Carnarvon Mullewa Road a great alternative to bitumen

If you are wondering what sort of road goes between Gascoyne Junction and Mullewa, I thought I’d do a short post covering what to expect, and what is suitable to drive on.

Bilung Pool Oasis
Heading down the Carnarvon Mullewa Road

Of course, the road conditions can, and will vary, but for the most part, it’s a great condition gravel road. The Gascoyne Junction side is having its gravel replaced with blacktop slowly, and you’ll do a short drive out of town on bitumen before going through roadworks and then onto the gravel.

Asides from a couple of ‘dips’, we managed to sit on about 90km/h for the bulk of the road, and I was really impressed with it. There are sections of corrugations, but with your tyre pressures down (20 – 30% less than your normal road pressures is the go), you’ll have no problems.

We start with 27, 30 and 33 on our Dmax front, rear and then camper trailer, and as they heat up we end up quite close to the ideal 30% less tyre pressure.

Heading towards Mullewa
The road condition is generally pretty good

What’s there to see?

You’ll go past a number of attractions, some of which we stopped at, and some of which we didn’t. First on the list is the sea fossils, and then you have the wool way, and then Bilung Pool.

If you are looking for somewhere to stop for lunch, or to spend a night we thoroughly enjoyed Bilung Pool, and would go back in a heartbeat. For a free camp, its one of the more picturesque that you can stay at, especially in the shade if you can get a site along the cliffs.

Just don’t park too close, as it overhangs a fair bit and I reckon there’s a good chance it could collapse. We made sure we were set back at least 6 metres, and well over the solid rock!

Bilung Pool was spectacular
Bilung Pool was nothing short of incredible

Overall, the Carnarvon Mullewa Road is a great alternative to taking the bitumen, and we’d do it again just to stay at Bilung Pool once again. It really is stunning, and so under-rated!

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