Yangie Bay Campground in Coffin Bay

After a truly amazing stay at Memory Cove, and then Mikkira Station we headed towards Coffin Bay, keen to see what another part of South Australia would have to offer. We booked one night at Yangie Bay Campground in the Coffin Bay National Park to do a bit of looking around, and hopefully head in further with the camper trailer if it was suitable enough.

Yangie Bay Campground
Yangie Bay Campground as the sun goes down

Where is Yangie Bay?

Yangie Bay is roughly 16km away from Coffins Bay, and it takes about 25 minutes to drive in. The road is entirely bitumen and in great condition, but its got quite slow speed limits and its not very wide, so take it easy.

Beautiful Golden Island
Yangie Bay is in the beautiful Coffin Bay National Park, where you’ll find this beauty; Golden Island!

Is Yangie Bay 2WD accessible?

Yep, and its an easy one. Only the campground itself is gravel, with the drive in being super easy in any sort of vehicle.

2WD accessible camping in Coffin Bay National Park
You’ll get a 2WD vehicle into Yangie Bay easily

Big Yangie

Don’t confuse the Yangie Bay Campground with Big Yangie, which is another 4WD only camp ground about 5 minutes further up the track. We didn’t actually call in here, but looked similar to Yangie Bay, with less people able to get there!

What amenities are there at Yangie Bay?

Yangie Bay has a couple of toilets, a central fire pit (that can only be used in season), a day use/picnic shelter with some tables and lots of well designated camp sites. The toilets were reasonable, but didn’t smell the best.

Yangie Bay Toilets
Toilets at Yangie Bay
Shelter at Yangi Bay
There’s a nice shelter for lunch in the middle of the camp

How much does it cost?

Yangie Bay Campground is $20 per vehicle per night for up to 7 people and 1 vehicle, or $28 per night for two vehicles and up to 14 people. This isn’t bad value compared to WA National Park sites, but its still more than what you’d pay at Black Springs overflow campground, an hour away by 4WD (further into the national park).

Yangie Bay Campground
Our site, at number 11 in Yangie Bay

See more on YouTube

We’ve got a vlog on our YouTube channel that covers Yangie Bay too; check it out below:

YouTube video

Do you need to book?

Yes, and its all done online. You can book upon arrival if there are spots left as the reception is really good, but if you want to guarantee a spot, book it earlier!

Yangie Bay sunset
Sunset over Yangie Bay on a calm evening

What is Yangie Bay like?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we try to review camp sites as honestly as possible, so please don’t take this the wrong way.

I didn’t really rate Yangie Bay Campground as anything spectacular. Towards sunset it was quite nice, but its certainly not one of the better camp sites that we’ve stayed at on the Eyre Peninsula. We chose it purely to do a bit of a look around, and didn’t want to spend an extended time there.

The camp site itself is reasonable, but there’s quite a few camp sites close together, there was a fair bit of noise on the night that we stayed from people playing music and talking loudly late into the evening, and its not a place you’d enjoy a swim at with the water being quite shallow and muddy.

Yangie Bay views
You’d drive elsewhere to swim, and it can be quite busy
Yangie Bay upper camping area
The upper camping area of Yangie Bay

We had a lot of Bee’s hanging around during the day (which is quite normal when its hot here apparently, like some places on the WA coast!), and its got a reputation for mosquitos as well, although we didn’t experience any at all.

It’s a great base to head out further into the National Park if you please, or to look at the various attractions in the rest of the National Park (or even to head back into Coffin Bay if that’s your thing). We went out to look at the Golden Island, and had a perfect day with some of the best scenery I’ve seen in a long time.

Golden Island scenery
The scenery in other parts of the national Park (like Golden Island) is to die for

If the winds were good to check out the Golden Island side, I’d still stay a night at Yangie Bay so you have quick access to it.

That said, we loved the Black Spring overflow camp site far more, and would go back there any day of the week. It’s cheaper, has much nicer views, was far quieter and there’s a bit of fun to get to it!

Please know this is not us having a go at Yangie Bay; there’s nothing really wrong with it, its a great camp site for those who want an easy to access spot, and the Coffin Bay National Park is spectacular, but Yangie Bay campground has nothing on many of the other Eyre Peninsula Campgrounds.

Black Springs Overflow camp
Our camp site at Black Springs Overflow was so much nicer, and quieter

Have you been there? What did you think of it?

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