Baden Powell; an amazing spot in Dwellingup

If you’re chasing a brilliant day trip from Perth, or somewhere to spend the weekend, you won’t go wrong with Baden Powell. This is a stunning area inside Lane Poole Reserve in Dwellingup. It has a day use area, as well as a big area set up for camping nearby. If you haven’t spent at least a day down at Dwellingup you are missing out!

As a young kid, this was our frequent weekender trip, swimming in the freezing water in winter and kicking back around a camp fire with lots of other friends and families.

There’s quite a few Dwellingup 4WD tracks in the area, including the Captain Fawcett Track.

Baden Powell day use area
How could you resist this?

Baden Powell Day use area

When you drive passed the rangers hut, Baden Powell day use area is the first on the right hand side. It has plenty of parking, rocks to relax on and a big body of water to swim in. This part of the river is quite wide and deep (like island pool), but it is still a good idea to thoroughly check what’s under the water before you jump in.

More than a handful of people have been hurt jumping onto hidden logs and rocks (which there are plenty of). You can fish here, swim, sun bake, watch the animals or check out the rapids (when they are flowing in winter they are insane).

This is usually the end point for those canoeing, but it does depend on the water levels.

Dwellingup River
Plenty of room to swim!

Baden Powell Camping

Baden Powell Camp site has room for 42 groups of campers. This campsite now does have to be booked, which makes certain you’ll have a spot when arriving

The sites are well marked out and separated, and they’ve done a pretty good job overall, with 3 camp kitchens that house gas BBQ’s, water on tap (not drinkable unless you boil it), sinks, tables and benches

There is a big bin and several drop toilets available, and the river is only 50 – 100 metres away. Most campsites have fire rings, but the rangers usually permit small, controlled fires on the ground. Camp fees are $15 per adult, $9 concession and $3 kids between 5 and 16 per night.

Make use of the river

In summer the water is great to swim in, and in winter Canoeing is well worth doing. The water levels drop down considerably in summer, making it harder to travel longer distances (but there is still plenty of opportunity to canoe). If you find a rope swing, check that it is safe before you use it. I have seen some dodgy ones down this way!

Dwellingup River
What a gorgeous view!

Fishing from Baden Powell

If you have a fresh water fishing license, give it a whirl. There are plenty of trout and redfin perch to be caught. There is also plenty of Marron in the river, but make sure you are fishing in the designated dates and you have a license!

Marron Spotting at night
Marron Spotting at night

We’ve caught redfin here, but not without a fair bit of work!

Other activities to do in the area

Dwellingup will always be one of my favourite places to camp, because of the variety and opportunity. You can swim, camp, four wheel drive, canoe, fish, downhill mountain bike, bird watch, hike, have a fire (for most of the year) and relax (and it’s only a short drive out of Perth).

We love heading there in any weather, as there’s always something to keep you busy and entertained.

Exploring Dwellingup by four wheel drive
Exploring Dwellingup by four wheel drive

I love Baden Powell, and will continue to spend weekends there because of it. If you want a bit more solitude, try booking a campsite further in Lane Poole Reserve.

Nothing beats a fire when camping
Nothing beats a fire when camping

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