4WD tracks at Wilbinga

Wilbinga is a spectacular 4WD accessible beach located only a short drive north of Perth. It’s commonly used for fishing, 4WDing and motorbike riding. It has become extremely popular over the last few years because it’s the closest Beach driving near Perth heading north.

There are a large number of 4WD tracks that you can play around on, some of which are actually quite challenging for the average car.

The beach is much like the rest of WA beaches; simple beautiful. We managed to get some decent fish there as well, which adds to the fun!

Wilbinga Beach at Sunset
Wilbinga Beach at Sunset

Where is Wilbinga?

Wilbinga is about 60 kilometres north of Perth. To get there, you just head straight up Wanneroo Road. After around 35km you will go over a little hill, and see a big pine tree forest on the left. There is a limestone track which runs directly west.

This is known as Wilbinga Road, and can be driven by normal 2WD cars if you take it slowly. A few kilometres down the track there are some signs and a ‘parking’ area.

This is where you need to let your tyres down. A number of people leave their 2WD cars here and ride their motorbikes through the rest of the track and onto the beach.

Alternatively, you can enter at the rest stop car park further North. Wilbinga beach access is not permitted via Two Rocks anymore.

A few 4x4 tracks at Wilbinga
A few 4WD tracks at Wilbinga

4WD tracks at Wilbinga

There are a lot of 4WD tracks that run through the bush near Wilbinga. Some are solid and easy to drive, whilst others can be more difficult.

We had a lot of fun trying to drive up the big hills (which are very obvious when you come across them). A lot of the hills have huge offset articulation, which is good fun to test your suspension on!

We found that 15 PSI was a good pressure to run our tyres at, as the beach is quite soft at times. You can drive both north and south of Wilbinga, depending on what you want to do.

If you are in a 4WD, keep a keen eye out for those on motorbikes, as they can often fly around a corner without expecting oncoming traffic! Also, take a look at the post I wrote on Beach Driving.

Be aware that you are not allowed to drive into the city of Wanneroo, or you may cop a fine from the rangers.

You are free to drive anywhere except south of Flat rocks, which is pretty hard to miss. Access from Two rocks has been closed, and anyone going in from there deserves a fine. I will repeat that; Two rocks 4WD beach access is off limits!

Flat rocks at Two Rocks
Flat rocks is beautiful
Soft sand and not enough deflation
Soft sand and not enough deflation
My new car at Wilbinga
My new car at Wilbinga
Trying to drive up a dune
Trying to drive up a dune

Wilbinga Camping

Camping  is not permitted at Wilbinga, although a lot of people still seem to do it.

Driving from Wilbinga to Moore River

If you are up for an adventure, you can start on the beach of Wilbinga and head north until you get to Moore River. In saying this, we tried it and got incredibly lost and had to turn back, and the better tracks are inland opposite Wilbinga.

I believe the easier way is to start at Seabird and work up.

The sandy track entrance
The sandy track entrance

There are a number of properties as you head further north with fences and no trespassing signs. We ended up at someone’s front door (without trespassing to our knowledge) which was quite embarrassing. Be careful of the cattle as well, because you will see them fairly regularly as you drive along.

We started back on the beach near Ledge Point and drove all the way up to Greenhead (through Lancelin and Wedge Island). We did have to pull onto the tarmac a few times, but you can do most of it on the beach.

What to take to Wilbinga

This depends entirely on how long you are planning on going for, but there are a few things that you should take even if you are just going for the day. I would suggest Tyre Deflators will make your life much easier when letting air out of the rubber.

I bought one for $20 (a ferret tyre deflator) and am very happy with it. A Car Air Compressor is also a must, as there are no petrol stations within a close distance, and driving on the road with low pressures in your tyres is not a good idea.

Maxtrax are a handy recovery device
Maxtrax are a handy recovery device

Take plenty of water and food, and bring the rods and other fishing gear. We had a fair bit of fun catching fish at Wilbinga, and if you pick the right time and place you can get some decent sized fish. I have heard of people surfing in this area as well, but you need to pick the day.

A snatch strap is also a good idea, as well as a shovel and Maxtrax. It’s easy to get stuck (see the pictures) and not so easy to get out. Just remember that snatch straps are only meant for so much force; dig a bit around the car before you try to pull it out!

