26 of our favourite camp sites in WA

Call us a bit biased, but WA has some of the best camping in the world, and in this post we share with you our most treasured, and favourite camp sites that we’ve found over the years. We’ve lived in Perth for several decades, and have explored a huge amount of this fantastic state, and stayed at some truly next level locations.

You’ll see a bit of a theme amongst them; it has to have water, or great scenery, or good fishing and diving. We love adventure, and areas that have lots to explore are high up on our list. 

I don’t share this lightly, and hope that those who visit these places do their utmost to leave them pristine, and do the right thing. Please share this post around with those who are going to do the right thing!

In this post, I’ve started the furthest away from Perth, and worked our way back.

Millstream mornings
We’ve got some spectacular camp sites in WA!

1) Private Camp Sites at El Questro

3034km North East of Perth

Starting way up north in the Kimberley, just off the Gibb River Road lies a massive station known as El Questro. This is by far and away the busiest spot along the Gibb, but if you can get a private site that is in the lower numbers you are onto a winner.

El Questro is nothing short of incredible, with its thermal springs, amazing gorges, beautiful swimming holes, great 4WD tracks and more. They know how to charge for all this though, so be warned!

You get to explore the amazing station and then come back to a site with no one around, which is far nicer than being jammed in a camp ground that can have up to 800 people in it at peak periods. In fact, as I write this El Questro are not allowing any more campers to come in that don’t have bookings, which I’ve never heard of before.

You pay more for the private sites and have to drive to take a shower, but the peace and tranquillity is worth it. Get a lower number so you have a higher water level, and you can often swim (or at least sit in water) right near camp.

Please know this is not cheap, and the last time we stayed (in 2018) we were starting to question whether its worth the money. Having done it I’m not sure we’d go back at the current prices, but if you haven’t been before that’s something you’ll have to work out.

Amenities: A toilet within walking distance, with all of the other amenities being back at the station (showers, washing machines, camp kitchens etc).

Cost: Hold onto your hat! $31-33 per adult, $9-10 per child (5-15) or $72-83 per family (2 adults and 3 children under 15) per night. On top of this, you have to pay a visitor permit, which is $22 for each adult, and $11 per child (5 – 15). You can sometimes save 15%, which you’ll need. 

If you stay for 3 nights, with 2 adults and 2 kids, expect to pay about $282 – $315, making it around $100 a night!

Style of camping permitted: Small camping rigs. We did get an 18ft caravan into one of the sites, but El Questro were not recommending it and we might have had to prune a couple of trees to do so. Most sites will comfortably fit 2 – 3 vehicles, but they vary in size and amount of level ground considerably.

I would not recommend taking anything larger than a small hybrid in.

Pet friendly: Yes, but not to a number of the attractions

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Technically no, but you do need good clearance and an intake that’s not going to suck water in. A 4WD is a much safer option!

How to book: Phone, or book on the El Questro Website

Private Camping at El Questro station
Our private bush camp at El Questro, right on the river
El Questro private camping
The perfect place to relax in peace

2) Pender Bay

2202km North East of Perth

In terms of most picturesque camp sites, Pender Bay probably takes out this award for us every day of the week. We were thoroughly shocked at how stunning the coastline is north of Broome, and Pender Bay has some of the best on the Dampier Peninsula.

There’s great privacy, good fishing, an extremely laid back atmosphere and the pricing is pretty reasonable.

Amenities: Nothing at camp, but a short drive or walk back to the homestead has water, internet, washing machines etc.

Cost: $20 per person per night, over 12

Style of camping permitted: Any style – Caravans, Camper Trailers, Tents, Swags, Rooftops etc.

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Yes. You’d probably get a 2WD in with decent pressure, but the road can be rough and soft.

How to book: Ring the number on their Facebook Page, or email them. Please know this is extremely popular now and you should be booking months in advance if possible.

The best camp site in Australia
Some of the best views you’ll ever get from a camp site
Paradise at Cape Leveque
What a place to spend a few days!

3) James Price Point

2086km North East of Perth

In terms of free camping around Broome, you can’t go wrong with James Price Point. I was actually astounded a number of times here, at the sheer beauty and what is on offer. The red sand and cliffs light up like you cannot explain on sunrise and sunset, there’s more room to poke a stick at and its absolutely magnificent.

