Walhalla 4WD Tracks; insane views and lots of adventure

When a really good mate of mine suggested we should head to Walhalla in the Victorian High Country, I locked it in, and after driving down Walhalla Road (except the last part that is closed to vehicles over 3 tonnes), we set up camp at Coopers Creek Campground.

As we got close to Walhalla I knew we were going to be in for a treat; the scenery changes and becomes a place of absolute magnificence, and we spent some time exploring the Walhalla 4WD tracks, that are absolutely fantastic.

Dmax on the Walhalla 4WD Tracks
There’s some epic Walhalla 4WD Tracks

Where is Walhalla?

Walhalla is in the southern part of the Victorian High Country, and about 50 minutes drive away from Traralgon.

Walhalla Road in the clouds
We drove into Walhalla from Woods Point through Matlock

What is Walhalla like?

After spending some time around Woods Point, we had some idea of what to expect in Walhalla, and its another truly beautiful historical town, but extremely well polished. The town is small, with only a handful of businesses, a gold mine tour, some spectacular gardens and history as far as your eyes can see. It’s a hugely popular place to visit for school excursions, hiking, 4WD tracks and just getting away from the Melbourne norm.

I was shocked, once again, at how stunning this part of the Victorian High Country really is, and I laughed at how different it is to the city, and the new, boring houses so many of us live in.

Views from Walhalla
Walhalla is a truly beautiful place

What are the 4WD tracks like?

Walhalla 4WD tracks range from gravel back roads through to wild ones that will have you reaching for your lockers, and looking for panel damage.

Walhalla 4WD tracks are a heap of fun
The 4WD tracks range from mild to wild

Finding the 4WD tracks

There’s a heap of ways you can find the 4WD tracks around Walhalla. You can literally just drive around and follow your nose, and you’ll find plenty. Alternatively, apps like Exploroz Traveller work well, and even Google Maps gives you quite a few as there are so many around.

We recently started using Newtracs which is helpful in that it gives you rough time frames for each track, and an expected difficulty level.

I like this, as we’re travelling around Australia on a long term trip, and if we badly damage the vehicle we’ll be hugely inconvenienced. This means we can pick tracks that are fun, but not obscenely crazy, which is exactly what we did.

Coopers Creek Crossing
There’s some great 4WD apps that help to find the tracks, or you can just follow your nose

What 4WD tracks did we do?

Having set up at Coopers Creek Campground, we started the day by crossing Coopers Creek (which is right at the campground day use area), and did the difficult Coopers Creek Upper Track, onto Bruntons Bridge Road.

Coopers Creek Track
We started on Coopers Creek track, heading towards Bruntons Bridge

This was relatively straightforward in the dry, but I can see in the wet it would be all kinds of fun. From there, we headed towards Bruntons bridge and tried to take another difficult 4WD track that we found was badly overgrown and then completely blocked off.

Turning around, we continued to Bruntons Bridge campground to check it out (and realised we probably should have camped there, as its unreal), before turning back all the way towards Walhalla, before we turned off onto a medium difficulty track called Maiden Town Track.

Bruntons Bridge Crossing
We checked out Bruntons Bridge, which is spectacular

This was fairly easy, and ew continued along Lammers Track which was just a gravel road. We turned onto another difficult track that would take us back to Walhalla, but found it severely overgrown so reversed out, and finished the Maiden Town Track, before turning onto Walhalla Road, and then Mormon Town Track.

Entering Baw Baw National Park
Entering Baw Baw National Park along Mormon Town Track
Mormon Town Track is overgrown, but stunning
The track is overgrown, but awesome

This was fairly badly overgrown, but once committed we kept going. There were a few muddy sections, and slippery holes and ruts, but for the most part it was fairly easy. I decided to do one more difficult track to take us right into Walhalla; the Telecom track.

This starts off fairly flat and easy, and then deteriorates the further you go down. You’re driving with one wheel in a big rut near the edge of a hill, with lots of ruts, holes and rocks. I took it slowly down, and was glad of the bash plates taking a fair old hit every so often.

The Telecom Track near Walhalla
The Telecom Track starts off easy, and deteriorates badly
Telecom Track is pretty nasty
The track becomes pretty nasty at the end

When you get close to the end of the track, it gets very steep, and the ruts get far worse, with the panels coming awfully close to the dirt, and a couple of big tree branches or stumps. I was killing myself laughing when we banged our way down the last few metres, only to meet a couple of tourists on a leisurely walk who got the fright of their life.

Telecom Track is nasty
The photos never do justice, but this was pretty bad

I think we’d probably make it up Telecom Track in the dry with the rear locker, but its not a track for anyone with limited clearance, and I did notice a small dent in the passenger side sill of our Dmax afterwards (which may or may not have come from this track).

Telecom Track in Walhalla
There’s some big ruts, and offset angles

Overall, some fantastic 4WD tracks around Walhalla, and we hardly scratched the surface.

Mormon Track at Walhalla
Some of the scenery here is stunning, and the 4WD tracks are awesome

Watch the vlog

If you want to see it from an even more first person perspective, you can watch our vlog:

YouTube video

Would we recommend it?

Looking on Newtracs, I’m not sure there is anywhere in the High Country that doesn’t have a ridiculous array of 4WD tracks, but Walhalla is certainly extremely picturesque, and has lots of variety when it comes to 4WD tracks.

Even crossing the two sections of Coopers Creek is absolutely stunning, and we had a heap of fun looking around. If you want some easy to access fun, you won’t go too wrong with the Walhalla 4WD tracks!

Exploring the 4WD tracks around Walhalla
You won’t go too wrong exploring Walhalla 4WD Tracks

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