Lake Mombeong Camping; a great surprise

We’re always on the lookout for great places to camp, and Lake Mombeong wasn’t a place that we expected to be anything overly exciting, but we were wrong again, and I love it when that happens.

We’d booked a night in to have a guaranteed spot to stay on Australia Day, and I was genuinely surprised at what we saw. Another tick for Camp Sites in Victoria!

Lake Mombeong
Lake Mombeong was a pleasant surprise

Lake Mombeong or Lake Monibeong?

Talk about confusing. I have no idea what the actual name is. On Google the Lake is Mombeong, but the camp site is called Monibeong. Regardless, its one lake, and one camp site, so don’t get confused!

Where is Lake Mombeong?

You’ll find this place roughly 20 minutes drive South East of Nelson in Victoria, and not too far from the coastline itself

Do you need a 4WD?

We’d read that this was 2WD friendly, and were surprised to see a sign on the way in that says ‘soft sand, 4WD might be needed in summer’, or words to that effect. We didn’t find anything too difficult towing our Reconn R2, and you’d get most 2WD’s in with a bit of common sense and momentum as needed.

Other than this, the road is a decent condition gravel setup that is easily doable.

Is it caravan friendly?

Yep, you’d easily get a caravan in here with no issues. We only saw a couple, but they are about and there’s nothing that would make it too hard to get in.

What’s the Lake like? 

For us, this was the biggest surprise at all. We arrived at camp, and after setting up and relaxing for a bit I asked the kids if they wanted to walk over to the lake, and check it out. In my mind it was going to be another average fresh water lake that wouldn’t be suitable for swimming in.

I was surprised then, to see the first part of water that was about 10cm deep completely clean, and clear. I was even further surprised when we walked out onto the jetty and saw that the water was pristine, and even in 2.5 – 3 metres of water depth you could comfortably see the bottom.

Lake Mombeong is nice and clear
The water was incredibly clear in the middle of summer

There were a heap of people using stand up paddle boards and kayaks, and we quickly headed back to camp to grab snorkels and fins, and the vests for the kids. The water was warm, and visibility was probably somewhere around 4 – 5 metres out further. The scenery wasn’t anything insane, but its nice to float around in a freshwater lake and have a good look around.

Stand up paddle boarding at Lake Mombeong
There were lots of people using stand up paddle boards and kayaks

The lake itself is huge, and I reckon if you swam a decent distance the visibility might get better, and its supposed to be quite deep in spots.

Swimming in Lake Mombeong
We enjoyed a fairly warm swim around Lake Mombeong
Snorkeling at Lake Mombeong
I spent a bit of time snorkeling around

Amenities at Lake Mombeong

There are 4 flushing toilets at Lake Mombeong, which was another surprise. Other than that, each site has a fire pit, and many of them have some shade available too.

Toilets at Lake Mombeong are flushing
The toilets are even flushing ones

What does it cost to camp?

Camping here is $15 per site per night, which is pretty reasonable in our opinion.

See more on our vlog

Want to see more? You can watch our vlog below:

YouTube video

What is the campsite like?

I’m not going to rave about the camp site. I like to be honest, so hear it is! I wasn’t expecting much when we arrived, and probably got that about right. In winter when the grass is green it would be another story, but for us most of the grass was dead (late January). On camp site number 4 we had lake views, and a nice shady section with a natural cubby for the kids to play in.

Overall we’ve certainly been to worse camp sites and its nothing amazing in summer, but the lake more than makes up for it.

Camping at Lake Mombeong
The camp sites are decent, but nothing amazing in summer
Other camp sites at Lake Mombeong
The sites are decent sized, and well spaced

Mind the snakes

Being a cooler day in the middle of summer, I wasn’t expecting to see too many snakes, although we have seen a few. However, coming off the jetty my oldest son was in front, and he stopped abruptly, so I went to encourage him forward with my hand a little, only to see a big snake slither across the grass just two metres away. 

It had yellow on the bottom which made me wonder if it was a tiger snake, but either way, have a healthy respect for them and they’ll leave you alone. It was good for our kids to see another one, and to be reminded of the need to take due care in the bush!

Would we visit again?

As I said, we were really surprised by Lake Mombeong. We thoroughly enjoyed a swim and snorkel, and despite a recent comment on Wikicamps that said ‘only suitable for the adventurous’, we’d have to disagree. It’s a pristine place, with decent camp grounds and if you came when things were green it would be absolutely magic.

In many ways the lake reminded me of Piccaninnie Pond, or Ewens Pond, but without the booking and fees (and probably not as picturesque under water). We were glad of somewhere to stay for a busy Australia Day public holiday, and would certainly come again.

Piccaninnie Pond is absolutely unreal
Piccaninnie Pond was truly stunning

Have you been to Lake Mombeong? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hi Lenn,

    You’re being a bit dramatic, don’t you think? There are snakes all throughout Australia, and whilst we did see one there, we’ve seen a lot more in other camp grounds. They are normally far more concerned about you, than you are of them.

    Campers being unfriendly can be the eye of the beholder, or perhaps you had a bad group of others there. We experienced no hoons or unfriendly campers.

    The road is absolutely suitable for a 2WD vehicle, and we saw dozens of 2WD vehicles come and go, along with on road caravans.

    A large portion of Australia doesn’t have phone reception; what makes this campground worthy of being singled out?

    I don’t agree with your comment at all, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

    We’d happily return, as would many others
    All the best

  2. Lenn Cart says:

    There are many snakes here, and other campers are unfriendly.
    I experienced hoons joy-riding through the camp site in the middle of the night.
    Also, the advice here that 2wd is ‘OK’ is irresponsible.

    There is no mobile phone reception throughout the area, so if you get stuck, bitten by a snake, or run over by a hoon, you’re probably done for.

    Best of luck!!