You can camp for kilometres along the coast up here, with the main camp ground region being below the cliffs, and absolutely massive. People camp south on top of the cliffs, further north in different bays and even right on the beach if they have a 4WD and are watching the tides!

Amenities: Zero. Bring everything in, and take everything out

Cost: Zero. Completely free. Respect this, or it will get closed off or made payable.

Style of camping permitted: Anything

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Technically no, but the road can be seriously corrugated. We saw a number of 2WD vehicles in, and as long as you have a bit of clearance you’d get in (but beware of the corrugations!)

How to book: No booking required. Turn up any time and you’ll find plenty of room.

Amazing cliffs at James Price Point
Absolutely stunning backdrop at James Price Point
James Price Point
One of the most magic camp sites around

4) Barn Hill Station

1927km North East of Perth

Located right on the coast between Port Hedland and Broome lies an amazing station that was thoroughly enjoyed.

We’re not usually a fan of big caravan park like places, but Barn Hill Station was absolutely unreal, and I was disappointed to leave. The camp sites are quite informal, and you basically just find a spot. It’s a short walk down to a truly amazing part of the coastline, with the option of launching a small boat, great fishing and we had an amazing dive with turtles, plenty of fish, a couple of sea snakes and sharks!

Amenities: All the usual caravan park amenities, although they are a bit more ‘station’ like

Cost: $35 – $45 per night without/with power.

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes, in dedicated fire rings

4WD required: No

How to book: Email or ring them

Barn Hill Camping
We really wanted to stay a few more days at Barn Hill; its a great place
Great days on the beach
The beaches at Barn Hill are spectacular

5) Cape Keraudren

1769km North East of Perth

Further down from Barn Hill Station lies a shire run camp ground also right on the coast, with two creeks that run in and a huge number of different camping opportunities. You have to pay a fee to access Cape Keraudren location which makes it uneconomical to stay for less than a couple of nights, but its a fishing mecca, is quite pretty and we had a great time here.

In many ways its similar to Cleaverville, which we also thoroughly enjoyed.

Amenities: Toilets, a dump point, rubbish bins and would you believe it: WIFI!

Cost: $12 for vehicle entry, plus $10 per person per night

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: No

How to book: No bookings required

Cape Keraudren
Cape Keraudren is a very unique location
Lots of Creeks to Explore
The creeks on either side are well and truly worth a visit

6) Pardoo Station

1745km North East of Perth

Just down the road from Cape Keraudren lies a huge cattle station, also with a significant of coastline on its property. Pardoo Station is well separated between the cattle and tourism side of its business, but gives you access to a huge, magic property that takes days to properly see.

The Caravan Park is clean, fairly tightly packed in, has plenty of shade and green grass and a nice swimming pool, but for us the real attraction was the access you get to the property itself. Seeing the different creeks fill and drain each day, turtles swimming around everywhere, mud crabs, great fishing and beautiful beaches was the main highlight.

Amenities: Every site is powered, and it has the usual caravan park amenities

Cost: $45 for two people per night, with kids $5 per night

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: There’s one communal fire pit near the shop

4WD required: No to stay, but yes to explore a lot of the station

How to book: Book online on their website

Pardoo Station Stay
Pardoo Station is king of opportunity for adventure
Pardoo Creek
There’s so much to see, including a heap of stunning creeks

7) Cossack

1564km North of Perth

If you look hard enough, you’ll stumble across some random gems that might just take your breathe away. Last year, we booked 6 weeks through the Pilbara and Kimberley, and Sarah found some ripper spots. One of them is in a tiny community called Cossack, camped right next to a big beautiful beach, with only a couple of campers nearby. 

You can camp at Settlers Beach or Butchers Inlet, but both need to be booked and well in advance.  

Amenities: Nothing, and you must contain your grey water here (they check you can too, and take photos)

Cost: $10 per night per person

Style of camping permitted:

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: No

How to book: This needs to be booked well in advance, by phoning the caretaker (0488 364 587) or emailing cossack@nyfl.org.au

Cossack camping
Beach front camping at Cossack
Cossack views from above
You can’t possibly go wrong!

8) George River Gorge

1632km North East of Perth

Some of the national parks in WA are absolutely incredible, and when you can take a 4WD and head into one to find a remote, pristine and stunning gorge away from the crowds its the ultimate winner for us. George River Gorge is the perfect example of this, located in the middle of the Millstream Chichester National Park.

