Burners Beach; great Yorke Peninsula Camping

After a night at Parara Campground just south of Ardrossan and seeing the next week blowing from the South West and East, we decided to head down the Yorke Peninsula more quickly to the top of the boot, and spend a night or two at Burners Beach. I was getting fairly low on fuel so stopped at Minlaton to top up, and we rolled through Point Turton late in the afternoon.

Heading down the gravel road to Burners Beach I wondered if we’d made a bad decision, with whitecaps and wind making the ocean look quite unattractive, but we soon found ourselves a camp site tucked away from a lot of the wind, and kicked back.

Burners Beach camp ground
Burners Beach is a beautiful place
Our camp site at Burners Beach
Our camp site at Burners Beach, with some protection from the wind

Where is Burners Beach?

You’ll find this place on the northern coast of the boot of the Yorke Peninsula, about 15km away from Point Turton. It’s just west of Corny Point, and accessibly by a couple of different gravel roads.

Point Turton Jetty
It’s a short drive into Point Turton, where you’ll find this great jetty

Do you need a 4WD?

The roads into Burners Beach are both gravel, and then you drive down a bit of a hill. None of the camp sites would require you to have a 4WD, but if you turn around on the right hand side at the end watch the soft sand.

Burners Beach access
You don’t need a 4WD to get to Burners Beach

What does it cost to camp at Burners Beach?

Burners Beach is another one of the Yorke Peninsula Council Camp sites. It’s $20 a night, or you can get a week for $100, or a month for $300. There are 19 camp sites that this fee is applicable for, and you cannot book any of them. It’s first come first served, but you need a permit to stay at any of them.

Camping at Burners Beach
You need a Yorke council camping permit to stay here

What amenities does Burners Beach have?

Burners Beach has a toilet in the main campground, and that is it. If you need to dump your toilet cassette, or rubbish, or get water you need to do it elsewhere. Whilst its not hugely expensive, it was recently increased from $10 a night, and a lot of people aren’t too happy about it!

Main camp ground at Burners Beach
The main camp ground has a toilet, and that’s it

About the Burners Beach Campground

When you come down the hill to the campground, you have two options; turn left to the main camp, or turn right to a smaller section around the corner.

Local vans at Burners Beach
The main camp ground is quite large, with decent grass and some views

The main campground has some resemblance of grass, is fairly large, has a toilet and has access to a beach but you can be camping much closer to other people. If you turn right, you are a long way away from the toilet (hence it suiting self contained campers), but you are in an area where you’d struggle to get more than 5 – 7 campers, and its got a fair bit of protection from the South Westerly winds.

Camped around the corner at Burners Beach
We camped around the corner with a bit more wind protection

We turned to the right to get out of the wind, and really enjoyed it. The rocks and tides provided some fun for our kids to build new water channels and play in the large, grainy sand. You can walk a short distance to a nice beach, but you are virtually underneath houses up on the cliff here, so pick your poison.

Kids playing in the sand
We quite liked our camp site, and the kids had plenty of fun

Check out our vlog

Want to see more? We’ve got a vlog of this great spot, that you’ll enjoy:

YouTube video

Would we stay at Burners Beach again?

We really enjoyed our stay here, especially given the protection we had from the relentless wind. I thought it was actually quite picturesque, and we preferred it over the look of Point Turton Caravan Park (which is lovely, and in a great location, but its too busy for us).

We did check out Flaherty’s beach which is supposed to be amazing on a good day (but it was windy and overcast when we visited), and we enjoyed a few hours around Point Turton. It’s a great area, and we’d happily come back again.

Flaherty's Beach
Flaherty’s Beach was OK, but nothing amazing when we visited due to no sun, and lots of wind
Point Turton is beautiful
Point Turton is beautiful, and this is the views from the caravan park
Burners Beach views
We’d go back to Burners Beach again for sure

Have you stayed at Burners Beach? What did you think of it?

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