Urimbirra Wildlife Park in Victor Harbor

If you’re looking for a great wildlife park to take the kids just out of Victor Harbor, the Urimbirra Wildlife Park is absolutely worth a look.

We make a habit of picking up all of the tourist brochures whenever we can, and our kids have started flicking through them as well. Oliver picked up the Adelaide Hills one and found a photo of someone holding a Koala, and from then on was asking to go to the Urimbirra Wildlife Park in Victor Harbor.

Seeing as we were spending 9 odd days in Victor Harbor over Christmas and New Years, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to check it out, and so we headed a few kilometres from our base on a Friday morning before new years. We also did the Victor Harbor Steam Train, took our Dmax for a drive on the beach at Goolwa and headed over to Granite Island.

Urimbirra Wildlife Park
Cooper feeding a big Kangaroo at Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Where is the Urimbirra Wildlife Park?

You’ll find this Wildlife Park right next to the big roundabout that you go through to get into Victor Harbor. From the centre of Victor Harbor, its a 5 minute drive out, and there’s plenty of parking available.

Urimbirra Wildlife Park
It’s only a short drive from Victor Harbor

What animals do they have there?

There’s quite a variety of animals at Urimbirra. The Koalas and Kangaroos are well known (Oliver saw someone patting a Koala here in a brochure and was super keen to visit), and you’ll see quite a few. The kids love feeding the Kangaroo’s and there are lots about.

There’s a big range of birds and reptiles, with some Emu’s, wombats, dingoes, turtles and farm animals.

Urimbirra wildlife park map
A map showing where all of the animals are
Dingoes at Urimbirra
There’s two Dingoes that you’ll see in a big enclosure

What’s it like?

We’ve been to a huge number of wildlife parks in our travels, and usually enjoy them. As usual, I had no idea what to expect pulling into the Urimbirra Wildlife Park, but we really enjoyed it.

There’s plenty of room to make your way around, lots of flexibility in what animals you go to and lots of decent interaction for the kids with the animals where possible.

You’ll walk along a grassy section with a huge number of kangaroos roaming free, and you can feed them with the pellets as much as you want. If some aren’t hungry, you’ll find more further along, so don’t stress.

Kangaroo petting
Oliver petting a Kangaroo
Lots of room to spread out
It’s got plenty of room, and is a good walk around
A very busy day at Urimbirra
Even on a really busy day we got a turn with the Koala’s towards the end of the hour, with almost no line up needed

How much does the Urimbirra Wildlife Park cost?

We paid $35 to get into here, for two adults and one child (Cooper was free as he’s still under 4). We thought that was really decent value, and that was part of the reason we agreed so easily to go. We’d considered going to the Barn in Hahndorf with the kids as well, but at nearly $80 for a similar (maybe not even as good?!) experience it just didn’t seem to make sense.

Cooper and Oliver next to a Koala
Our kids were super chuffed to get close to a Koala again
Parrots at Urimbirra
There’s a heap of parrots flying around

Would we recommend it?

I thought the Urimbirra Wildlife Park was pretty good, and at the price point they’ve chosen, its great value. Our kids had a ball, and loved the little map, and choosing where we’d go next. The park is big enough to explore even when there’s a heap of people, but not so big that you struggle to see everything due to lack of energy.

Overall, we’d certainly recommend it; its a great place, and worthy of a morning or afternoon!

Kids at the Saltwater Crocodile
Our kids really enjoyed it, and we had fun too

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