It’s not far beyond the beautiful Python Pool, but requires a 4WD, and takes about an hour to get into from the main road. We were all thoroughly exhausted after a long day by the time we found camp, but its one of the best sites we’ve ever stayed at.

Amenities: Zero. Bring everything you need in and leave no trace

Cost: Completely free!

Style of camping permitted: Anything you can fit or tow behind a 4WD (larger trailers not recommended)

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: Yes, absolutely. You can take a hybrid camper trailer in, but any full size caravans are going to get scratched at best, and potentially damaged.

How to book: No bookings required

Amazing views at George River
At the end of a great 4WD track lies an even better camp site
George River Gorge from above
Remote, peaceful and stunning Pilbara camping

9) Glen Herring

1506km North East of Perth

Marble Bar was a huge surprise for us, and one of the reasons was the number of great, free camps nearby. Glen Herring is the perfect example, just 30 minutes out of Marble Bar and pristine, relatively ‘remote’ and completely worth a stay. 

If you get there when the water levels are high its at its best, but even as it starts to dry up it makes for the perfect place for kids to play, and the scenery of the gorge is still incredible.

Amenities: Nothing

Cost: Completely Free

Style of camping permitted: Any, and you can tow bigger caravans in, but there is limited camping room at the end (maybe enough room for 5 or 6 setups total)

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: You’d sneak a reasonable clearance 2WD into the first part of the camp ground, but not beyond that.

How to book: No bookings required.

Glen Herring Gorge
The amazing Glen Herring Gorge
Views at Glen Herring
In season there’s plenty of water to enjoy (but its freezing)

10) Running Waters

1496km North East of Perth

These days, it tends to take a fair bit to wow us, and Running Waters took our breath away. I’d go as far as saying its one of the nicest places we’ve visited in Australia, and that’s a big call. Running waters is only accessible by 4WD and requires a bit of clearance to get there.

The pool itself is is a natural swimming pool, but get this; its got hot water bubbling up from the ground on one end! It’s normally warm up one end, clear, fresh and one of the best places you’ll ever swim. 

You can camp metres from the water under the trees and watch the day go by while listening to the bird life. It really is one of the best camp sites in WA.

Amenities: Zero, and leave this place spotless!

Cost: Completely free

Style of camping permitted: Anything, but you’d struggle to tow a trailer in larger than a small hybrid, and that’s if there’s places to turn around and a camp site. I’d suggest you walk in first!

Pet friendly: Yes, but there is 1080 baiting around

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Absolutely

How to book: No bookings, and there’s only a small number of sites!

Running waters
Running Waters is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to
Camping at Running Waters
You camp literally metres away from the clear, warm water

11) Tiger Eye Pool

1467km North of Perth

Each time we drive through Tom Price, I have to say I’m impressed with the town. It’s green, clean and a surprisingly inviting oasis. However, just out of Tom Price is a free camp site that is seriously easy to access, and shockingly beautiful. Tiger Eye Pool and Creek is literally a 15 minute drive, just past the Tom Price Caravan Park, and a short distance off the road.

You can camp at the creek, near the pool, or you can cross the creek and camp up the hill. The scenery here is some of the best that you’ll see in the Pilbara and we seriously rated it as a spot to kick back.

Amenities: Nothing

Cost: Completely free

Style of camping permitted: Any style, but you need a bit of clearance to get in

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Technically yes, but we did see a couple of 2WD’s sneak in with decent clearance

How to book: No bookings

Tiger Eye Pool
Tiger Eye Pool is incredible picturesque
Tiger Eye Pool
What a backdrop to a beautiful free camp

12) Osprey Bay

1327km North West of Perth

I don’t think you can really go too wrong with anywhere in Cape Range National Park; anywhere near the Ningaloo Reef is going to blow your socks off. However, the newest camp ground is big, close to the water (and Ningaloo Reef) and is easy to get to. If you have a 2WD you are easily able to camp here too, and there are more amazing beaches north and south than you can poke a stick at. 

We’ve stayed at a couple of the camp grounds in Exmouth, and Osprey Bay is one of our favourites

Amenities: Toilets, rubbish bins, scattered picnic tables and lunch areas.