Wilbinga was the first place that I took My Hilux, as you can see from the lack of modifications. It’s a great place to go four wheel driving as there are easy tracks and more challenging ones.

It is also very close to Perth and well worth a visit. Whether you want to have a cheap camping trip or just want to kill a few hours I would highly recommend Wilbinga!

Relaxing with a line out
Relaxing with a line out

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  1. Hey David,

    That’s pretty cool; I’ve not seen that before.

    It’s easier to just access it from Indian Ocean Drive, and it doesn’t upset anyone or give the 4WDing niche a bad reputation. It won’t stop many though

    Take care

  2. There’s a great new satellite image put out by wanneroo shire go to https://enterprise.mapimage.net/IntraMaps21B/?configId=ab754696-b230-4955-a588-975c4d34312a
    and turn on the satellite image layer. So detailed you can see people on the beach and all the road blocks. its probably illegal but lots do it- to access wilbinga from Two rocks head east from two rocks on Breakwater Drive and turn off just past the school then head for the water tanks on the hill and thence to the beach- look on the satellite image for details.

  3. Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for letting me know about that; it shouldn’t do that. I’ll have a look into it

    Take care

  4. Such a great article and site in general except the two annoying sound clips that keep blaring out randomly at full sound.

  5. Hey Phil,

    Yep, too many idiots around who don’t do the right thing. I don’t understand why people would leave any rubbish behind, let alone the car bodies and all sorts of other junk out there.

    I’m sure it will eventually get closed because of this, but lets hope it stays open for a bit longer!


  6. We’ve been going to Wilbinga Beach for years, it’s a great place for 4 x wheel driving, fishing & camping for the family & close to Perth. However, antisocial behaviour, not being prepared to share campsites, not taking out your rubbish with you, have tarnished the experience a bit. Damn shame that we have more than our fair share of inbred morons prepared to ruin this place for others.
    Help clean up the place, take out your rubbish & a little bit more that others have left behind & we might all be able to enjoy Wilbinga a bit longer. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Aaron yeah a dry run is a wise move I think. Might go for a spin this weekend and scope it out. Thanks again mate!

  8. Hi Norts,

    I’d be loathe to suggest you try it – the gravel road isn’t the best, and from memory you have to go over a couple of soft hills. I haven’t actually been there in a while though, so I can’t give you an up to date track condition. The waves onto that beach could also be a problem, but maybe you are used to that. You can enter from Two Rocks, at Durrs Track which might be a better idea? I’d do a dry run and see before you tow the boat out there; the last thing you want is to struggle along towing a boat behind you!

  9. Hi all, just wondering how the main track from wanneroo rd to the beach is for towing a small fibreglass boat + trailer is? got a 18+1/2 FT boat, 1600kg approx. weight. Any chance towing it along the track gently and launching off the sand? Thanks in advance.

  10. Unreal mate, the beach changes so quickly. Some days its rock hard, and a few weeks like powder. All you can do is keep letting your tyres down, even to 6 PSI or so; just take it gently.

  11. G’day done a very small section in my 120 prado and a reli’s wrangler we both ended up being bogged for 3h on the beach bumped tyres down to 10psi. sand was like driving on foam “extremely soft ” never driven or seen sand so soft in my life so definitely be prepared and write Down the recovery number at the start if u plan on hitting the beach but definitely heading back better prepared

  12. That’s great to hear!


  13. Madelaine says:

    I rang the Rangers last year and was told the whole area is controlled by the DEC. After a few calls I spoke to a really nice guy who said we were OK to drive and camp through there…just observe the usual rules like rubbish, safe driving.

    We never made it there last year and I hope it will be re-opening.

  14. Hi Craige,

    Diesel 4WD’s are much more suitable for touring and general four wheel driving. The surfs are a great vehicle, with plenty of poke. My brother had one for quite some time, with the same motor. If I recall correctly the only issues they had related to the cooling systems on both the automatic transmissions and radiator. Do some research online, and make sure that your cooling system (s) are in great nick. Other than that, enjoy the vehicle; it will last for a long time.


  15. Hi Aaron,

    We ended up buying a 94 surf 3.0 diesel with 190K’s. We took a drive down wilbinga rd just this sunday and had heaps of fun. We didnt make it to the beach because it was getting late in the day so decided to turn around and come home. We are definitely planning a trip to wilbinga again when the weather warms up. I chose the surf over a landcruiser simply because i preferred a diesel over a petrol and found it hard to find an 80 series diesel landcruiser.

