4WD Clubs Perth and in WA

If you are looking for some like minded people to chat to, and explore this amazing state of ours in your 4WD, you’ve come to the right place. 

Western Australia has a heap of official 4WD clubs, along with even more unofficial 4WD groups. Whether you’ve got a family, partner or its just yourself, there’s a 4WD club out there for you. If you are looking for 4WD Clubs Perth, or elsewhere in the state you’ll find them here.

Official 4WD clubs in Western Australia

Official 4WD clubs have registered members, meetings, insurance, training and are recognised by the Western Australian 4WD Association. It is the peak body for all 31 4WD clubs in Western Australia.

Adventure 4WD Club

Started in 1983, the Adventure 4WD club has grown into a club with singles through to familes and all different sorts of 4WD’s. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM, and usually have 2 trips per month. http://www.adventure4wdclubofwa.asn.au/

Albany 4WD Club

A 4WD Club based around the amazing south coast of WA, with experienced members right down to those that have never driven a 4WD before. Albany 4WD Club promotes responsible and sustainable 4WDing. http://www.albany4wdclub.com/

All Tracks 4WD Club

All Tracks 4WD Club is family based, and has members from toddlers right through to grand parents. It was started in 2000, and currently has about 35 families. Two trips a month are planned, ranging from social gatherings through to longer touring trips. http://www.alltracks4wdclub.com.au/ 

Armadale 4WD Club

In 1984 Armadale 4WD Club was started, and now have a range of members from teenagers through to retirees. They meet once a month and have a variety of trips every month. http://www.armadale4wdclub.com.au/

Compact 4WD Club

If you’ve got a small to medium AWD or 4WD vehicle, this is the club for you. It was started in 2005, aimed at showing people the capabilities of their compact 4WD’s (or soft roaders/SUV’s). http://www.compact4wdwa.com/

Eastern Goldfields 4WD Club

Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month, the Eastern Goldfields 4WD Club caters for all ages and members in the Goldfields region. http://www.eg4wdclub.com.au/index.html

Eastern Suburbs 4WD Club

The Eastern Suburbs 4WD Club has been running for 22 years, and has 30 4WD vehicles worth of members, ranging from families through to individuals with a range of skill levels. http://es4wdc.org/wp/

Foothills 4WD Club

Foothills 4WD Club is a small and friendly club, from the young to the young at heart. They enjoy socialising, spending time in the great outdoors, their 4WD’s and 4WDing! http://www.foothills4wdclub.com/

Four Wheel Drive Club of WA

Established in 1971, the Four Wheel Drive Club of WA caters for all makes and models of vehicles and age groups. They have day trips, weekend and extended 4WD trips on a regular basis. http://www.4wdclubwa.com/

Freedom All Wheel Drive Club

In 2012, The Freedom All Wheel Drive Club was established as a family orientated club for compact and standard 4WD’s. Most members drive unmodified medium 4WD’s. http://www.fawdcwa.com/

Geraldton 4WD Club

In 1976 the Geraldton 4WD Club was established, bringing people with a common interest in 4WD’s together. They do a lot of beach driving, along with station trips and plenty more. http://www.geraldton4wd.org.au/

Getaway 4WD Club

With 18 – 24 vehicles and double that in members, the Getaway 4WD club meets once a month in Bassendean. Their aim is to encourage skillful and responsible 4WDing, without the extreme requirements. http://getaway.myclub.org.au/

GoBush 4WD Club

Started in 2004, GoBush 4WD Club is a family oriented club, suited to those who want a less formal and more casual club. http://www.gobush4wd.com.au/

Jeep Owners 4WD Club

Can’t find any information on this club; does it still exist?

Landrover Owners 4WD Club

For the Landrover enthusiasts, the Landrover Owners 4WD Club was started in 1968, making it the oldest 4WD club in WA! Club meetings are on every second Monday of the month, and there are plenty of trips organised. http://www.lrocwa.org.au/

Mitsubishi 4WD Club

With roughly 67 members, the Mitsubishi 4WD club heads out on a regular basis. Roughly 60% of members drive Mitsubishi Pajeros, with the remaining in Land Cruisers, Patrols, Land Rovers etc. All types of 4WD’s are welcome, with their trips not suitable for ‘soft roaders’. http://www.mitsubishi4wd.org.au/