Cost: $11 per adult per night, kids from 5 – 16 are $3

Style of camping permitted:

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: No. Good condition, short gravel road in off the main road

How to book: Book online with DBCA, 180 days prior to arrival

Cape Range beaches
Osprey Bay has the most amazing beaches
Osprey Bay Camp site
Camped metres from the Ningaloo Reef

13) Kalgans Pool

1221km North East of Perth

One of our first tastes of Pilbara Camping was at Kalgans Pool, just out of Newman. The track in is incredibly fun and unique, where you feel like you are driving through a river. The scenery here is out of this world, its completely free and if you are game to swim, you can. 

Watching the red rock light up here at sunset whilst kicking back around a fire are some of the best memories we have of camping with our soft floor camper trailer.

Amenities: Nothing

Cost: Completely Free

Style of camping permitted: Any types, but you’d struggle to get a van in

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Yes, absolutely

How to book: No bookings required.

Kalgans Pool in Newman
Another incredible Pilbara Camp Site
Kalgans Pool Sunset
Quiet, peaceful and stunning

14) 14 Mile Beach

1106km North West of Perth

Ducking back to the Ningaloo Reef, 14 Mile Beach is one of the most popular and well known camp grounds at Warroora Station. You’ll literally camp a couple of metres from some of the best beach and coast in the country, and its fairly easy to get to, bookable online and absolute paradise when the weather is good.

Amenities: Dump Point only

Cost: $8 per adult per night

Style of camping permitted: Anything that won’t get stuck

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes, in fire pits that you can hire from the ranger

4WD required: Technically yes, but you can get some SUV’s in with a bit of clearance depending on the road condition. Big vans can camp here too, as long as you have a 4WD

How to book: Book online on the DBCA website, 180 days from arrival.

Warroora Station Camping
Off grid camping at Warroora Station
Warroora Station Sunset
Metres from the beautiful Ningaloo Reef

15) Steep Point

880km North West of Perth

The Western most point of Australian mainland is nothing short of spectacular, with some of the best coastal camping in the country at Shelter Bay. Steep Point is primarily known for its incredible land based fishing (rated up there with the best in the country) off the cliffs, but there’s a stunning beach nearby that is perfect for camping with a family, and if you have a boat you are in for the ultimate adventure. 

We’ve stayed at Steep Point a couple of times, and towed camper trailers and boats in, and kicked back for days on end soaking it up. This is fairly remote though, and you need to bring everything in, including plenty of water.

Amenities: Drop toilets

Cost: $11 per adult per night, and $3 for kids between 5 and 16

Style of camping permitted: Any, except caravans and big rigs

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: Not anymore

4WD required: Yes, absolutely, with low pressures. If you are towing something you should be experienced with soft sand driving. Expect shocking corrugations before the first sand dune too.

How to book: Book online through DBCA up to 180 days from your arrival date.

Shelter Bay Camping
Shelter Bay at Steep Point is such a stunning location
Steep Point Shelter Bay
A cool, misty morning at Steep Point

16) Francois Peron National Park

866 North West of Perth

Monkey Mia gets all the attention around Shark Bay, and whilst its beautiful, the Francois Peron National Park takes it to a whole new level. There’s a number of places you can camp at, starting with Big Lagoon, and heading to South Gregories, Bottle Bay and so on.

The red sand in Francois Peron National Park is nothing short of spectacular, and seeing it stop and turn to white sand, and then turquoise water is something else. 

Amenities: Toilets, picnic tables and often BBQ facilities

Cost: $11 per adult per night. Kids are $3

Style of camping permitted: All types, but big, heavy trailers north of Big Lagoon can be a struggle

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: Yes, absolutely. You can sometimes get an SUV to Big Lagoon, but do so at your own risk!

How to book: Online through DBCA 180 days prior to your arrival date.

Sunset at Francois Peron
The red dunes are mind blowing
Camping at Francois Peron
Camped right behind the first sand dune from the beach

17) Thomas River

807km South East of Perth

WA has some cracker camp sites on the south coast, and anything around Esperance is going to be magic. In terms of the DBCA sites, we really like Thomas River, where you have a huge amount of beach to explore, with a number of spectacular bays, great fishing and diving and a very peaceful atmosphere.