  16. Hi Craige,

    Sorry about the late reply; I’ve been out of reception. The 80 series are a great vehicle, in both diesel and petrol. The petrol ones are quite thirsty, but you will save a massive amount on the purchase price over a diesel in the first place; it may work out to be more economical anyway. The 80 is definitely the pick over a surf.

    Best of luck!


  17. Hi Aaron

    We were originally looking a getting an explorer simply because they seemed reasonably priced. However we have now decided it would be better to go with either a 80 series landcruiser or a hilux surf, I am leaning towards the landcruiser. We are looking at one tomorrow it’s a 94 4.5 petrol with 250k’s I would prefer a diesel but they seem hard to find or either out if our price range.

  18. Hi Craig,

    Wilbinga will be fine in an explorer. Providing you let your tyres down properly you wont have any issues. What has made you pick out an explorer over something else?

    Best of luck mate

  19. Hi,

    I am new to 4WD have have come across your great site. I am planning on buying a 2004 ford explorer and would plan to plan a trip to wilbinga as our first trip as it is close to us. Do you think I would have any trouble getting there and on the beach with a ford explorer?


  20. hey

    one other question, we are going to take only 1 car, so is there any good places to camp other than near the beach?

  21. Hi Brayden,

    I think if you rang the Shire, they would probably say it isn’t. However, I still hear of plenty of people camping there every weekend without being hassled.


  22. Hi guys just wondering if it still legal to camp at wilbinga, thinking of heading long weekend?

  23. Hi Ken,

    I’ve seen quite a few people with dogs up that way. Keep close and you shouldn’t have an issue. For a concrete answer though, give the shire a call

    Take care mate

  24. Hey Aaron. Do you know if its ok to bring dogs camping with us at Wilbinga?

  25. G’day Joe,

    You shouldn’t have an issue, providing you let the tyres down properly (12 – 15PSI) and stay away from big ruts.

    Enjoy mate!


  26. Hey Aaron,
    Gold mine of a site bro!
    We are planning to do a quick camping trip on the beach around late Feb/early March 2013. I have a 2003 rav4 AWD in pretty good nick. Do you think it can make it?
    I wouldn’t think we could do mad exploring out there, even if the car made it (being AWD), but do you have any suggestions?

  27. G’day Peter,

    That’s great to hear. What was the rubbish like in the area? I know a few pigs have been causing problems over the last few months by dumping rubbish.

    Take it easy

  28. Peter Caporn says:

    Went to Wilbinga Beach New Years Eve, road open and camping good.
    Got 4 mulloway and 9 nice big tailor , Huge Pt jackson shark and missed a couple monster mulloway / sharks. Top 4wd area – beach ok , dunes good.02/02/2013

  29. Ben Grave says:

    G’day bud,

    Wanting to take my boof heads up there and get them into fishing etc, where abouts is the turn off to head into Wilbinga? Is it just past Nowdrgup there is it?

    Cheers mate

  30. Hi Iluca,

    You really need a four wheel drive to camp at Wilbinga – the area’s are spread out and in soft sand


  31. Hi,

    I want to camp in Wilbinga too, but I don’t have a 4X4 car…
    when I arrive at the “parking area” how far will be the beach? can we walk until there?
    thank you

  32. Hi Shampa,

    There is no where to book – you just arrive, pick a spot and camp away.

    Have a good one


  33. Hi…

    Want to camp in wilbinga but couldn’t find any contact details for the camp site booking. If you have it can you please send it via email. Thankyou..

  34. G’day Kasey,

    I’ve never seen anything that ‘surfable’, but perhaps with the right conditions it can be


  35. hey all. does anyone know if there is surf along here?

  36. Preston seemed ok once i got close to shore the sand was harder.. probably let the tyres down to 18psi but cant remember… my issue is clearance.. ive had my tyres down to 12psi in really soft sand and been able to drive ok but the height under the car is stuff all.. the territorys are a heavy car i just get abit nervous without anither 4wd.. also i heard the way to get to wilbinga is a track on the western side of wanneroo rd just past military road. is that correct?

