Port Smith Lagoon and Caravan Park; a unique stay near Broome

There’s some pretty incredible camping on the coast between Port Hedland and Broome, and Port Smith Lagoon and Caravan Park is well and truly deserving of a couple of nights, at least. It’s hugely popular for those wanting to catch decent fish, as well as kicking back at the beautiful lagoon.

Fishing at Port Smith Lagoon
Flicking lures around Port Smith Lagoon

Where is Port Smith Lagoon and Caravan Park?

You’ll find this place 167km South West of Broome, 55km South West of Barn Hill Station and 486km North East of Port Hedland.

What’s the road condition like?

Port Smith Lagoon is located at the end of a 22km sandy/gravel road. It is regularly maintained, and is generally in pretty good condition but it pays to check before driving in. Regular feedback on Wikicamps is easily obtained.

About Port Smith Caravan Park

The Caravan Park at Port Smith is like a small community, with a shop, ability to get fuel and plenty of older accommodation. It is not an oasis that you roll into with bright green lawn everywhere.

Sites are located in between trees and on the red dirt. Everything runs off a generator, and the facilities are decent, but nothing flashy.

Port Smith Caravan Park
A typical camp site at the Caravan Park

You can walk down to the lagoon, but it is 1.3 kilometres away and most people take their vehicles and set up for the day. 

What does it cost?

Powered and unpowered sites are both $42 per night, with children between 5 and 15 an extra $7 per night, and kids under 5 free. It’s not the cheapest place in the world, but they have to keep the place running year round on a generator, which isn’t cheap either.

Camped at Port Smith
There’s quite a bit of room

Launching your boat at Port Smith Lagoon

I mentioned above that fishing is hugely popular at Port Smith Lagoon. Boat launching is done in a natural ‘boat ramp’ down to the west of the lagoon, and has to be done with extreme care around the tides.

You get a tiny window to launch your boat, and then a few hours to fish before you need to come back again at the right tide level.

Get it wrong and you won’t make it back to the boat ramp, or you’ll be sitting there for hours for the water to go down so you can get your vehicle there. Alternatively, you can drive your brand new Land Cruiser through salt water, but that’s a terrible decision.

Tidal plains at Port Smith
At the Port Smith ‘boat ramp’ waiting for the tide to recede

Are there crocodiles?

Being south of Broome the chances of seeing a crocodile are slim, but it does happen. We were told they don’t see them in the lagoon, but again, it could happen. We actually dived outside of the lagoon (which was pretty bad visibility and quite full of current) but its something you want to be aware of.

Crocodile at Lorella
You should always be cautious of crocodiles

Sand flies and mosquitoes

A common complaint from Port Smith Caravan Park is the sand flies and Mosquitoes. Just before sunset, they actually drive a vehicle around and smoke the entire caravan park out which seems to get rid of them for some time.

I was completely bewildered when I saw a huge cloud of smoke coming our way, but soon found out it was to control the bugs.

Port Smith smoke
Smoking the bugs away at Port Smith Caravan Park

Port Smith Lagoon

On a nice, sunny day there’s few places better than Port Smith Lagoon. The water is a bright turquoise colour, the sand is pristine and its absolute paradise to kick back and relax.

We really enjoyed our stay at Port Smith Lagoon, but if you weren’t into fishing or didn’t have a boat there are plenty of other great places along the coastline too.

Fishing in the lagoon
Fishing in the beautiful lagoon
Port Smith Lagoon Fishing
It’s certainly a picturesque location

Have you stayed at Port Smith Lagoon? What did you think of it?

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