Do you get jaded when travelling long term?

Many years ago as newbie campers, I spoke to a couple down in Albany who left to do a lap around Australia, and returned a few months later, saying they were sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. They said every waterfall just started to look the same, and they were missing their home, and decided to go back. Fair enough; no judgement passed on at all; everyone is different. 

At the time though, I recall wondering how you’d get sick of travelling around this amazing country, and I wanted to experience it for myself, to see if it was actually the case. Now, we are on the road full time and have spent the last 5 odd months doing South Australia and Victoria, and my understanding has shifted.

Incredible views from the Pinnacles
After travelling for a long time, do you get jaded?

One’s perspective can certainly change as you see so many amazing places in Australia, and those that would ordinarily give you a huge sense of appreciation no longer do, because you’ve seen so many amazing places that trump it.

We’ve seen a huge amount of WA, and I have to say its harder to impress us now than it ever was before. We try and travel with a balanced perspective though, and do often fall in love with so many new places every year, and can’t see that changing any time soon.

In South Australia, we saw so many amazing beaches that arriving to something which wasn’t absolutely unbelievable meant we just thought it was normal, which I think is a bit sad.

Amazing beaches in South Australia
When you’ve been to 30 amazing beaches in a few months, you start to lose appreciation for them

I made a point of considering often how beautiful a place is, regardless of where we’d been before because there are incredible places in Australia, and its a shame to take them for granted.

Do you get jaded travelling Australia?

Absolutely, and if you don’t, I want to know how. Holidays are very different to travelling on the road for an extended period, and it is very easy to become jaded and even ungrateful for the amazing places you get to see.

I remind myself often of what we could be doing back home, and how few people get to see what we have, and it brings a sense of reality, and appreciation for this country (one that it absolutely deserves!).

Camped at Skull Springs
Australia is full of incredibly diverse, and beautiful places

Variety is the spice of life

One thing we’ve discovered that helps hugely is variety. We saw so much amazing coastline in South Australia, that we were over the moon to see some amazing inland places in Victoria, and to camp along rivers and lakes. 

Stunning views down the Glenelg River
We were so excited to do some inland camping on the rivers and lakes in Victoria!

If you just do the same thing day in day out, you’ll get sick of it, so we mix it up now by heading to the coast, then inland, and then back again. If we’re enjoying a particular place (like the Grampians), we’ll stay longer, and this helps a lot in really soaking in the amazing places, and appreciating them for what they are.

Silent Street in the Grampians
We completely fell in love with the Grampians

Ultimately, we are spoilt as Australians, with so many truly incredible places to explore, and its no wonder that they can sort of roll into one, and you lose some of the initial appeal

Do you get jaded travelling long term? What do you do to help with a balanced perspective?

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