Private Blackwood River Camping

Imagine pulling into a beautiful property only 3 hours from Perth knowing it backs onto the Blackwood River, has toilets and showers, plenty of firewood and no one else to disturb your peace and quiet for the duration of your stay. Sound like paradise?

Over the WA day long weekend, we left Perth on Friday at about 4:30PM, bound for just that. We didn’t have much of a plan, except to get away from the big smoke with some mates. As it turned out, this Blackwood River Camping spot was going to become a favourite.

Enjoying the Blackwood
The Blackwood River, all to ourselves
Loving the fire down south
Plenty of great camp fires
A few 4WDs with us
Driving across the paddock

Where is this place, and how do I get there?

This stunning location is known as Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat, and is located not far out of Boyup Brook. It’s 3 hours south east of Perth, down Albany Highway, and located on Boyup Brook Road. From the southern suburbs, its only about 2 and a half hours; easily within reach on your Friday afternoons!

Feeding the sheep lentils
Feeding the sheep one morning
Sheep at Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat
Some very friendly sheep

About Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

Right about now, you are probably wondering how we found out about this fantastic property. It’s owned by a lovely lady by the name of Sylvia, who was using a property sharing website that has since been closed on her behalf.

You can find the official Facebook page here –

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat is a lovely property with a few hundred sheep, that backs onto the beautiful Blackwood River. The paddock is on a slight slope and has two big dams and lots of green grass.

At the back of the property, there’s a little fence which stops the sheep getting down to the banks of the Blackwood. You are able to access this area by foot, but vehicles are stopped from entering due to dieback.

Sylvia is trying to restore this area back to its original state, by protecting it and planting native flora back in its place. It’s the ultimate place for camping with a big gap between you and the nearest people.

Dam in the south east
One of the dams. There’s yabbies in the dam too!
Blackwood River camping
Enjoying a foggy morning over the Blackwood
Blackwood River exploring
Exploring the property along the Blackwood River

What facilities are there?

Asides from more room to set your tents up than you could poke a stick at, there’s hot showers and toilets at the homestead, a few picnic tables around the place and power if you require it. There are a few steel plates where you can cook your food on with a fire too.

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Toilets and showers
The homestead has showers and toilets outside
Bacon and Eggs while camping
Bacon and eggs over the fire

What can you do there?

Kayaking up and down the Blackwood river is popular here, as is fishing, bird watching, swimming (if you dare; its freezing!) and just relaxing around a big camp fire. There’s plenty of wood to burn, and a fair bit of land to explore.

It’s the perfect place to base yourself for a weekend, and head out exploring the area around Trigwell, Boyup Brook and Arthur River.

Blackwood River kayaking
Kayak down the Blackwood River
Camp fire in WA
Have epic camp fires. This was a pile that needed burning
Volleyball down south
Play a game of Volleyball

How much does it cost?

Camping is $15 per adult per night, and $10 per child. It’s not super cheap, but you get the whole place to yourself, firewood to use in season and its in a pretty spectacular location.

Blackwood River WA
It’s a spectacular part of the world

How do you book?

You can book by visiting the Facebook page; Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat. Send her a PM or ring her, and Sylvia will get back to you.

Private Property Camping
Camping metres away from the Blackwood River on private property

It gets cold down there!

We expected it to be cold, but it was freezing. Both nights got down to the negatives, and resulted in some pretty serious frost in the mornings. We were all very glad of being able to have a big fire every night! Make sure you take warm clothing, and good quality sleeping gear. There’s nothing worse than spending the night shivering away!

Smart Bull Bar Frost
Frost on the Smart Bull Bar
Frosty wind screen
Not going to be seeing much through that for a while!
Foggy morning on the blackwood
The fog was pretty amazing

Was it worth it?

We had a fantastic time at Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat. Realistically we did very little; relaxed around the fire, kayaked up the river, wet a line a few times, played a few games of Volleyball and Frizby, and just enjoyed our time away from the city.

It’s rare to be able to take off with mates and leave the big smoke behind, and something we were all very pleased about!

Magic fire dust
Magic fire dust
Relaxing while camping in WA
Relaxing under the stars

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  1. Jemma Gwatkin says:

    Thanks so much for your reply. I have a boxer cross and my sister has a retriever x both gentle and friendly.

  2. Yep, as long as you keep them on a leash. It is possibly breed dependant though; they have lots of little lambs and sheep around the place.

  3. Jemma Gwatkin says:

    Are dogs allowed? Thanks so much