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A day out on the 4WD Tracks at Julimar

Before the rain set in, we headed up to Julimar for the day, to explore the National Park. There are a heap of 4WD tracks that go through the bush, and many are very narrow. As the photos show, there was a lot of dust, and I am sure after a bit of rain some of these tracks would be incredibly difficult!

Ford Explorer off road

A Ford Explorer

New D22 Navara off road

Testing a new D22 Navara

My 80 at Julimar

The first ruts

Lots of ruts at Julimar

Imagine the mud in the wet!

The big 80 at Julimar

Exploring the climbs and descents

V8 county at Julimar

First time off road in the V8 Land Rover County

Julimar 4WD Tracks

Lots of little challenges

Land Rover County V8

Easy does it

Hill climbs at Julimar

One of the big hills

Stuck at Julimar

Stuck; couldn’t go forward or reverse

Julimar snatch recovery

Same for me!

Think small

A seriously tight section!

Julimar locals

Julimar locals

Lots of dust at Julimar

Very happy to have dual lockers!

Giving it a bootful

The big 80 walking up

80 Series Hill Climb

Look at that tyre!

Landrover offroad

Stacks of dust!

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