Kingston RV Park; great, low cost camping near the beach

Whilst staying in the Coorong National Park, Sarah said to me maybe we should stay a night at Kingston RV Park; everyone raves about it. I’d never heard of it, and was keen to know why people raved about it, so we decided to call in.

We actually ended up staying two nights before moving further south beyond Robe, and spent a lot of time driving around and exploring the area. 

Kingston RV Park entry
The entry to the Kingston RV Park

Where is the Kingston RV Park?

You’ll find the Kingston RV Park literally behind the first street of the foreshore, up one end of the town. It’s within walking distance to a large majority of the town, and in possibly the best location it could be.

Kingston Giant Lobster
The RV Park is located right at the front of town on the foreshore (you won’t miss the Giant Lobster!)

What amenities does it have?

The Kingston RV park has potable water, a dump point, rubbish bins and access to public toilets nearby. These also have a cold shower on the edge of them, and there’s a playground right nearby.

Public toilets next to Kingston RV Park
There’s public toilets and a cold shower next to the Kingston RV Park
Kingston playground
The playground is completely shaded, and the kids loved it

The actual campground is grassed and well maintained, and we even saw a water truck had come in and wet areas that were dusty or in need of some additional grass growth.

Kingston RV Park water truck
They even have a water truck come through to keep the dust down and help the lawn

What does it cost to stay?

Camping here is $20 for two nights, on a flat rate. You can stay for one night, but it will still cost you $20. You are limited to a maximum of 6 nights, and you pay for the camping via a ticket machine, which you display on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Kingston RV park sign
The entry sign at the front of the RV Park
Kingston RV Park ticket machine
A ticket machine to purchase your camping tickets

I was really impressed with the system they have set up here, and think a lot of other places could easily take a leaf out of their booklet. $10 for camping in a lovely town, with great amenities and everything you need, right near the beach is a steal, and it explains why its so popular.

Why is the Kingston RV Park so good?


I mentioned above that you couldn’t get a better location for the RV park. It’s literally a hundred metre walk to the jetty and beach, or the foreshore, or even a large majority of shops.

Kingston RV Park Location
The jetty, beach and town are all within walking distance


Value for money, you win big time staying here. Given the amenities that you have access to, and its location its a steal, and whilst you can only stay 6 nights its more than enough to explore every inch of the area.

Kingston Beach Driving
The Kingston region is stunning, and well worth exploring

The park itself

I was really impressed with how the park is run. The ticket machines are fantastic, the area is large enough to fit a huge number of people, the amenities are basic but more than adequate and its got a nice feel for itself.

Kingston RV Park has lots of room
There’s plenty of room at Kingston RV Park, and it has a relaxed atmosphere

It’s a great benefit to the community

I have no doubt that this RV park would bring in a huge amount of revenue for the community. We made a number of purchases while in town, and I’m sure that if it was shut down the dollar value going into Kingston SE would be hugely reduced.

Kingston map of things to do
I’ve got no doubt that this RV park creates a heap of revenue for the community

You don’t have to contain grey water

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll probably know that we despise places that ask you to contain your grey water. It’s such a false economy, and in many cases completely unnecessary. Kingston SE takes a simple, and logical approach; water the grass and keep the dust down.

Grey water that is emptied immediately is of very little harm to anyone, and its far better than carting it halfway around the country to dump it somewhere else (which is virtually never in a dump point!).

Grey water from washing
Having to contain grey water seems like such a false economy

Check out our vlog

Want to see more? Here’s our vlog from the beautiful coastline region:

YouTube video

What can you do in the area?

Asides from the shops, and visitor centre, Kingston SE has a heap of great beaches that you can check out, and drive on. The Granites are a great place to start, and you can head down to Pinks Beach and Cape Jaffa.

Granites Beach
The beaches around Kingston are amazing (this is the Granites)
Cape Jaffe Lighthouse Ruins
Exploring the ruins of the Lighthouse cottage at Cape Jaffe
Cape Jaffe beaches
Exploring amazing coastline further south

We even spent the better part of a day down at Robe, and drove back up when we were finished.

At the Robe Markets
We checked out the Robe Markets
Walking around Robe
We visited the gaol and did some walks along the coastline too
Robe 4WD Tracks
We then spent a heap of time exploring the Robe 4WD Tracks

We also highly recommend a stay at Southend Tourist Park, which was a really great surprise, and a magic place to stay.

The foreshore is great to spend some time, and its just a great place to relax and kick back.

Overall, the Kingston RV Park is exceptionally well set up and run, and if you are looking for a budget place to hang out for a few days we’d highly recommend it.

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