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Bremer Bay

After spending 11 days in Esperance, we packed up and headed around the Fitzgerald National Park, for a couple of days at Bremer Bay.

Bremer Bay Caravan Park

We called in at the Bremer Bay Caravan Park, which was home for a couple of days


Sparkling Island at Bremer

Then went for a drive to check out some local spots – Sparkling Island


Bremer Bay coastline

The coastline is amazing here

Perfect beaches at Bremer

You couldn’t get much more perfect if you tried!

Bremer Bay Jetty

The marina and jetty have been done up very nicely

Fish cleaning station at Bremer Bay
The fish cleaning station is one of the best I’ve seen

Pelicans at Bremer Bay

There are plenty of local pelicans

Bremer Bay Pelican population

Just a couple more!

4WDing at Bremer Bay
There are plenty of places to access by 4WD

Bremer Bay Beaches

The beaches are readily accessible


Fitzgerald National Park roads

We spent a day exploring Fitzgerald National Park, which was incredible

Flora at Fitzgerald National Park

The flora is quite remarkable, and unique

Chopped down land cruiser

We bumped into a tidy dual cab Land Cruiser

Point Anne, Bremer Bay

Brand new facilities at Point Anne

Point Anne Beach

Looking down the beach at Point Anne

DEC facilities at Point Anne
DEC’s new facilities are excellent

Bremer Bay 4x4 tracks

Exploring the tracks from Point Anne to Doubtfuls


Bremer Bay 4WD track closed

Nothings that simple though, is it?

Quaalup Homestead at Bremer

We called in at Quaalup Homestead

Quaalup ruins

Where the ruins are still standing

Bremer Bay four wheel driving

With a bit more four wheel driving

Squid at Bremer Bay

We ended up at a good squidding location and caught a couple of big ones for dinner


Wind turbine at Bremer Bay

Bremer have their own Wind turbine


Awesome beaches at Bremer Bay

With more beaches than you really need


Bremer Bay paradise

It’s not hard to find your own slice of paradise


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  • LG April 1, 2014, 10:21 AM

    They were working on Pt Anne when we were there last October. Nice to see what it looks like now, thanks 🙂

    Trigelow was washed away during the winter storms [2013] and the belting was missing half way down so I guess that is why it is still closed.

    Once again, some fantastic images showing just how beautiful the area is!

  • Aaron Schubert April 1, 2014, 8:48 PM

    Hey mate,

    I was blown away by Point Anne. The DEC have done an amazing job there; its the best of their facilities I’ve seen anywhere. The 4WD track going onto Trigelow was closed, but there was a good condition track just next to it. I’m not sure if it was intentionally made by DEC, or some plonker made it.

    Thanks mate

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