  37. Hi Greg and Aaron,

    I’ve been on Preston beach with my Discovery 2 and it was fine, tyres were down to 10 psi. I still haven’t been to Wilbinga but am planning on the next couple of weeks just for a night. Any recommendations on an easy route to the beach to set up camp for the night (to avoid getting bogged)??



  38. G’day Greg,

    I’ve never been to Preston – is it soft? What tyre pressures did you go down to? Wilbinga can be good some days and terrible on others. I’d probably give it a miss, but that doesn’t stop you having a bit of a go at some of the inland tracks


  39. Hi,

    Ive heard of this spot a few times.. Do you reckon i could get onto the beach with an awd territory? Ive taken it to preston beach and it goes ok.. I dont want to risk it if its too soft..


  40. Hi Carrie,

    A lot of people have beach fires. However, I don’t think they are technically allowed. Your best bet would be to ring the ranger


  41. Hey Aaron
    Me and a couple of mates were thinking about camping down there in November are beach fires ok to have down there if it was closeish the sea we are wanting to make smores

  42. Hi Adam,

    You won’t have any issues. Make sure you let your tyres down properly, and stay away from any areas of the beach where you have to drive close to the water. As long as you are aware of the tides you will have a good time

    Have fun

  43. Hi Aaron,

    very new to 4WD but have a Prado with 2inch lift and was wondering your thoughts about Wilbinga as a first overnighter destination. Should be travelling with two other vehicles, one of which is driven by a realtively experienced driver. Looking to camp and fish for a night, especially as unable to do so at Wedge any more.



  44. G’day Dave,

    I am glad you like the site. I haven’t been to Wilbinga recently, but know a number of people who still camp there regularly. Check out the Perth 4×4 Forum and ask the question if you want

    Have a good one

  45. Hi guys,

    Liking this site! Has anyone actually camped around the beach at Wilbinga recently? Would love to go up with my mate for a night. I have a Land Rover Discovery so the drive should be good. Just don’t want to get fined!



  46. G’day Geoff,

    I am glad you like the site. I don’t know what the legalities of camping at Wilbinga are. You would need to speak to the shire of Gingin to get it from ‘the horses mouth’. However, I know that a lot of people have been camping there for years, and I have never heard of a fine being issued.


  47. Hi Aaron

    New to both 4WD and your site. So glad I stumbled accross it – you (and your correspondents)provide a wealth of practical information, which I am digesting. With respect to Wilbinga, I’ve driven past that rest stop so many times and didn’t realize that it went through to the coast. So I can’t wait to check it out. Any updates on camping (we are pretty self-sufficient)?


  48. Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for letting me know – I haven’t been there for a while. Have a good one


  49. hi
    i think that the main entrance to the track is closed but it you drive up a bit further (100m) there was another track with a detour sign that lead into the same place (i think) Not sure why they did this but i think it may have been because of the road works/ dangerous to turn in as on a hill and oncoming traffic cant see)
    not sure if this helps but any way.

  50. You should be able to tow a camper on 99% of Australian beaches, but I have heard the Wilbinga and Two Rock beaches are very soft and mushy at the moment. I guess it depends on what you are towing it with, and how confident you are on the beach


  51. OK will do. Thanks for that.
    Secondly, are the beach and beach access trails suitable for towing in a camper trailer (very light weight one) ?

  52. G’day Paul,

    I don’t know if it is allowed or not, but I would suggest it has only ever been tolerated and not ‘legal’ anyway. I’d be ringing the shire up to double check


  53. Hi,

    do you know if beach camping is still allowed at Wilbinga ? Just wanted to check given the recent changes to Wedge and the like.

    Thanks heaps.

  54. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the offer – I appreciate it. I don’t know whether I am allowed to post their GPS information – I better not do it just in case. I will have to get a GPS and start posting way points myself. Once again mate – really appreciate the offer.


  55. Hi Aaron,

    Do you have a place to post/ share GPS way points? or easting/ northing information? I have done the ‘wilbinga to seabird’ trek a few times now. What made this simple was the gps info I got from ‘4wd Day Trips out of Perth’ book. I’d be happy to share the info (if it doesn’t breech copyright laws).

  56. Has it? I didn’t even know that. Last time I was up there was only a few weeks ago too. Maybe because of motorbike riders? I hope it doesn’t stay shut.


  57. Any idea why the main Wilbinga track has been closed?