Robe 4WD Tracks; incredible beach driving in South Australia

If you’ve been in the 4WD game for long in Australia, there’s a good chance you’d have heard of Robe, and the 4WD tracks that it has on offer. We were really keen to see how the Robe 4WD tracks really were, and headed down from the Kingston RV Park for the day. 

Unfortunately for us the weather was blowing a gale all day (40 – 60km/h winds on shore), but we still had an absolute ball exploring the area.

Robe 4WD Tracks
The Robe 4WD Tracks explore some of the most amazing coastline in South Australia

Where is Robe?

Robe is a big, coastal town roughly an hour and 40 minutes from the Victorian and South Australian border. It faces West, but is on the bottom part of South Australia, and has become hugely popular for folks looking for amazing beaches from Adelaide, and across the border in Victoria.

Robe foreshore is beautiful
Robe is a very popular place

The scenery and beaches are phenomenal

I knew Robe had some great beaches. What I didn’t realise though, was that the water colour would be so incredible, and that there would be so many amazing rock formations, reef’s, rock pools and great dunes.

Even on a day with terrible weather, where I could hardly take photos with the wind being blown around everywhere I was shocked at how beautiful it is.

Amazing views 4WDing around Robe
The coastline and scenery here is up there with the best in Australia

On a good day, the rock pools, swimming and scenery would be up there with best of what we’ve seen in South Australia, and that’s no small feat.

Exploring beaches near Robe
If you have a 4WD, there’s some magic places to explore around Robe

Robe 4WD tracks

This part of the South Australian coastline has more 4WD tracks that you can poke a stick at. You can drive from Robe to Beachport, and then from Beachport to Southend, and from Southend through Canunda National Park and onto Carpenter Rocks.

Amazing views on the Robe 4WD Tracks
There’s plenty of variety on the Robe 4WD Tracks, from beach work through to rocky inland tracks, and driving through the bush

Heading north, there’s a heap of tracks around Kingston SE and Cape Jaffe, and plenty more we probably haven’t been anywhere near.

Lots of weed at Cape Jaffe
There’s plenty of 4WD tracks around Kingston and Cape Jaffe too

Watch the vlog

This coastline is up there with the best I’ve ever seen. Want to see more? Check out our vlog:

YouTube video

What tyre pressures do you need?

The general tracks around Robe are not too bad, and some have quite a bit of limestone, so you want to go lower, but not crazy low. The challenge that you’ll quickly discover though, is that the beaches are fairly soft. We ran 16 PSI at the front and 18PSI on the rear and had no issues through any of it (we are fairly heavy), but you can adjust them as you go.

I hate having the Dmax struggling along through the soft stuff, so usually err on the side of caution and go a bit lower than needed.

Robe beach driving
Some of the beaches around Robe are really soft

Where do you start?

If you are heading south, you can get onto the 4WD tracks at Little Dip Conservation Park, and head out through Stony Rise campground. This takes you along the coastline for a little while before you get onto the beach, and hit some pretty impressive parts of the coastline.

Entering at Little Dip Conservation Park
Little Dip Conservation Park is just out of Robe town

Can you exit at other locations?

If you have a decent mapping system (like ExplorOz or Newtracs), you’ll see a heap of tracks going literally everywhere. There are a myriad of places that you can exit Little Dip Conservation Park, or you can keep heading south all the way down to Beachport.

As much as we’d have loved to go all the way, we didn’t get going until lunch time and it was going to be too much to fit into a day. We had a good look at Lake Robe, Freshwater Lake and a couple of other places before finishing up at Nora Creina Beach.

Lake Robe was underwhelming
We stopped to look at Lake Robe, which wasn’t that exciting
Nora Creina beach
Nora Creina is a beautiful, private community that you can drive through respectfully

What’s worth a look?

Honestly, I don’t think you can really go too wrong with anything in this region. It’s a magic part of the world, and if you have the time, explore as much as you can.

Robe 4WD Tracks lead to amazing places
You can’t go too wrong exploring the Robe 4WD tracks; they are fantastic

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