to stay.

After receiving feedback that there were no cancellations for extending our stay at Rapid Bay (which was unreal), we quickly jumped online and booked a Hipcamp in Aldinga that we’d seen; Blissful Peace.

We had been looking for somewhere between Adelaide and Rapid Bay, and not too far from the coastline as it was forecast for two 35 degree days, which aren’t much fun doing anything but sitting near the water.

Our camp at Aldinga
We booked two sites at Blissful Peace, in Aldinga

Where is Blissful Peace?

This Hipcamp property is about 7 minutes drive by car to Aldinga Beach, and almost directly East of Port Willunga. It’s only 40 minutes from Adelaide city centre too, making it pretty accessible.

Aldinga Beach on a good day
The beach is only 7 minutes drive away

What does it cost?

Camping is $30 per site, per night, plus the Hipcamp fee. Kids are free, which makes it reasonable value. In total, we paid just under $72 for two nights. $12 of that goes to Hipcamp, which we think is a bit of a rip off on their part, but its how it is.

Alternative camping options are no where near, crammed in like sardines and a lot more than $36 a night, so we aren’t going to complain.

Lots of room at Blissful Peace
There’s plenty of room, and its incredibly quiet

What’s the camping like?

There are currently 9 sites set up at Blissful Peace, in 3 different paddocks. Each paddock has 3 big sites, that are marked with a sign at each location, and they are all fairly large. We got permission and put both vans together on one site with plenty of room to spare.

All of the sites seem to have a bit of shade on the northern end that you can tuck into, but its basically a flat paddock. In winter, or spring the grass would make for a fairly pretty camp site, but its fenced off, relatively quiet (a bit of road noise, but not too bad at all), and pretty decent.

Shade at Blissful Peace
There’s enough shade to tuck yourself into

Amenities at Blissful Peace

There’s potable water at Blissful Peace, on your way in and in a paddock, but that is it. You need your own toilet, and to be self sufficient in terms of power.

Do you need a 4WD?

No, not at all. The sites are flat, easy to get into and we saw a couple of 2WD’s pull in without any issues at all.

Would we stay at Blissful Peace again?

I quite liked this place. Alistair was awesome and really friendly. The camp sites are big, you have plenty of space and we far prefer something like this over a grassy, but tiny site on a caravan park somewhere.

It’s pretty decent value for where you are camping, with the beaches absolutely amazing, and I’d come back again for sure.

Thousands of cars at Aldinga Beach
The beaches here are stunning, albeit incredibly busy

If you are looking for a great place to camp on private property not too far from Adelaide you can’t go wrong with Blissful Peace in Aldinga!

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