Amenities: Toilets, picnic tables, shade

Cost: $11 per adult, $3 per child

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: No

How to book: Not bookable

Esperance beaches
Thomas River has some exceptional beaches
Amazing holiday sunset
The sunsets are stunning in this part of the world

18) Bilung Pool

800km North of Perth

One of our most recent finds is just south of Gascoyne Junction, and was a complete surprise. Bilung Pool is a natural, permanent water hole just off the Carnarvon Mullewa Road which has heaps of shade, a waterfall in season and is truly spectacular. 

You can camp at the top of the cliffs, where the gum trees have grown all the way up to, and have a little fire overlooking the beautiful pool. You can access the pool down some rocks, and if you are game have a very refreshing swim!

Amenities: Nothing

Cost: Completely free

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: No

How to book: No booking required

Bilung Pool is beautiful
Enjoying the magic Bilung Pool
Camped at Bilung
Camped right next to the pool on the cliffs

19) Duke of Orleans

775km South East of Perth

To date, there isn’t a camp ground anywhere in WA that caters more towards our style with lots of family together than Duke of Orleans Caravan Park. It’s a little community perched around some of the best coastline on the south coast of WA and has everything you need for a long, comfortable stay with friends and family.

The 4WD tracks and scenery are as good as it gets, fishing is fantastic, boating is amazing and you can camp, or stay in one of their chalets. Head out for adventure only minutes away, and come back to a nice place to relax each day. We love it because everyone can come and if they don’t want to camp, they can stay in a chalet and still enjoy time with everyone.

Amenities: Full Caravan Park amenities

Cost: $40 for two adults on an unpowered site. $42 with power (the powered sites are much nicer) and it goes up to $45 and $50 during school holidays and long weekends

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: Yes, in their fire pits that you can hire (includes wood)

How to book: Ring, or book online

Orleans Bay Caravan Park
Orleans Bay Caravan Park from a 4WD track behind it
Duke of Orleans 4WD Tracks
The beaches and 4WD tracks around here are some of the best in WA

20) St Mary Inlet

539km South East of Perth

Every year, the whales migrate south and some stop at St Mary Inlet, in the Fitzgerald River National Park. You can camp set back from the beautiful beach and whale watching area, and see them all day splashing and playing around. 

It’s also a magic place for seeing a huge array of wildflowers, and if you get lucky you might see both whales and wildflowers

Amenities: Toilets and picnic tables

Cost: $11 for adults and $3 for kids

Style of camping permitted: All types, but if you are towing a caravan you should confirm with the ranger if they are allowed in.

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: No

4WD required: No, but the road can be corrugated and slippery at times

How to book: No bookings available; first in first served.

St Mary Inlet Camp
Mary Inlet is a great place to camp to see the whales
Whale watching Point Ann
The whales are absolutely magnificent

21) Coalseam Conservation Park

394km North of Perth

I’ll never forget the stunning arrays of wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park, and every year when the season rolls around I’m reminded of how beautiful it is. If you haven’t done a wildflower season in WA, you absolutely should, and Coalseam is one of the better places to see the huge blooms that will leave you speechless.

Beyond this, its a great place to camp, with nice walks, spectacular views and a fantastic atmosphere.

Amenities: Toilets

Cost: $8 per adult, $3 per child

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: One communal fire

4WD required: No

How to book: Book online through DBCA

Camping amongst the flowers
Camping amongst the wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park
Coalseam wildflowers
The sheer number of different wildflowers makes this a truly mind blowing destination

22) Olive Hill Farm

270km South West of Perth

We’ve fallen in love with the Margarer River region, despite always thinking it wasn’t really suitable for 4WDing and camping. How wrong we were! Olive Hill Farm is the perfect destination to stay in Margaret River with its low cost and stunning property open for all. 

As the name suggests, the property is an old Olive Farm, that’s been converted into a truly unique camp ground. A walk down the hill takes you to Margaret River itself, where you can have a warm swim and use the rope swings and kick back in summer time. 

Amenities: Paid dump point and potable water. Plenty of shade

Cost: $20 per night

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes

Fires permitted: In season, in your own fire pits off the ground

4WD required: No

How to book: Online, on their website

Olive Hill Farm from above
Each site is tucked into the Olive trees
River at Olive Hill Farm
A short walk down to Margaret River, where you can have a lovely swim

23) Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

265km South East of Perth

We stumbled across a magic private property on the Blackwood River a number of years ago, and have returned a few times since. Silvia shares her amazing property with plenty of campers, and supplies them with timber for fires, plenty of space away from others and the amazing Blackwood River to enjoy.

