Driving from Two Rocks to Wilbinga

It’s been far too long since we last visited Wilbinga, and with the weather looking reasonably good we decided to make a day of it. The plan was to do a bit of 4WDing, fishing and diving.

EDIT: Please note the two rocks 4WD beach access (Dewars beach access track) is no longer permitted; you need to enter from Indian Ocean Drive at Wilbinga Grove (this is the easiest spot) and stay out of the shire of Wanneroo.

This is easily identified as it starts just below Flat Rocks, which can clearly be seen on Google Maps – a giant, flat rock. You’re allowed a tiny bit beyond the Wilbinga Shacks, but don’t drive into the Shire of Wanneroo. You can see the exact maps on their website, if you are keen.

Deflating the tyres
Airing down and catching up at the start of Dewars
Dewars Track Two Rocks
Dewars signage

After a short drive (take it easy driving on Dewars; there are lots of tight corners and you’d never be able to react in time if two cars met from opposite directions going quickly) we came to the first dune, which has about 5 different ‘tracks’ to get to the top.

First dune climb at Two Rocks
The first dune, with multiple ways up
On top of the first dune
The water looking nice and calm for a dive
Lots of power from the V8
The V8 200 series walking up
Up with the black GU

After driving a bit further, you get to some decent sized dunes which are very difficult to make it up without a lot of momentum. Even the big 200 series twin turbo V8 didn’t get up, although it was awfully close!

Onto some more challenging dunes
On the go pedal
Giving it a few berries
Close, but not quite
4WD tracks at Two Rocks
Watching the hill climbs
Two rocks reef
Lots of great reef at Two Rocks

We spent a while looking for somewhere suitable for diving, and set up. We ended up with 5 crays (all fairly small!), but had a good time diving and exploring the area.

Enjoying two Rocks
Parked up for a few photos
Two rocks beach
We’ve got a killer coastline
Parked on flat rocks
A good mixture of vehicles
Flat rocks in Two Rocks
Got to be happy with the view!
Two rocks smoke
Smoke filling the horizon from the Bullsbrook fire
Set up at Flat Rock
Set up for more diving
Roxy having fun on the rock
Roxy searching for crabs on the rock
Our 80 at Wilbinga
Our 80 enjoying the view
Bullsbrook fire smoke
A lot of smoke on the way out
The smoke on the way home
Smoke blocking the sun out, taken on the drive home

The Bullsbrook fire was completely out of control, and the smoke was unreal. We are truly sorry for any damaged property, and a massive thanks goes to everyone involved in trying to put it out!

About Two Rocks Dewars Track

EDIT: This is now closed, and you must enter Wilbinga via Indian Ocean Drive at Wilbinga Grove, and not go further south than flat rocks, or you enter the shire of Wanneroo, which does not permit beach driving, and is actually quite intolerant towards 4WDing in the shire. They regularly have rangers out fining people who are in the wrong area.

Two Rocks to Wilbinga Beach

The beach from Two Rocks to Wilbinga can be very soft, and has a number of sections that are washed away. Where possible, take the lower track (unless there is plenty of room up the top). I’ve seen too many accidents where people have slid off the top track and either rolled their vehicle, or come very close. We saw a Triton being dragged back to civilisation when we were up there that had gone over.

I’d suggest 15 – 18 PSI is the ideal starting pressure for this beach. If you are struggling, let the tyres down to 12 PSI, and see the difference.


I was fairly impressed to see very little rubbish left behind (asides from a few car bodies, and someone’s filthy rubbish at the end of Wilbinga drive). If you leave rubbish, expect to be photographed and reported by the majority of 4WDers who don’t tolerate this behaviour. You are responsible for keeping this place open; lets look after it.


For those in the northern suburbs, this is a very popular trip. It’s a bit of a hike for those in the southern suburbs, but still the closest place to Perth where there is decent dune driving and beach driving. It’s a cracker spot, and one that we want to keep open; lets keep it in good condition.

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  1. Hey Sergio,

    Yep. Enter off Indian Ocean Drive at Wilbinga Grove, go towards the coast and don’t go south of the big, flat rocks or you end up in the shire where they’ll fine you.

    All the best

  2. Sergio Yibrin says:

    Hey mate,

    I’m a bit confused with this post! Is not clear to me what we can or can not 😐

    Do you have some way points of where you go?

  3. Hey Lee,

    Cheers mate. We certainly have a great, privileged lifestyle that people need to look after.

    All the best

  4. Lee Ricciardo says:

    Nice to see people enjoying an adventure. And keeping the environment clean as we pass through is a good point to push. Iv been out fishing and campaign with my grandfather from a young age and am now trying to show my son how to 4wd. These places are one’s of my youth so yes let’s keep it clean for this experience to keep going. THANKS GUYS.