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Camp oven stew

On a cold winters night, there’s not much better than a good camp oven stew with some fresh bread. There’s a million different recipes out there for different people, and if you find one that you like, hold onto it.

Ours is fairly simple, and whilst its not the best stew I’ve ever had in my life, its pretty good with some fresh bread or damper, and its really simple to cook when camping which is a huge tick for us.

Camp oven stew

We love a good camp oven stew


Diced red meat

Carrots, cut into slices

Potatoes, cut into chunks

Sweet Potato, cut into chunks

Pumpkin, cut into chunks





If your camp oven is clean, pre heat it and throw the meat in to brown it off, and then add the rest of the ingredients, and mix it all in. You want a fair bit of water in the bottom for it to cook slowly away, and once you are happy put it on the edge of the fire with some coals on the bottom and top. You don’t want too much heat; this should cook over 2 – 3 hours with the longer the cook time the better.

Cutting the ingredients up

Cutting the ingredients up

Meat in the camp oven stew

Adding the meat and gravox to the camp oven

Adding everything to the stew

Add the rest of the ingredients and give it a really good stir

Open it every hour or so to give it a stir and make sure that there’s still fluid available and that it isn’t cooking on the bottom, and when its all cooked you can take it out and serve it up.

Camp oven stew cooking on the fire

Cooking the camp oven stew on the fire with regular checks

Stew in the camp oven on the fire

You can cook it nice and slowly

Stew and bread when camping

On a cold winters night there’s not much better

We love having it with some fresh bread from the shops, or you can do a damper fairly easily that always goes down well too.

Damper when camping

You can’t beat a good damper as a side

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