Boat Harbour Camp; amazing camping near Denmark

If you are looking for incredible beaches, brilliant 4WD tracks, amazing Karri forests and some of the best camping around Denmark and Walpole, I reckon we might have found it; Boat Harbour Camp.

Boat Harbour Camp and Chalets
Our spot at Boat Harbour Camp for 3 days

Boat Harbour Camp and Chalets was our home for 3 glorious nights, and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking for somewhere to stay in the Denmark/Walpole/Albany region. We were looking forward to the stay, but left feeling like it had far exceeded our expectations.

We don’t often travel south in winter, but after finding a few stunning locations like this, paired with plenty of good weather it turned out to be a cracker trip, and we will be back without a doubt. 

Rame head
Exploring the amazing coastline near Peaceful Bay

Where is it, and is it 2WD accessible?

You’ll find Boat Harbour Camp on the south coast of WA, set back about 5km from the beach. Located 22 minutes from Denmark, or 23 minutes to Peaceful Bay its quite centrally located to plenty of other amazing spots. Alternatively, its only 33 minutes to Walpole and 59 minutes to Albany.

You’ll comfortably get most rigs into Boat Harbour Denmark, including big caravans, 2WD vehicles and even most RV’s, as long as they aren’t hugely oversize.

Boat Harbour entry
Boat Harbour Camp entry

What’s there?

Boat Harbour Camping is an amazing slice of private property with the usual caravan park facilities, a couple of chalets and an amazing Karri tree back drop.

The owners home is on the left as you drive in, which has just had the roof blown off. They have a few chooks, some alpacas and there is plenty of native animal life around.

Driving into Boat Harbour
The driveway to Boat Harbour Camp
Amazing morning down south
Amazing sunrises each morning

Boat Harbour Beach

On the south coast, WA has some truly insane beaches. Boat Harbour is one of our favourites, with so many options to explore.

The track in continues past the camp ground, and turns to soft sand, with you eventually popping out onto the beach. This can be a great place to fish, the 4WD tracks are a bit of fun and the beaches are nothing short of astounding.

Unfortunately for us, on our most recent stay the track in was closed due to fire break upgrades so we didn’t get to go back!

Beaches at Denmark
One of the amazing beaches at Boat Harbour


The camping amenities are dated and rustic, but kept clean and we had no issues with them. If you are expecting new showers, flash toilets and amazing bathrooms, this place is not for you. On the other hand, if you just want something to get the job done it works just fine.

There is a camp kitchen with microwave, fridge, tables and a fire to keep warm. There is a dump point providing you have used the right chemicals, and a small swing set for the kids to enjoy.

Boat Harbour Amenities
The toilets, showers and wash up area
Boat Harbour from above
Boat Harbour Camp from above

What does it cost?

Off peak (March 1 to December 13) camping is $10 per night (15 +), per person unpowered. Kids over 3 are another $5 per night, and if you want power, its another $5 per night. Caravans are $35 per night on a powered site for two people. 

In peak season (December 14 to Feb 28) its $15 per night for adults, $7 per night for kids and Caravans are $40 per night. 

All things considered, these prices are very reasonable.

Camping near Denmark
Unpowered sites with lots of room
Good morning Denmark
Waking up to the birds chirping and beautiful Karri Tree’s

When’s the best time to visit?

Going off the peak times, the most popular time to visit is when its warmest – November through to March. However, if you are OK with the cooler weather its beautiful year round.

I’m not sure I’d want to spend a week there if it was pouring with rain, but we did 3 nights in early June and had absolutely amazing weather. 

Over winter its much more likely to rain, but you also get the incredible misty mornings and get to see it rise through the Karri tree’s.

Enjoying a fire at Boat Harbour
Stunning evenings around the fire

What can you do in the area?

If you are into adventure, you could spend weeks exploring the Walpole/Peaceful Bay/Denmark/Albany region. There is so many incredible beaches to see, plenty of 4WD tracks, brilliant fishing and lots of other amazing natural attractions. Here’s a few things you can do:

Nornalup Inlet

The inlet around Walpole is absolutely staggering. You can see it at Coalmine Beach Holiday Park, Rest Point and a heap of lookouts and day use areas.

On a calm day, to see the mirror finish on an almost endless chunk of water is amazing. If you have a boat, you’ll have a ball fishing for black bream, and exploring out near the ocean mouth.

Walpole Inlet
The amazing Walpole inlet

Rame Head

One of our favourite areas near Peaceful bay is Rame Head. It’s a fairly easy 4WD track to a number of beautiful beaches on the west side of Peaceful Bay, and is highly worth a day

Exploring Rame Head
Exploring the 4WD tracks around Rame Head

Boat Harbour Beach

Of course, if you are going to stay at Boat Harbour Camp, you need to hit the beach. If you have a 2WD this isn’t possible, but it is a stunning set of beaches to explore.

Little Boat Harbour
Enjoying the beach at Boat Harbour

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

For something different, the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is astounding, providing you aren’t too afraid of heights. Walk 40 metres above the ground level in the Tingle Tree Canopy, and experience a view like never before. 

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk
40 metres up at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Giant Tingle Tree

If you’ve never seen a really, really big tree, this is worth a quick stop. It is almost too big to fathom, and you’ll get some great photos here.

Giant Karri Tree
The Giant Karri Tree

Denmark tourist drive

On the way into Denmark, there’s a tourist drive that you can do, that goes past a number of properties that welcome the public. From wineries to galleries, ice cream, chocolate, honey and animals there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy.

Greens Pool

Possibly the best beach in WA, Greens Pool is currently undergoing a big upgrade. I’m told you can still get there from Parry Beach (4WD along the beach and then walk) but the car park is closed. This has some of the best bright green/blue water you’ll see anywhere in the state.

Greens Pool Denmark
Greens Pool; a short drive away from Parry Beach

Denmark River

The river that flows through Denmark is a beautiful one to spend a few hours relaxing on. The town itself is very friendly, and you can easily pick up a nice feed and relax on the river bank.

Albany beaches

I could list the many amazing beaches in Albany, but I won’t. Lets just say there are more than you’d explore in a day or two, and there aren’t many that are not worth a stop. There’s a ridiculous number of 4WD tracks around Albany too, with many taking you to stunning spots off the beaten path.

Little Beach in Albany
Little Beach in Albany, one of many incredible beaches

Albany Anzac Centre

The Albany Anzac Centre has huge recognition and is an amazing place to spend the afternoon. Head up for a picnic overlooking Albany, delve into the history and let the kids run wild with the old guns and subs!

Albany National Anzac Centre
At the Albany National Anzac Centre

Get out and explore it

I’m very pleased to find another stunning region of WA to explore. We’ve done Walpole, Denmark and Albany many times before, but never really dived into the incredible places that are so easy to get to. We will be doing a summer trip down south in the near future, and can’t wait to head back down here.

If you are looking for a magic place to spend a few nights, check out Boat Harbour Camp!

Peaceful Bay 4WD Tracks
A day on the beach at Peaceful Bay

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  1. Hey Leon,

    Awesome. We were so disappointed they were doing road works to the track down when we last stayed, and missed out. Will be back again for sure.

    Nice to know about the Walpole inlet tour; I love that place.

    All the best

  2. Boat Harbour is a treasure, got to feed the rays with left over bait. The drive in and out was fun, as was the fishing but without a feed. At Walpole the inlet tour is the most engaging and enlightening tour the family have done!