Bruntons Bridge Campground; amazing camping near Walhalla

After deciding to head to Walhalla to have a look around, we had two choices of campgrounds that appealed to us; Bruntons Bridge Campground, and Coopers Creek. We ended up at Coopers Creek Campground because it was quiet enough, beautiful and easy to get to, but we headed out to Bruntons Bridge Campground the next day, and realised we probably should have made the extra effort!

Bruntons Bridge Campground
Bruntons Bridge water crossing at the campground

Where is Bruntons Bridge Campground?

You’ll find this place not too far out of Walhalla itself, or you can come up from the southern end with it being only 39km from Traralgon.

Coopers Creek Crossing
It’s really close to Coopers Creek Campground too

How do you get there?

Like most places in the Victorian High Country, there’s a number of different ways you can get to Bruntons Bridge Campground. The easiest, and most simple way is to head south from Walhalla, along Happy Go Lucky Road, which turns into Bruntons Bridge Road. This departs from the Walhalla Historic area.

Alternatively, you can come in from the south off a number of different tracks and gravel roads, and then you need to cross the Thomson River.

Crossing at Coopers Creek
We drove in from Coopers Creek, across the crossing and up the 4WD track

Do you need a 4WD to get there?

I think you’d fairly safely get an AWD vehicle in here, but if you are towing anything a 4WD is a good idea. Certainly if its been wet, you’d want a 4WD, and if you are coming from the south you will need one, even in summer. I had a look at the river crossing towards the end of March, and it was at least 500mm deep in a number of sections, and that’s probably about as low as the water level gets.

If you want to explore some more tracks though, here’s a post we wrote on the Walhalla 4WD Tracks.

Bruntons Bridge rehabilitation
The track into Bruntons Bridge is easy enough, except the water crossing

What’s the campground like?

The Bruntons Bridge Campground is tiered, into multiple levels. There are two amazing camp sites with river views very close to camp, right at the bottom, and then there’s a heap of camp sites further up. They are all gravel, nice and level, and decent sized.

Bruntons Bridge Camping
One of the better camp sites at Bruntons Bridge
Typical campground at Bruntons Bridge
A typical camp site at Bruntons Bridge

Being tiered you are likely to end up with others looking into your camp site (some of them), but there’s not much alternative with the landscape here.

Toilets at Bruntons Bridge
The usual toilets at Bruntons Bridge

About Bruntons Bridge

One of the major attractions here is the stunning bridge itself. This was built many moons ago, and refurbished, but a lot of the original construction is still in use, which shows how well it was done. It was originally used for horse and cart, and was damaged in a bush fire, but is an engineering work of art, and its pretty awesome too.

You can walk across the bridge, and read the sign, which has some pretty fascinating information.

Bruntons Bridge portrait
Bruntons Bridge is a pretty spectacular engineering feat
Bruntons Bridge information sign
The history of this bridge is fascinating

Can you tow something into Bruntons Bridge?

If you have the clearance, and off road ability you should be able to tow any decent camper trailer in here. We’d happily tow our Reconn R2 in, and I reckon you’d even get larger things in, but you take a risk if you meet anyone else coming the other way.

Bruntons Bridge Crossing
You could tow something in, but watch the water crossing if its from the south

What does it cost to stay?

This is another truly awesome, and completely free campground. It easily competes with a lot of the National Park camping in Western Australia, and you’d be paying $15 per adult to camp at any of them, I guarantee it.

I can’t get over how well set up the camp sites are, and that they are completely free. It’s absolutely awesome, and I wish there was more of this over in WA.

Stunning views from Bruntons Bridge
The camp sites in Victoria destroy WA in terms of value

Would we recommend it?

We really liked Bruntons Bridge, and felt like we probably should have pushed on further to here with our Reconn R2. We’d have easily been able to tow it in, and the two camp sites next to the river are private, stunning and really beautiful. It’s certainly much quieter than Coopers Creek.

Of course, Coopers Creek Campground is also amazing so we don’t have much to complain about, but Bruntons Bridge takes it to another level.

Bruntons Bridge river crossing
It’s a spectacular place, that’s for sure

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