Frys Flat Campground; our favourite camp site in the High Country

I didn’t think it was possible for the camp sites that we’d stayed at in the Victorian High Country to get any better, and yet Frys Flat Campground proved this wrong. We’d enjoyed 3 amazing nights at Grannys Flat Campground near Jamieson, which is nothing short of spectacular, and then a couple of nights at a decent campground near Mt Buller.

Originally we’d planned to go to Sheepyard Flat, but a local had told us that Frys Flat Campground was even better, and we took his advice and towed our Reconn R2 in.

Frys Flat Campground is beautiful
We spent 3 truly unbelievable nights at Frys Flat Campground

Where is Frys Flat Campground?

Frys Hut Campground is located right next to Sheepyard Flat, in the huge array of camp sites on the Howqua plains. It’s on the same river, and is about 5 minutes drive away from Sheepyards. There’s a heap of other camp sites nearby that are decent too, so don’t overlook them either.

Driving to Sheepyard Flats
Frys Flat Campground is literally 5 minutes from Sheepyard Flat

What’s the campground like?

Pulling into the campground, you have three main areas, with the central one around the hut being the biggest, and fully grassed. All sites back onto the beautiful stream. If you turn right, you have a private big area where the walk to Sheepyard Flat starts.

Frys Flat Campground options
Theres 3 main areas for camping, and they’re all pretty good

In the centre is a huge grassy area with a few sites along the river, and Frys hut itself.

Frys Flat Campground
The centre area has Frys Hut in it, which is pretty incredible

If you keep going to the left though, you’ll go through a narrow section and pop out in a more natural looking area with a heap of holes, weeds and mud around, and some horse yards in the corner.

We spied a spectacular camp site right next to the river, with a fire pit, incredible views of the big trees behind that were losing their leaves and a nice flat, grassy area, and jumped on it quick smart.

Frys Flat Campground epic camp
We ended up with a magnificent camp site here
Insane camping at Frys Flat
The views here were as good as we’ve had in the high country
Cold morning at Frys Flat
We had some really cold weather, which was amazing

What amenities are there?

Frys has two toilets, and a number of fire pits around the place.

Toilet at Frys Flat
There’s two toilets at Frys Flat, and lots of fire pits

How does it compare to Sheepyard Flat?

We didn’t mind Sheepyard Flat. It’s a big, beautiful grassy area that is understandably busy. Frys Flat is quieter, smaller, and although we preferred it, you can’t go too wrong with either. On the same token though, you can head East to the other campgrounds and there are a number that are equally as nice, and easy enough to get to.

Sheepyard Flat Campground
Sheepyard Flat has some great spots too, but is much more popular
Incredible views at Frys Flat Campground
You won’t go wrong with either, but we really loved Frys Flat

Can you tow a caravan into Frys Hut Campground?

Yes, and fairly easily. The road into Howqua Flat is fairly good, albeit corrugated in sections, and muddy in a couple of spots where its been ripped up a bit.

Despite this, we saw a significant number of caravans towed into Sheepyard and Frys, and some of them were standard, dual axle on road vans with really limited clearance. If its been raining you’d want a suitable tow vehicle and really good all terrains or mud terrains, but its certainly possible.

Sheepyard Flat road in
The road into Sheepyard Flat and Frys Flat was in really good condition

4WD tracks nearby

Once again, there are more 4WD tracks around the Mansfield, Mt Buller and Jamieson region than you could honestly do in a week of solid driving, and I was completely unsure of where to head, and what to see.

We got lucky though, and spoke to a great local who suggested we head out to Bluff and Lovicks huts for the day, and that’s exactly what we did. The drive out was easy enough, and we had a heap of fun exploring the area in the clouds, and freezing temperatures!

Dmax near Lovick Hut
We spent half a day exploring Bluff and Lovicks Hut
Parked at Bluff Hut
Checking out Bluff Hut
Cold weather near Bluff Hut
Expect the weather to be freezing though

The next day we headed out to do some of the Mitchell Track, which was an absolute ball too.

Views from the Mitchell Track
The Mitchell Track was fantastic, with great views
Big ruts on the Mitchell Track
This is a fairly difficult 4WD track though

See our vlog in the High Country

YouTube video

Does it get busy at Frys Flat?

Yes, on the weekends you should expect to have a fair bit of company. That said, when we visited at the start of April over a weekend there was still easily a lot more room for others, and Sheepyards was still fairly spread out. Further along at the other campgrounds there were even campsites that were almost completely empty, so if you want less people, look around a bit.

Camping at Frys Flat got quite busy
Frys Flat is well known, and gets busy

Animals and bird life at Frys Flat

Another reason that we fell in love with Frys Flat Campground so quickly was the immense amount of bird life around. I suspect some of this is due to the number of people, as the parrots are far more tame than anywhere else we’d seen in the high country, as are the beautiful Kookaburra’s.

There’s also a number of cattle that wander around freely, and even cross the river into camp. Watch out for their poop, but they’re awesome to sit and watch. Here’s a couple of the photos that mainly Sarah took of the wildlife in the area.

Parrot at Frys Flat
Lots of these parrots flying around
Friendly Kookaburra at camp
We saw a heap of Kookaburras at camp
Friendly parrot on our table
The birds were incredibly tame
Cooper loved watching the birds
Cooper enjoying the bird life
Cattle at Frys Flat
We saw a number of these walking around

Frys Hut

Frys Hut is well and truly worth a look at too. Its surprisingly big, and has an interesting history to go with it.

Frys Hut side on
Frys Hut is really big compared to other huts in the area
Frys Hut information sign
The information sign inside Frys Hut
Information sign outside of Frys Hut
The other sign outside Frys Hut

Would we go back to Frys Flat?

We really liked this spot. It helped that we got possibly the best camp site up against some spectacular trees that were losing their leaves, right next to the river and with a nice fire pit and grassy area, but it’s a cracking spot and you really won’t go too wrong with the other camp sites either.

Amazing steam from the river
We truly loved Frys Flat, and got a spectacular camp site

Frys Hut is interesting, and well and truly worth a look, and we loved the fact that its nice and central, and you can head out in so many different directions. We bumped into a couple of caravan owners who said they were staying here for 2 weeks, which blew my mind, but there’s certainly worse places to be!

If you are looking for magic camping in the Victorian High Country, you could absolutely do worse than Frys Flat Campground!

Frys Flat Campground
There’s certainly worse places to camp

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  1. Hey Rachel,

    We were there last year. but the road was great. People were dragging on road vans in, which is probably stretching it a bit if any rain falls, but they did it.

    I even saw a Commodore driving down to Sheepyard Flats.

    You’ll be fine in a decent AWD unless the road is terrible. Let your tyres down a bit if you have to.

    Take care

  2. Have you been to fry’s hut this year?
    How was the road?
    We went 2 years ago and I was a bit (girly) nervous with my 4 all wheel drive.