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Every time I go camping I seem to forget something. It doesn’t matter how many days beforehand that I make up a list, how many times I go over it and how I pack, something always seems to get left behind.

However, there are a number of people that have camping so well arranged that they can hook up the trailer on a Friday afternoon, grab the cold food and be on the road an hour later. I decided to write this post to make a Camping Gear List that people can use as a base for what they want to take camping.

Remember all of the Cooking Gear
Remember all of the Cooking Gear

How does the weather effect what I take?

The weather plays a huge role in what you take camping. Starting off at the clothes that you take and working right through to the type of tent that you take, extras to avoid the rain, recovery devices for muddy weather (Maxtrax), lighting for cooking and working and a huge range of other things are affected. Be sure to carefully consider what the weather is going to do, and make your decisions accordingly.

Clothes for Camping

Packing the right clothes is something that can take a bit of weather work. Have a look at the predicted weather for the dates that you are going away, and base the clothes that you take off that. Of course, take a little bit of the opposite temperature clothing so that you are prepared for whichever way the weather is going to go.

Having a rain coat is a good idea if there is any chance of it raining.  I have found that taking at least an extra set of clothes can be a lifesaver if you slip over in the mud or ruin a pair doing something else.
•    Shirts
•    Shorts
•    Jumpers
•    Socks
•    Underwear
•    Rain Coat
•    Coats
•    Shoes
•    Thongs or sandals
•    Thermals

Toiletries for Camping

Toiletries are an important item to take camping, mainly for the people around you! Of course, you only need to take what is specific for the trip. If you aren’t able to have a shower or a wash then taking a towel is probably unnecessary. Likewise, most males will just go without having a shave, but it depends on the circumstances of your trip!
•    Soap
•    Shampoo
•    Shaving Cream
•    Shaver
•    Towels
•    Toothpaste and Toothbrush
•    Toilet paper
•    Shovel
•    Portable Toilet
•    Deodorant

•   Insect Repellent

Electronics for Camping

Taking the right electronics with you is not only a good idea from a safety perspective, but it allows you to have some entertainment whilst you are away. However, many people like to get away from it all and will leave everything bar the bare necessities at home.
•    Phone
•    Portable Radios
•    GPS
•    Laptop
•    Chargers (for everything that you need!)
•    Music players
•    Camera
•    Inverter

What Camping Gear?

This is probably the most important list to take with you. Camping can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are cold, wet or unable to sleep well. Make sure you have good camping gear items and you should never have a problem.
•    Tent or Swag
•    Camping Mattress and pump (if required)
•    Pillow
•    Sleeping Bag
•    Sheets
•    Door mats
•    Light stands
•    Fridge
•    Ice blocks
•    Portable Shower
•    Light Globes
•    Generator
•    Fuel
•    Ropes
•    Insect Repellent
•    Torch and spare batteries
•    Buckets
•    Tarp
•    Pegs
•    Tomahawk
•    Spare Pegs, Poles and a Ground Sheet

•    Table
•    Chairs

Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment tends to be very specific based on what it is that you want to cook on your trip. After going camping several times you will soon be well aware of what you need to take and what you can do without.
•    Table
•    Portable Cooker
•    Lighter
•    Knives
•    Spoons
•    Forks
•    Teaspoons
•    Tongs
•    Cheese Grater
•    Cutting Boards
•    Sharp knives
•    Gas bottle (or other fuel)
•    Pots and pans
•    Water Storage
•    Detergent
•    Scourer
•    Rubbish Bags
•    Egg Flip
•    Glad wrap
•    Alfoil
•    Kettle
•    Cups (hot water proof)
•    Toaster

4WD Equipment

Nothing is worse than being stranded out miles from the nearest town. Take a bare minimum of some spares and a basic toolbox, but ideally you should have more than that. Just as important as your tools is plenty of good quality recover equipment.
•    Spare Belts
•    Radiator hoses
•    Other spare parts
•    Toolbox
•    Snatch Strap
•    Maxtrax
•    Winch controller
•    Tyre Gauge
•    Tyre Deflator
•    Puncture repair kit and spare tyre, tube and rim
•    Extra Fuel
•    Fire Extinguisher
•    Maps
•    Duct Tape
•    Cable Ties
•    WD-40
•    Spare engine oil

•    Chainsaw and accessories

Miscellaneous items

•    First Aid Kit
•    Firewood
•    Fire Starters
•    Money
•    Sunglasses
•    Sunscreen
•    Hammock
•    Books

Food for Camping

•    Fruit
•    Vegetables
•    Meat
•    Pasta
•    Snacks

Other items that are specific:

•    Snorkeling gear
•    Fishing gear
•    Boating gear
•    Motorbike riding gear
•    Mountain Bike Gear
•    Canoeing Gear

I will add to this Camping Gear List as I find that I need more items with me when camping. No doubt I will have forgotten a few anyway, so please leave a comment with suggestions! Remember; an organised camping trip is an enjoyable one!

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  1. Hi Sharon

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added it to the list

    Have a good one


  2. Hi Babs,

    I honestly haven’t dealt with any camping gear hire locations, asides from Camper Trailers. How much do you want to rough it? You can’t camp outside of the Caravan Park in Moore River, although it is a great spot and very close to Perth. How long are you in Perth for? You can get some pretty cheap second hand camping gear off Gumtree.

    Try Googling ‘Perth Camping Gear Hire’ and you get a few results. Do you have a four wheel drive? What would you like to see?


  3. Hi Aaron

    Fantastic website I must say…

    As a camping novice and being new to WA (ie a former city slicker from VIC!), I’m wondering if you could pls point me in the direction of any good / cheap camping equipment hire places? We will virtually have to hire it all…..

    Also, there will be 8 of us heading off on our camping adventure next month (1 or 2 nights – 4 adults and 4 kids, 3 out from London who are excited about getting into the Aussie outdoors). We were thinking Moore River could be good, what do you think?

    Thanks, Barbs. 🙂

  4. Hi Bronny

    I am glad you found it helpful. Let me know if I have forgotten anything!


  5. Wow… Thanks you so much. This has been a fantastic help. Awesome job.

  6. Hi Ali,

    You are right – toilet paper is one of those things you don’t want to leave at home! Coral Bay is an amazing place – one of my favorites.


  7. Don’t forget the toilet paper. Great list and great review on Coral Bay – thanks.

  8. Hey Tom,

    I forgot about that – can’t say I have ever needed one. I do know that they are handy in many situations though – I will add it


  9. Hey Aaron, what about the chainsaw?

  10. Thank you Bes!


  11. Thanks heaps man….this helped me alot..