Camp Nyroca; great family camping near Coffin Bay

After a couple of great nights at Black Springs campground in the Coffin Bay National Park, we dragged our Hybrid out through the rough track, aired up, grabbed a bit of food from the local shop and topped our water tanks up, before heading north in search of another great camp. We ended up at Camp Nyroca (or Nyroca Scout Camp) for the night, and had a pretty great stay.

Camp Nyroca welcome sign
Welcome to Camp Nyroca

Where is Camp Nyroca?

You’ll find this place literally right off the Flinders Highway, and only a short 22 minute drive from Coffin Bay itself.

The driveway is gravel, but in decent condition and you’d have no issues getting a 2WD in. If you are visiting, pay attention to your navigation, as the turn off is a sharp 90 degree one directly after some railing, and it would be very easy to miss.

Nyroca Scout Camp
Scout camp information sign

What’s at Camp Nyroca?

We don’t usually stay at places like this, but my folks had pulled in the day before whilst driving around and thought it looked pretty neat. It’s a camp setup for the Scouts, and has been running since 1972, but its quiet, green, has great amenities and is truly awesome for young kids.

Camped at Nyroca
Our great camp site at Nyroca Scout Camp

The number of swings around the place is nothing short of amazing, with the biggest one I’ve ever seen, that we all spent quite a bit of time on.

Massive swing at Camp Nyroca
The biggest swing we’ve ever seen, or gone on (and it was plenty of fun)

We only had one other camper there with us, and the kids had the entire area to ride their bikes, climb the big gum trees and just have a fun, relaxing afternoon.

There’s a great kitchen and massive recreation room with a table tennis table, and plenty of chairs to relax in. The toilets and showers are some of the cleanest you’ll see, with awesome water pressure and nice hot showers (we haven’t had a good, long, hot shower in many, many weeks).

Camp kitchen at Camp Nyroca
The camp kitchen is well set up
Giant rec room at Camp Nyroca
The rec room is huge, with a good table tennis table and lots of seating

The free range chickens were a nice touch, until we realised they were a little too tame, and were jumping onto our kitchen bench and stealing food, or hopping into our car (and caravan) with the doors open. The kids had a lot of fun with them, but I did shoo them away a number of times after they were a pain.

Chickens wandering around
We loved the chickens at first, and then they became a bit game
Chicken in my canopy at Camp Nyroca
Mate, that’s my canopy
Chicken in the hatch
They were into everything, and even snatching food from us

See it on YouTube

If you’re keen to see what Camp Nyroca is like through video, check out our vlog:

YouTube video

The washing is free

It’s rare to come across a place where they allow you to wash your clothes for nothing, but Camp Nyroca does. We put a load through, and hung it to dry, rather than trying to use our manual washing machine and use our own water on the road.

Free washing at Camp Nyroca
Not too many places have free washing machines

What does it cost?

It’s $10 per adult to stay here, per night, and $5 for kids. Luckily Cooper is still an infant, so we had to pay $25 per night, which needs to be done online or you can ring the visitors centre. There is limited reception near the house if you need to book.

Compared to many of the other camps that we’ve stayed at on the Eyre Peninsula this is more expensive, but it is a great place and its still cheaper than a Caravan Park!

Relaxing under the trees
It’s decent value, and a great spot

Road noise

Its worth noting that the camp sites are literally about 100 metres away from the Flinders Highway. There’s a heap of trees in between you and it, so you still get a nice sense of privacy, but you can hear the big trucks coming past. It certainly quietened down overnight, and we didn’t find it an issue but its something you should be aware of.

Would we stay again?

Whilst this is not our typical stay, it was a nice break from the coastline and the kids had an awesome down day. I’d come back again if we needed somewhere to stay, but would happily stay elsewhere too. We did call into Farm Beach on the way past, which is reasonable but not somewhere I’d really rave about, but there’s Frenchman’s Campground and Greenly Beach Campground that are good too.

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