Amenities: Toilets and showers at the homestead

Cost: $15 per adult, and $5 for kids

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes, on a leash

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: No

How to book: Ring Silvia or message her at https://www.facebook.com/wedgedtailedeagleresort

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat
Kicking back near the river in absolute peace and quiet
Blackwood River
The property backs onto the Blackwood River

24) Karda Campground

240km North West of Perth

You’ve got to love stumbling onto a camp site that just hasn’t been very well publicised, and Karda Campground is exactly that. Located just 20 minutes from Jurien Bay on an old property, this is like no other DBCA camp site you’ve been to before. 

With its green grass, rolling hills and kangaroo’s everywhere it makes for a truly relaxing camp site, and with it located right next to the amazing Lesueur National Park with its wildflowers you really can’t go wrong!

Amenities: Toilets

Cost: $11 per adult, $3 per child

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: No

Fires permitted: Yes, in season and in the designated fire pits

4WD required: No

How to book: Online, through DBCA

Karda Campground
The two loops at Karda Campground
Camped at Karda
Our camp site at Karda

25) Lake Kepwari

216km South East of Perth

Collie is one of the most under-rated places close to Perth, and this has been hugely helped by the opening of Lake Kepwari. This was originally an old mine, and its been transformed into a perfect lake for fishing, water skiing and catching marron

We’ve stayed twice now, in colder weather, and in the middle of summer, and had a ball both times. The DBCA have done an awesome job, and there’s something really special about Lake Kepwari.

Amenities: Toilets, non potable water, camp kitchens with BBQ’s, boat ramp

Cost: $11 per adult and $3 per child per night

Style of camping permitted: All types

Pet friendly: Yes, on a leash

Fires permitted: Yes, in season and in dedicated fire pits

4WD required: No

How to book: Online with DBCA

Lake Kepwari boat ramp
Looking down at the boat ramp and camp
Lake Kepwari Camp sites
Our two setups at Lake Kepwari, about 20 metres from the water

26) Bolinda Vale

70km South East of Perth

Some places have to be seen to be believed, and I was very sceptical of how beautiful Bolinda Vale looked at photos online. As it turns out, grass really can be that green, and the camp site can really be that beautiful. Located a tiny drive away from Perth is this stunning property which is now incredibly popular, and for good reason. 

Kick back in the rolling hills, next to a beautiful creek and soak it all up. It’s the perfect place for young kids, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

Amenities: Nothing

Cost: $14 per adult, $8 for kids plus the Hipcamp fee

Style of camping permitted: All types except huge rigs, with 4WD’s recommended when its wet

Pet friendly: Yes, on a leash

Fires permitted: Yes

4WD required: Recommended in winter and spring as it can be incredibly slippery

How to book: Via Hipcamp

Bolinda Vale Camping
The grass is so green it almost seems fake
Camping near Perth
With a little creek next to the camp sites its brilliant

So, there you go; 26 of our favourite camp sites in WA! Please look after them, have an amazing time and share this around.

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  1. Hey Imran,

    You are very welcome. Pemberton and Denmark are certainly beautiful, but so is the rest of the south west. It can be very cold at night, so make sure you have suitable gear.

    If you have a 4WD Boat Harbour Camp is worth a look, or you could go to somewhere like Coalmine Beach Caravan Park.

    All the best

  2. Imran khan says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful compilation. Was wondering if you had any suggestions for students camping for the first time? Have heard Pemberton and Denmark are quite beautiful this time of year. Have a decent car and camp gear but not really sure how the weather would be down south this time of year. I would appreciate your advice for student who like to take in the picturesque WA with a bit of fishing and astrophotograhy.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hey Corinne,

    Thanks for the lovely comment, and you are right; there’s so many amazing gems to explore!

    I think the share settings will be related to the group settings you saw it on – if you click through to the 4WDing Australia Facebook page you’ll be able to share the original post from there

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  4. Corinne Santo says:

    Awesome, love WA visited lots of those. Missed lots too, thanks for sharing. Will definitely put them on bucket list for next trip around. Fabulous post, need to make it available to share as can only send it. Would love to share your precious suggestions. Thanks Corinne