Camp oven lid lifter; do you need one?

We purchased a camp oven many moons ago, and have cooked plenty of delicious meals in it. However, for many years I used a tent peg to lift the lid on and off, and lets just say it wasn’t the best practice, and certainly didn’t help with creating any easy camping meals!

Camp oven lid lifter
If you haven’t got a camp oven lid lifter, get one; they are a must have

Camp ovens by nature tend to get quite dirty on the outside, and using a tent peg to precariously balance the lid whilst you removed it resulted in some extra ash additions to our meals on the odd occasion. After seeing a number of camp oven lid lifters on the market, I added the cheapest one I could find to a Snowys order and put it through.

These things are gold. It makes picking up a camp oven lid so easy, secure and simple, and I cant believe we didn’t get one earlier. Yes, wearing gloves is still a good idea (we use welding gloves), but its so much easier than trying to lift the lid off with a stick, or tent peg, or anything like that.

Camp oven lid lifter makes it secure
This forces the lid up evenly, and gives you so much more control

What camp oven lid lifters can you get?

Surprisingly, there’s actually a whole heap of different types of camp oven lid lifters. You can get the basic one like we have above, or ones with two handles that you squeeze together. If you have a heavy camp oven the clamping mechanism design is smart, but we make do with our lighter unit, and have never really had any issues with it.

One thing I’ll never go back to is a tent peg, which twists, turns, and has zero control over the lid balance, and I chuckle thinking about how we did it for so long. We did so many camp oven dampers and other meals with coals nearly falling in, because you could never balance it properly!

Do you use a camp oven lid lifter? Are you happy with it?

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