Out and about 4×4 Club

If you are into camping, fishing and touring with your 4WD, Out and about 4×4 Club is for you. http://www.outandabout4x4club.org.au/

Peel 4WD Club

Based in Rockingham, the Peel 4WD Club was started in 1998. They hold a variety of social outings and 4WD trips

Perth 4WD Club

Comprising of a range of different 4WD’s, the Perth 4WD Club hosts one event per month, and offers encouragement and coaching from within the club. http://www.perth4wdclub.net.au/

Quad Drive

Quad Drive 4WD Club started in 1986, and meet at Noranda Sports complex on the first Wednesday of each month. http://quad-drive.org/

Red Dog 4WD Club

The Red Dog 4WD Club is based in the Pilbara of Western Australia. http://www.karratha.com/~reddog/

Rockingham 4WD Club

The Rockingham 4WD club has a range of members and 4WD’s. http://www.rockingham4wdclub.com/phpbb/index.php

South Side 4WD Group

The Southside 4WD Group  meets once a month in Martin, and was started in 1981. http://www.ss4wd.com.au/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx

South West 4WD Club

The South West 4WD Club covers Collie, Bunbury, Bridgetown and surrounding areas. They are a family friendly club, and encourage all 4WD enthusiasts in the south west to join. http://www.southwest4wdclub.com.au/

Subaru 4WD Club

Got a Subaru? This club is dedicated to 4WD touring in Subaru vehicles. http://www.subaru4wdclubwa.asn.au

Suzuki 4WD Club

This club is for Suzuki 4WD enthusiasts, who endeavour to display and promote responsible 4WDing.

Team W4

Team W4 is a 4WD club dedicated to the Land Rover. http://teamw4.com/

Toodyay 4WD Club

Launched in 2014, the Toodyay 4WD club run regular 4WD trips. https://www.facebook.com/T4WDC/

Toyota Land Cruiser Club

At nearly 40 years old, the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of WA is one of the better known 4WD Clubs in WA. They’ve done trips everywhere, including New Zealand and Tasmania! http://tlccwa.org.au/

Wanneroo Wanderers 4WD Club

If youa re looking for a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of people, the Wanneroo Wanderers 4WD Club is for you. With 35 members, they cater for novice through to experienced 4WD’ers. http://www.wanneroowanderers.com.au/

Western Patrol Club

Last, but not least, the Western Patrol Club. Established in 2008 for Nissan Patrol owners, they organise day trips, over night trips and longer touring trips. Meetings are held at 7PM on the 4th Wednesday of every month. http://westernpatrolclub.com/

4WD groups/clubs

Unofficial 4WD groups and clubs are like minded people, who’ve come together to chat and explore in their 4WD. They do not have the meetings, insurance etc that goes on with an official 4WD Club. This can be both beneficial in many ways, but be aware that its just a group of people meeting, with none of the official regulations backing it up!

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  1. Hey Steve,

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  2. Hi guys … can we please get a mention under “4WD groups/clubs”? We are nearly 450 members running stock and modified Subaru’s including Outback, Forester, Brumby, L Series. We have regular day trips (less since COVID) and occasional overnighters including Julimar Forrest, Wilbinga, Lancelin, Captain Fawcett, Mundaring (e.g. Powerlines & Nockine Rock), Wellington Dam, D’Entrecasteuax National Park (including Lake Jasper, Jasper Beach, Black Point & Calcup Hill), Dwellingup, Pinjar Pines etc. etc. We are a Facebook only group. Safety share at the start of every trip and Civil Liabilities Act clearly communicated to all members to make liability clear. We have a ‘no dickheads’ rule.

  3. Hey Mike,

    I reckon the place to find someone would be on Facebook – there’s lots of 4WD groups in Perth and WA that would have people keen.

    All the best

  4. michael Bailey says:

    looking for someone who wants to go to the camel races in birdsville queensland at the end of may. i’m fully equipped but need another vehicle for company.
    regards mike bailey age is older

  5. Anne Stanton says:

    Looking for info when choosing a 4WD..Prado?troopy? Land cruiser?
    A recommendation for where to look would be great!
    Anne and Wayne Stanton

  6. Hey Bob,

    As far as I know, none are dedicated to a specific age. You’ll find most cater for all ages, and there are heaps that are great clubs!


  7. Bob Campbell says:

    are there any over 60<s clubs in perth?